John Taylor's "Rumor Has It..."

With poorly-sourced rumors and speculation being tossed haphazardly onto the internet, it's hard to tell exactly what's going on. John Taylor provides some reality, giving us the latest on Braylon Edwards' situation, as well as insider buzz on who the team REALLY wants with their first-round pick.

The word in some league circles is that the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants have already reached an agreement in principle on a trade involving Braylon Edwards.

The thinking is that the two teams have agreed upon the compensation involved, and that the trade will hinge on the Giants and Edwards coming to an agreement on a new contract as the receivers current deal runs out at the end of the 2009 season.

Now, that being said, the following sentence cannot be stressed enough: we have not been able to confirm this with any of the parties involved. It's simply the word on the street, and we likely won't know one way or the other until draft day.

--A league source with knowledge of the Browns' thinking tells The OBR that, if the club owned the first pick in the draft and had their choice of any player, Wake Forest's Aaron Curry would be the hands-down selection.

"It's not even close," the source said of how highly rated the linebacker is on the Browns' draft board.

After Curry, the source said, there is "a group of 8-10 players all bunched together" as far as grades go and it's "anyone's guess who they would take if Curry is gone and they stay at five."

--Don't look for the Browns to hire a wide receivers in the near future, one Browns source said earlier this month.

"We have two experienced coaches with specific WR coaching experience," the source said, referring to offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and offensive quality control coach George McDonald. Daboll was receivers coach for the New England Patriots from 2002-06, while McDonald's most recent job was coaching the same position at Minnesota.

Look for McDonald to be in charge of the group, with Daboll overseeing it.

--The Browns have set up an interview with defensive end Slade Norris, an Oregon State source tells The OBR.

The 6'2", 232-pound Norris, who's projected as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, is at best a sixth- or seventh-round pick, and could very well end up going undrafted.

--Barring a sudden change of heart, Lennie Friedman will retire from the NFL, a source close to the offensive lineman told The OBR recently.

As is oft times the case, that change of heart would involve money. According to the source, if Friedman were to receive a contract offer above the veteran minimum, he would likely play another season.

Don't expect that team to be the Browns as they have made it clear to Friedman and his agent that the veteran is not in the short- or long-term plans.

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