Mack Attack Arrives in Berea

The Browns first-round pick talks to the media as the Browns march through Day Two. Fred Greetham was there in Berea and offers this report...

Berea—First round draft choice Alex Mack was introduced to the media and said the Browns showed most of their interest right before the draft.

"It was last minute," Mack said. "They flew me out here and put me through a lot of meetings and tested me on some material. They taught me some plays, then distracted me with other meetings and then came back and checked to see if I remembered what they had taught me."

Mack said that he passed the test as evidenced by being drafted in the first round.

"I think they wanted to see who I was, what I knew and to see if I was going to be a fit," he said. "Yesterday, was the biggest acknowledgement of how I did."

He said he missed just two questions out of 30-40 that he was asked.

"I take a lot of pride in being a smart player and having attended Cal," he said. "I love playing the game and want to do that as long as I can."

Mack said he is an aggressive run blocker.

"I like to impose my will on the defensive player," he said. "I'm a hard worker and I think it will be a really great fit."

He says he plans on learning from Hank Fraley and is willing to play guard, if necessary.

"I plan on being the best player possible," he said. "Whether that is at guard or center, I just want to be one of the top five offensive linemen.

"I know the benefit of having an older lineman ahead of you and think you can learn from them," he said. "I tried to do that with the younger players at Cal."

Mack thinks being a smart player will help him.

"Offensive linemen have to be intelligent and being a smart player is beneficial."

Mack has roots and family from the Lima, Ohio area.

"I had a lot of family members very excited for me to come back to Ohio."

Mack has already graduated from Cal with a degree in Legal studies. He was asked what you do with a degree in that field.

"Play football."

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