Fan View: Party Like It's 2005

Jeff Biletnikoff offers his final thoughts before the Browns new leadership takes their big plunge...

The Browns are a couple seasons removed from a season where we all thought it would turnaround.

The team is in an offseason with a new regime and a bunch of holes to fill.

One draft can't possibly fill all the positions the team needs.

Sounds like 2009, right?


Also, its back to the future time circa 2005 where Savage and Crennel were preparing to fill a bare cupboard with their own dishes following backward sliding Butch Davis years where the high water mark was a frustrating playoff loss to the Steelers.

Turns out, as you know, most of the dishes were broken that filled the cupboard but I've written that enough in previous columns.

What could the Browns use?

A better question would be is what could they NOT use?

They have not identified a QB, they're trying to trade (possibly) their #1 WR (and they don't have much beyond him in the receiving corps), they're unsettled at TE, C, RG, and RT, they could use a few more DL with one being a stud, they definitely need another ILB and OLB, FS is a concern and another CB would be really nice.

Other than all that, they are totally ready to turn around a 4-12 season.

I hate to say it, especially after they sniffed the playoffs in 2007 that they are.............and I hate this word................errrggggggghhhhhh....


There, I said it.  I don't feel any better but I said it.

What I want to see this weekend is for them to take the best player available at each slot and try to stockpile as many extra picks as humanly possible.

It's not, unfortunately, a win now team.  I think you've seen evidence of that based on the lack of movement in the offseason.

Why bring in a bunch of "final puzzle pieces" at high prices when your puzzle is strewn all over the floor and the dog has eaten half of what you need to complete the picture anyway?

I don't mean to write the Browns epitath for the 2009 season in April 09 but I'm not brimming with confidence over a team that failed to score since Moses was wandering around the desert.  It's not quite that extreme but it certainly did FEEL that way last December.

Nope, the Browns need a LOT of help.  We are now back to a roster makeover project that will hopefully get fans a date for the prom in 2011 or beyond.  If the current roster was a contestant on the "Biggest Loser" they would have had to break out the extreme wide angle lens because it is a bloated mess.

So, my expectations are low and I'm hoping to see players taken now form the core of a team that makes a deep playoff run in a couple years.

Unfortunately, given this team's history, I'm afraid were looking at another extreme makeover around 2012 or 2013.

Please, Cleveland, make me eat my words.


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