John Taylor's "Draft Rumor Has It..."

John Taylor comes roaring out in the hours before the draft, with the very latest scuttlebutt on potential deals for the Browns #5 pick, well-hidden interest in a well-known player and more. The gears are turning!!

A league source has told The OBR that the Washington Redskins have been seriously tossing around the idea of sending their first- and third-round picks in this year's draft, plus their first-round pick next season, to a team picking between four and seven if USC quarterback Mark Sanchez is available -- which is expected.

However, such a move would leave Washington with only a fifth and a sixth this year, and no first rounder next year, which has some members of the front office bucking at the thought of moving up for Sanchez. However, owner Daniel Snyder -- his recent radio pre-draft BS not withstanding -- is supposedly absolutely smitten with Sanchez, and his opinions obviously carry a boatload of clout within the organization's draft room.

It's believed that the 'Skins have been in contact with teams sitting at four through seven, including the Cleveland Browns. Washington is of the belief, the source said, that the Jacksonville Jaguars have an interest in Sanchez at #8 and would need to jump ahead of them to grab the former Trojan.

The New York Jets and Denver Broncos will also be in play for Sanchez, but will have to trade up to do so as well.

--Speaking of Sanchez, we continue to hear that the interest the Browns supposedly have is simply an attempted smokescreen on their part to entice teams to deal with them if/when the QB falls to five. While there is no way to state with any degree of certainty that they would not draft Sanchez -- and hold onto him -- we can say that more than a few people around the league would be shocked if such a selection were to happen.

--When it comes to Beanie Wells, there has been little or no interest attached to the Ohio State running back on the part of the Browns.

According to a league source, there's a reason for that.

Per the source, the Browns are "very high" on Wells and have little or no concern medically about the RB. Further, the source said, Wells has not been ruled out as a possibility in the five hole. The source believes the Browns have been very careful in not tipping their hand regarding interest in the back, although it's uncertain why such a tack would be taken as nearly no one inside or outside the league sees Wells as a top-five pick.

A Browns source does not completely dismiss the notion, but did hint that the likelihood of Wells coming to Cleveland at #5 is very unlikely. Now, if the Browns are involved in a trade down and acquire additional picks, that could be another story.

--Everything I've heard over the last 24 hours has further cemented the notion that Aaron Curry is the Browns' choice if the Wake Forest linebacker falls to five and the Browns hold their position.

--Unless a team(s) "blows the Browns away" with a trade package -- what that actually entails remains to be seen -- Brady Quinn will not be going anywhere. The rumors regarding a Quinn trade are coming from teams who have an interest in the third-year player as the Browns aren't actively shopping the quarterback, a source with knowledge of the Browns' thinking says. Then again, the Browns are doing the rumor mill a huge solid by picking up the phone and discussing a deal with anyone and everyone regarding any player on their roster.

--One of the players expected to be in demand was Derek Anderson. Unfortunately for the Browns -- and possibly for the QB -- interest in the 2007 Pro Bowler has been tepid at best. While some believe the Browns have been actively shopping Anderson around the league, it's been intimated to us that's simply not the case.

--Look for the Philadelphia Eagles to jump headfirst into the Braylon Edwards fray at some point in the very near future, although as of late last night there has only been minimal, cursory conversations between the two clubs. One league source isn't buying an Eagles interest in the receiver, however, saying that it "smells like a plant" coming from the Browns in order to push the New York Giants into sweetening their package.

--Speaking of the Giants, a deal with New York regarding Edwards is far from being as DOA as has been portrayed by some in the New York media. More than a handful of league sources continue to insist that a deal between the two teams is all but in place, but that's yet to be confirmed by anyone with direct knowledge of the dealings between the two clubs.

--As noted by Lane Adkins earlier today, the Buffalo Bills are looking to trade up in the draft in an attempt to land one of the top offensive tackles in the draft. Yes, the Bills have spoken to the Browns recently, as they have with Seattle and Kansas City. Those conversations have been exploratory at best, although they could heat up in the hours leading up to the draft.

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