Adkins: Buzz in Hyperdrive

The last-minute talks prior to the draft are picking up steam, and sources are starting to cough up info. Here's the latest that we've heard...

The Browns have been busy in last-minute preparations for the 2009 college player draft, and a ton of information is pouring through the phone lines.

The first day of the 2009 college player draft could begin with a bang for the Cleveland Browns. No, LB Aaron Curry is not expected to fall into their collective laps. The four teams selecting in front of them are not electing to say "pass" when their turns come.

Regardless, the sun may shine on Cleveland this weekend.

The Browns enter first day of the draft with three selections (#5, #36 and #50) and have been active in discussions with various teams who have differing needs.

Looking to capitalize on what may be turn out to be the luck of the draw, the fifth-selection in the draft has garnered interest from no less than two teams of late.

Specifically, theOBR has learned the following; though unconfirmed, we are letting you know as we decipher between FACT and FICTION. These are rumors we are looking to track down. Some may prove out, some may not, but they all come from reliable sources of information:

- Within the past four hours, theOBR has learned the Browns have been in contact with the Washington Redskins (again), the New York Jets (again) - add these to previous reports the team had talked with the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

- While trading up in the first round of the draft does not appear to fit the model this organization is believed to be taking, it would not come as an all-out surprise either -- though the player of interest (Mark Sanchez) could be sitting there for the Browns at #5.

- The team is believed to have discussed a scenario where QB Brady Quinn could be dealt. The basis is the Browns would net a first and third or fourth round selection in the 2009 draft for the 2007 first round draft pick.

- The Browns are believed to have discussed selecting QB Mark Sanchez at #5, as well as touching base with the Chiefs for the same player at #3.

- The Browns are believed to have discussed the potential of trading out of the #5 selection - if Sanchez is on the board. The trade would net the Browns a first round selection (in the teens) and third round selection and a player.

- There is an understanding that no trade discussions evolving around Derek Anderson have commenced of late.

- This one will be surfacing in a media outlet other than the OBR soon… hold your breath Browns fans, there is a growing belief the organization may be looking toward Anderson to be the starter in 2009, whether Quinn is on the roster or not based on conversation making its way out of the workouts from those on the player roster.

- Trade talks regarding WR Braylon Edwards are not dead in the water. The Browns could trade the WR for the 29th selection in the first round and a WR. Recently, the WR noted within ear-shot of this column that he still is uncertain if he is going to be with the Browns this season -- but would like to be.

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