Lane's Inside Skinny: Draft Tidbits

OBR Subscribers know Lane Adkins has been ahead of the curve in identifying the Cleveland Browns strategy. As the fog gathers, Lane gives you the straight scoop about the team's approach to Saturday's first round...

  • Despite all attempts to rationalize against the Cleveland Browns selecting a QB with the fifth selection in the draft, USC QB Mark Sanchez is a legitimate option here.

  • A belief that has gained some legs in the past 48 hours is, if the Browns select Sanchez at #5, the team is likely to have a deal in place to move Brady Quinn.

  • In the past 12 hours, theOBR has learned the Browns have indeed spoken with the Redskins regarding the #5 pick, if Sanchez is still on the board. And, no, the discussion has not involved Washington QB Jason Campbell.

  • A surprise would be for the Browns to select DE/OLB Brian Orakpo with the fifth selection, while selecting DE Tyson Jackson would not qualify as such.

  • If a deal for WR Braylon Edwards occurs and the Browns gain the 29th selection in the first round of the draft, the belief is the organization could gain a top-tier cover corner or a significant OLB prospect.

  • While some teams have dropped Boston College's B.J. Raji from early first-round consideration, the Browns are one team which we have been told have not removed him from such a spot.

  • Selecting WR Michael Crabtree with the #5 pick has gained steam, but the Browns would like to be in a position to draft WR Jeremy Maclin a few slots later in the first round, if they could gain an additional first-day draft selection in the process.

  • If all efforts are exhausted and OLB Aaron Curry is on the board, the Browns may simply select one of their top-rated players on the board.

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