Highlights from ATI: Clearing the Air

Who are the REAL players of interest to the Browns? Is there a deal between the Giants and Browns already done and ready to execute? Lane Adkins provided the scoop last night in Ask the Insiders...

dhohenshil: Please rank in order, the players that should be the top 5 on the brown's draft board. Thanks!

LaneAdkins: I can give you 7 names that are very highly regarded at this time by the Cleveland Browns:

OLB Aaron Curry
OT Jason Smith
QB Mark Sanchez
WR Michael Crabtree
OLB/DE Robert Ayers
ILB Rey Maualuga
CB/S Malcolm Jenkins


Alzlvlolz: Could the (Giants / BE trade) already be in place and everything set but the Browns don't want to give their plan for the draft away this soon?  Not wanting a team that might be interested in moving up to snag Crabtree from us.  Browns not wanting the Giants to let anything out or they would pull the offer if Crabtree is gone when we pick at 5, so the giants are playing along like nothing is going on? 

LaneAdkins: Was told this evening by someone that has never steered me wrong in Berea -- there is no deal at this time between the Browns and Giants.


CDunfee1289: Lane, you seem to be hinting around at Crabtree that he is your odds on favorite to land w/ the Browns, would you say that he is the most likely at this point? And today, Raji to Browns has gained a lot of steam in the national media w/ Charley Casserly projecting him to the Browns in his latest mock draft and saying he would play nose and Rogers would move to the 5 technique. Also, James Walker said that Cleveland is very interested and are looking at him to play the 5 technique and occasionally at nose. I remember you saying one of your best sources said no way its Raji at #5, so can you reassure me that we aren't taking this guy cause I'm starting to get worried LOL. Plus, he just doesn't seem like the kind of guy the new regime is looking for character wise.

Lane Adkins:  Crabtree is one of 3 or 4 players I have narrowed down the selection as being -- and getting closer to eliminating two others reasonably soon. And DON'T ASK -- can't give them up yet. Raji remains a player of interest, as this organization is simply not able to walk away due to some past issues -- this is a very talented young man and could provide a legitimate anchor along the defensive line for years to come. I wouldn't exclude Raji just yet.


TheSpider: Insiders: I have hated just about every trade rumor out there regarding the Browns so far. Since we all know the Browns front office reads this forum, I wanted to make sure this seed got planted in their head. 3-way trade. Browns get Calvin Johnson. Giants get Braylon Edwards. Lions get Derek Anderson and the Giants #1 ( and possibly the #3 if necessary, if not we get it).

Lane Adkins: The Lions have no inclination of trading Calvin Johnson -- though your trade scenario is an interesting one.


Redright: Mario Manningham is mentioned as the possible player to be thrown in if BE is traded to the Giants.  Manningham has 4 catches for 26 yards, while appearing in 7 games.  Not much to go on. What can you tell us about Mario Manningham?  Does he fit in the New England Offense Mangini is supposed to run?

LaneAdkins: This comes from a trusted fellow in NY --  Manningham is quicker than he is fast..........he progressed nicely in his ability to run routes correctly. Though suffering early in his ability to get off the line and press coverage, the WR did display the ability to hand-fight much better and become somewhat more physical. These types of traits would equate to a fit in this type of offensive scheme.


Cavsfan70: Lane, you said there could be two players other than Orakpo or Curry on the Browns board.  Would their names be Maybin and Rey-Rey?

LaneAdkins: No and Yes. They do like Maualuga and spoke with USC HC Pete Carroll quite a bit about him -- but not at #5. Maybin is a talented young man, but my info tells me the Browns are not as high on him. Now, Tyson Jackson and Robert Ayers are a different story and a couple defensive players to keep an eye on.


Bowwowwow: Lane, what's the current compensation being discussed for BE? It was reported a while back on this site that it was a 2nd rounder, a 5th rounder, and a WR that could not be agreed upon. Most national media sources seem to be saying that what's being discussed is a 1st and a 3rd or 5th rounder. Has the compensation being discussed increased to a 1st and some late round pick because a WR couldn't be agreed upon? Is a 2nd, a 5th, and a WR still a possibility? Where we at?

LaneAdkins: Talk points to Kiwi, a 3rd and possibly a 5th for Edwards. In the end, I expect the Browns to receive a little less if they can get Kiwi in the deal. If Kiwi is not in the deal, the Browns are back to the 1st, 3rd and possible player scenario -- which neither team has been able to get the right combination in place. Also, if Kiwi does come in a proposed deal, bet on the Browns selecting Michael Crabtree with the #5 pick in the first round.


Ottocorp: What are your opinions on Robert Ayers?  Does he fit into the Browns' system and has the team shown much interest in him?  Thanks for all that you guys do.

Lane Adkins: Big, big potential player - the ceiling is very high and a player which this organization has significant interest in.

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