Browns Draft Scuttle: 48 Hours and Counting

The OBR's Lane Adkins cuts through the fog and smoke of the Braylon rumors and innuendo, plus gives the very latest on which direction the Browns may or may not take in the 2009 draft...

- Again we hear from various media reports that talks between the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants regarding WR Braylon Edwards are on death watch. Again, this comes from the same media entities which have been reporting the teams had a deal in place. With 48-plus hours until the draft, anything can occur so working out compensation for a proposed deal sending the WR to New York remains an option, though we are talking about two stubborn types in NY GM Jerry Reese and Cleveland GM George Kokinis.

- Don't believe the Browns are going to "settle" or "downgrade" their expectations in return for Edwards' services. All along the theory has been, if the team cannot get exceptional value for the player, a deal would not be consummated. Let's remember, the Browns do not believe they are in a position where they must deal the WR, but, due to all the rumor and speculation, the writing may be on the wall for both parties to part company.

- The big story in recent days is the notion the Browns organization has come to the conclusion WR Michael Crabtree is not going to be the selection of the Browns. It was noted that as it was due to not meeting well with the organization recently and being somewhat of a "diva", Crabtree is now off the sheet for the Browns. Interestingly, the concerns regarding Crabtree's personality just did not suddenly appear; he displayed the same type of characteristics in nearly every meeting he has completed. The young man is not shy in wanting the football and becoming a star in the league, though he comes off as being somewhat selfish and a questionable team player -- thus is just another reason this column has been harping the tune of WRs Jeremy Maclin and Hakeem Nicks.

- The hype-machine is in full bloom two days before the draft. Teams such as the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos have been linked to trading up in the draft for QB Mark Sanchez, while the Browns remain an interested party sitting at #5. If Sanchez is on the board at #5, which is appearing to be highly unlikely, the Browns are expected to engage in numerous conversations regarding the pick.

- Speculation persists that the Browns have discussed QB Brady Quinn with more than one team recently. Interestingly, the New York Jets are a team which has been thrown into the speculation as looking for a QB for the immediate as well as the future. Quinn to New York is more of an option than the Browns sending Derek Anderson to New York, according to information passed along to theOBR.

- Additionally, the Browns and Jets could be talking a deal of another type, one which includes the name Abram Elam, the safety Cleveland signed to an offer-sheet as a restricted free agent during the off-season only to be matched by the Jets.

- Interestingly, the Browns are believed to have numerous RBs ranked closely in this draft, with many holding second-round status. Now, the Browns have said only positive things about current starter Jamal Lewis and have reservations about Jerome Harrison being the go-to guy. Come late round one and into the second round, the Browns may be looking at the prospects at this deep position, or they just may be looking toward a RB currently in the league who is somewhat disgruntled... and we'll let you explore the available options.

- As for a recent rumor making the rounds that the Browns and Lions are/have discussed a deal which Cleveland would send Quinn and the fifth-pick in the first round to Detroit for the Lions number-one overall selection and their 20th pick in the first round, it has no merit according to those close to both organizations as well as league sources. One of the theories behind such a belief is, Tom Condon, the agent for potential first selection, QB Matthew Stafford, will not sacrifice the opportunity to have his client drafted first in the draft to go along with rumored interest, and Quinn is also a client of Condon.

- Both the Browns and Kansas City Chiefs have DE Tyson Jackson rated highly and potentially are looking at the LSU product with the third and fifth selection in the draft, respectively. Jackson, a player on the rise in the eyes of draft evaluators not associated with the league, has been a highly thought of prospect for teams playing the 3-4 defense for the past couple months.

- Additionally, the Browns have other defensive players rated highly and are in the final stages of preparation and ranking. Some of the names theOBR has learned as being more than what meets the eye from media reports are: OT Eugene Monroe, LB Aaron Curry, DT B.J. Raji, DE/OLB Brian Orakpo, DE Robert Ayers, S Malcolm Jenkins, OLB Larry English, OT Andre Smith, QB Mark Sanchez, and WR Jeremy Maclin in addition to Jackson.

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