The Day After and the Off-Season

Lane Adkins provides a quick look at decisions being made within the Browns organization as the season ends, from the top on down. We are working on following up on all of the stories mentioned within. The very latest inside scoop about how the team is looking at the off-season.

Here are some tidbits that I have been working on or talking about with members or those close to the organization that we can expect to see in the off-season.

Below is ALL from what I've been told.

1. There will be changes on the defensive side of the ball. The overall concern is the lack of speed in the secondary, the lack of consistency of the linebackers, and the less than aggressive play along the defensive line.

2. The growing sentiment in Berea is that the team will ask Courtney Brown to restructure his contract, which would include a pay cut.

3. Foge Fazio will not be retained. Davis is very disappointed in the overall defensive situation. Very disappointed is a serious understatement, but a concrete decision has not been made.

4. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is on safe ground, there has not been any thought of replacing him.

5. Jamel White will be tendered, but not at the highest option.

6. The Browns had talks with a team in training camp about the services of an offensive lineman. Keeping my word to this voice in the organization, I will not disclose the name or team, but this remains an option.

7. Center Dave Wohlabaugh and linebacker Dwayne Rudd will either restructure their contracts or they will be released.

8. The organization was not surprised with the performance of Kelly Holcomb on Sunday. The organization will continue to bill Couch as their man, but indications discussed in the late stages of the season appear that there will a competition for the spot, with Couch the starter going in.

9. The team is working towards reducing impact salary cap hits. The team is working to be about 5-7 million under the cap within the weeks leading up to free agency.

10. Randy Lerner has no intention or desire to sell the team.

11. Carmen Policy will remain with the organization.

- Lane

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