9PM: Special Guest Chat

Cleveland Browns fans have a unique opportunity to pick the brain of one of the most respected draft analysts in the business tonight at 9PM as Dave-Te Thomas joins us in the OBR subscriber chat room. Thomas is a personnel consultant to many NFL clubs and a true draft insider. Join us!

Subscribers to The Orange and Brown Report are encouraged to join our special guest David-Te Thomas for an online chat at 9 PM Eastern on the eve 2009 draft.

Thomas is one of the most respected draft analysts in the business, and has contributed a number of in-depth scouting reports for the OBR during this off-season. Following the draft, OBR subscribers will have access to all of Thomas' scouting reports on the team's new players.

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Featured on countless radio and television shows since the age of fourteen, Dave-Te' Thomas is an accomplished sports writer, talent evaluator and scouting personnel consultant for a majority of teams in the National Football League.  Thomas also coordinates scouting services for Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and National Basketball Association organizations.

Dave-Te' runs a scouting information service called NFL Scouting Services and produces THE NFL Draft Report, a publication provided by league headquarters to the media in preparation for the NFL Draft.

As a teenager, Dave-Te' was contracted by several NFL teams to assist their scouting departments on the nation's top gridiron stars. Soon, other teams began requesting his services, thus the start of his scouting service. After serving in the United States Football League as a scouting information consultant, Dave-Te' returned to the NFL circles, serving in a personnel consulting capacity since 1984.

Dave-Te' has served on the selection committee for the following Bowls:

  • Kelly Tire Blue-Gray Game
  • Martin Luther King Classic
  • Original All-American Classic
  • Hula Bowl
  • Japan Bowl and Delchamps Senior Bowls

His abilities as a writer led him to produce the NFL's draft and preseason reports (over 3,000-page tome) yearly since 1983. He is editor of The NFL Draft Report, NFL Report, The Poor Man's Guide to College Football and The NHL Report.  Dave-Te' also serves as a sports writer, with works featured in over 100 college media guides (College & Pro Football Newsweekly, Associated Press, Giants Weekly, New York Daily News, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, San Jose Bee, San Francisco Chronicle).

Thomas has been a featured writer for both pro and college hockey, baseball, and football for the SportsPage.com, The Sports Network, NFLDraftScout.com and CBSSportsline.com

His extensive football material is used by all the major networks covering college football and his sports content is provided throughout the sports industry through the internet's premier sports content house, The Sports Xchange. His reports are presently featured on CBSsportsline.com, USA Today, Fox Sports, USA Today's Sports Weekly, and NFL.com and the premier draft web site in the industry, aptly called NFLDraftScout.com.

Get first-hand analysis from Thomas on the even of the draft by logging into your paid account at TheOBR.com and going to the Chat Room at

We hope to see you there!

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