Adkins: Sanchez Smokescreen?

Is the interest in QB Mark Sanchez a smokescreen? Are the names you see in mock drafts the same ones the team is thinking of grabbing? And how would the Browns replace Braylon Edwards if he's dealt? Lane Adkins brings the scoop...

"Man's mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth."
Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536), Dutch humanist and theologian.

The Browns and Mark Sanchez? Call it a smokescreen, call it a run at misdirection, but the Browns organization has done a solid job in selling the notion they have a legitimate and significant interest in the QB from USC. Yes, we do know the organization likes what the player offers; we also know that members of the Browns organization spoke at great lengths with the head coach at USC on more than one occasion, and the organization has broken down Sanchez's game with former USC QB coach and present Browns QB coach Carl Smith. While some in league circles doubt the Browns interest, this column has been informed it is genuine and if the player is on the board at #5, the Browns will seriously consider the QB.

And now, onto the rest of the notes...

- This Browns organization has placed a premium on getting a potential pass-rushing player in the draft. While all eyes have been looking for the Browns to attempt to accomplish this with the #5 pick, they have been working diligently in breaking down some players who might be lesser-known to the average fan. While the top pass-rushing OLB and WR prospects keep being pointed toward the Browns in endless mock drafts, keep an eye on a defensive lineman at this spot as well -- as well as potentially filling his crucial need heading into the later portion of the firstround and on into the second round of the draft.

- While the names Brian Orakpo, Aaron Curry and Mark Sanchez fill the lines of Browns news and information across the country, don't sleep on the names Tyson Jackson and B.J. Raji as both players remain very highly thought of by the Browns brass.

- Sending WR Braylon Edwards to New York would certainly bring the organization a couple of draft selections in return, but the issue of replacing the receiver is in question. Sitting with the 29th overall selection in the first round, the Giants selection which could come to Cleveland in a proposed deal may place the WRs the organization likes the most out of reach. We are hearing, though, that a couple receivers who are projected to go in the first round are expected to slip a little due to how some view the draft playing out.

- WR Kenny Britt of Rutgers - first noted as a player of interest in this column as the Senior Bowl practices sessions began when comparing potential early-entry WR talent - remains on their radar. Britt is scheduled to meet with the Browns this upcoming week.

- An interesting tidbit of information was made available to theOBR in recent days. If you follow the Browns, you may be interested to know that a team views LB Rey Maualuga as a possible pass-rushing OLB in their scheme. That's just one of those things that make you go "hmmmm...".

- OSU CB Malcolm Jenkins, the top-rated CB in the draft, has made an impression on the Browns. The Browns are one team which views Jenkins as a top-caliber corner, as well as potentially a top-flight safety talent.

- CB Coye Francies and S Chip Vaughn are players the Browns are believed to be looking at as the draft progresses.

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