's Cavs, Jackets Boards Move to OBR!

Just in time for the playoffs,'s official Cavs and BlueJackets forums have moved here.

The OBR is happy to welcome's official Cavaliers and Columbus Blue Jackets forums to the world-(in)famous OBR forums.

If you're looking to talk basketball and hockey with some of the most most knowledgable and dedicated fans around, look no further. Scout's forums for these teams have moved over with their moderators and traditions intact, and we're hoping to help them become better than ever.

Custom Topic ImageCleveland Cavaliers forum: CLICK HERE

Here's the game thread for today's first playoff game:
Official Cavs/Pistons Game 1 Game Thread - 3:00 PM ET, ABC

Custom Topic ImageColumbus Blue Jackets forum: CLICK HERE

Here's the game thread for today's Game 2 of the Blue Jackets series:
Blue Jackets vs. Red Wings, Game 2

These communities will now be able to take advantage of the OBR's huge forum traffic to continue their growth, and will benefit from our dedicated support staff. OBR visitors, meanwhile, now have great new on-site boards for more in-depth discussion of these teams than ever before. Visitors can look forward to game-day threads and special events for fans of these teams.

Hard-core fans of the Indians, NASCAR, and college and high school sports also have dedicated forums on the OBR. Please drop by and check them out as well. All of these forums are now linked via the "Featured Forums" dropdown on the right-hand side of the OBR boards.

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