Draft Weekend Instructions

This important guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to hang with out with friends during the draft, get instant updates, and save the US economy. Do your civic duty and read this thing.

Here is your draft weekend instruction guide. This article contains critical information on how to enjoy the draft with friends, get breaking news on your cell phone, where to keep an eye open for updates, and how to ingest alcohol for the benefit of the US economy.

Please read carefully. Then forget everything you read. Then read it again, this time remembering that you're supposed to retain this important information. Then read it once more to your children before bedtime. If you don't have a child, find one. Local parks are a likely spot.


You want to hang out during the draft with hardest hard-core Browns fans in the universe? If you can read this, then you are officially invited to the OBR Draft Get-Together at Bilo's Bar N' Grill in Strongsville.

Meet up with your friends from the OBR, or make some new friends in our annual event. Tales of past years have been recorded and locked away in an underground mine in Utah. Add to the legacy. Or have a beer. Or both.

The OBR makes absolutely no money from this event, and we're not shilling for any business, team, or anything else. No cover. No rules. Just friends and fun.


When: Saturday, April 25, 2009 – 2:00ish pm

Why: Fun, Frivolity, Draft Day Enthusiasm, General Epic-ness

Bilo's Bar N' Grill
(440) 238-7495
14751 Pearl Rd
Strongsville, OH
Map and Info




The most-followed Browns Twitter feed on the interwebs will be bent to our evil purposes during this weekend, as we will be slamming out up-to-the-minute updates on Twitter as well as the OBR home page.

We're speaking of the infamous OBR twitter feed, oddly located at http://twitter.com/theobr

Yeah, we know. Everyone from Oprah to that weird neighbor kid down the street is talking about "Twitter". You hear a lot about it these days, and every sports site is climbing on board and yammering about their new Twitter feeds.

The OBR uses Twitter differently than most news organizations. We actually, you know, read it, reply to as many messages as possible, and use it for something else other than just pushing links at people.

And check this out: Twitter also allows you to send breaking news to your cell phone or RSS reader. That, my friends, is concentrated awesome. Here's a tutorial on how to set that up your mobile phone for Twitter. And a faq about it from the lead twits themselves.

And the cost for this?

Free, if that, um, works for you.

If you're a Facebook user, you can also join the conversation there. We cross-post many of breaking news stories to Facebook and engage in the conversations there as well. Send us a friend request and get OBR karma when you're hanging on the immensely popular website.


OBR home page. Duh.

OBR Twitter feed and Facebook pages.

OBR Insider Blogs. If we get something breaking and exclusive, we slam it in here for subscribers.

OBR staff blogs - Fred Greetham will be in Berea all weekend and often uses the blogs from there.

OBR subscriber chat room  - Lane often drops in, Barry makes appearances, asks for beer, and leaves.

Watercooler and OBR open chat room – This is where you find the most devoted Browns fans in the galaxy, trading information at the fastest possible speed allowed in the Internet's finite series of tubes*.


The OBR is a frenzy of activity on draft weekend. The OBR's tame webdork is helping to drive coverage of the draft throughout Scout and will be slamming updates into the OBR as fast as he can. If you have questions for OBR support over the weekend, it may take longer than usual to get them answered.

There have been many draft weekends when the site has gotten shaky on Saturday due to webmaster inebriation. That will not be the case this year with your webmaster cranking away on Scout and the OBR, so it's very important that, if you're drinking beer on Saturday, you pound at least one for me. The US economy and the beer suppliers of this nation depend on it.

Thanks! Now back to your regular pre-draft programming.


* NOTE: Not a big truck

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