Scouting Profile: Mohamed Massaquoi

What was it about Mohamed Massaquoi that convinced the Browns to follow up the selection of Brian Robiskie with another receiver? Dave-Te Thomas' thorough scouting report on the 50th pick in the draft may have the answer...


Wide Receiver

University of Georgia Bulldogs



Charlotte, North Carolina

Independence High School


After three seasons of frustration due to his penchant for dropping easy passes, everything seemed to come together for Massaquoi during his final season. He equaled his touchdown receptions from his first three years in 2008 on the way to capturing All-Southeastern Conference first-team honors for the first time during his four years with the Bulldogs.

Playing for a team that generally relied on their running attack, Massaquoi not only helped the development of All-American quarterback Matthew Stafford, but also showed his team-first attitude and work ethic, taking A.J. Green under his wing, as the freshman flanker teamed with the senior split end to give Georgia one of the most explosive receiving tandems in the South. Both players combined to pull down 114 passes for 1,883 yards and sixteen touchdowns (team generated 3,610 yards and 27 scores on 246 catches).

Massaquoi also excelled in the classroom during his time at Georgia. He was the recipient of the James W. and Elizabeth Plant Football Scholarship as a true freshman. In 2007, he was awarded the Leon Farmer Athletic Scholarship, given for excellent in academics and on the field. As a senior, he earned Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll and Director's Honor Roll distinction, was named one of the school's Scholar-Athletes and was a candidate for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award.

At Independence High School, Massaquoi earned Parade, Super Prep and EA Sports All-American honors in 2004. He was a member of the Super Prep All-Mid Atlantic team and was named Southeast Region Player of the Year by EA Sports. The three-time Associated Press All-State pick added All-Southern accolades from the Sun Sentinel and was a finalist for the Watkins Award, which recognizes African-American Scholar Athletes.

Massaquoi was rated the fourth-best receiver in the country by after the team captain amassed 1,834 yards receiving in his final campaign. He set the state of North Carolina records for career receiving yards (4,851), receiving yards in a season (1,834 in 2004), touchdown catches in a career (76), and touchdown catches in a season (32 as a senior). He finished his career with 272 receptions and helped his team win 77 consecutive games and five consecutive state championships. After the 2004 season, he played in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas before reporting to the University of Georgia.

In 2005, Massaquoi played in thirteen games, starting four contests. He gained 505 yards with two touchdowns on 38 catches (13.3 avg.), earning Freshman All-American honorable mention from The Sporting News. He was also the recipient of the team's Offensive Newcomer of the Year Award after helping the Bulldogs capture the Southeastern Conference title while compiling a 10-3 record.

With Sean Bailey injured in fall camp, Massaquoi was being counted upon to pick up the receiving slack in 2006. But a hamstring injury sidelined him for the Alabama-Birmingham clash and his knack for dropping too many easy passes finally forced the staff to bench him. "[Massaquoi] is one of the hardest workers that we have," receivers coach John Eason said. "But there were just some little things in terms of assignments and just route running effort. I felt like it could have been better."

He would go on to start nine of the twelve games he appeared in that year, gaining 366 yards with two touchdowns on a team-high 30 receptions. Massaquoi's struggles continued throughout the 2007 pre-season, forcing the coaches to bench him for the first two games. Inconsistency continued after catching just one pass in each of the previous two games prior to the team's crucial meeting vs. Florida, he was again residing on the sidelines with the second unit.

Massaquoi's only catch in that Florida contest was a beautiful 84-yard touchdown and that gave him another opportunity to return to the lineup. He would go on to start in his final eighteen games as a Bulldog. He finished his junior season with 32 receptions for 491 yards, adding 12 yards on a reverse while making a tackle for a 20-yard loss in the Oklahoma State clash.

Both academic and athletic honors came Massaquoi's way in 2008. The split end no longer had to worry about getting benched, as he went on to start all thirteen contests. He led the Bulldogs with a career-high 58 receptions for 920 yards (15.9 avg.) and eight touchdowns, all career highs. He also took a few direct snaps from under center, but failed to complete any of the two passes he attempted. His 920 yards receiving were good for fourth on the school season-record list.


2008 Best Games Central Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia Tech.

2008 Worst Games South Carolina, Louisiana State, Michigan State.

2007 Best Games Florida, Georgia Tech, Hawaii.

2007 Worst Games Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt.

2006 Best Games Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech.

2006 Worst Games Western Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia Tech.



Body Structure

Massaquoi has a tall, smooth muscle toned frame, with good upper body development. He has a small bubble, thin thighs and calves and needs to improve his lower body strength. He can add more bulk without the increased weight affecting his adequate quickness.

Athletic Ability

Massaquoi has good overall athletic ability, with adequate playing speed, as he is best when used on controlled routes, where he shows better short area quickness. He is a long strider with good, but inconsistent foot work and body control for route running. He does shows functional flexibility adjusting to the off-target tosses. He has decent acceleration off the line, but would be even more effective if he can concentrate on staying lower in his pads (gets too erect in his stance and drops his hands, leaving his chest exposed for the jam). When he does sink his weight, he does a decent job of throttling down and escaping the defender...GRADE-6.1

Football Sense

Massaquoi has no trouble digesting a complicated playbook and has garnered several academic awards. He plays with good field awareness, but it is inconsistent as he is prone to long stretches where he looks lost on the field. His concentration lapses led to a few benchings, as he frustrated the staff with the high amount of balls he dropped his first three years. He is a good mentor for the younger players, but must remain more focused. When his head is "in the game," he shows good awareness to adjust on the move and find spots underneath to uncover...GRADE-6.0


Massaquoi is well-respected by teammates and staff. He does very well in school and has no known off-field issues. The coaches cite his enthusiasm for teaching A.J. Green for the rapid development of that freshman as a receiving partner in 2008...GRADE-7.6


Massaquoi has decent toughness and assertiveness on the field, and he does not seem to mind going over the middle to get to the tough throws. He will never be a team's go-to player due to concentration lapses, but does well playing in a supportive role. He is a good presence in the locker room and a respected leader that the younger players look up to. He will challenge teammates to perform at a high level and will not hesitate to sacrifice himself when called upon to block and play on the backside. He will also compete after contact, but you would like to see him become more aggressive fighting for jump balls (needs to time his leaps better)...GRADE-6.1

Work Habits

Massaquoi is the type of player that will do the little extra things on his own to get better. He has tremendous talent, but has yet to show consistency in his play. He is a coachable, team player who can be considered leadership material. He is not the type that will let a bad play linger, but the inconsistency in his game is frustrating...GRADE-5.9



Massaquoi has just adequate speed and while he can challenge college cornerbacks on deep patterns, he won't fool the savvy and much quicker NFL types. He might be better served in the slot and on controlled routes. He has the size and upper body strength to negotiate a clean release vs. the press. He is a long strider, but smoothly increases his acceleration, showing enough quickness with adequate moves and good size to beat second level defenders, making him a better fit for a West Coast Offense...GRADE-6.1


Massaquoi has just adequate speed to get deep, needing room to build his down field acceleration. He flashes the ability to adjust to the ball and does a good job of catching, throttling down and executing head and shoulder fakes to escape the slower defenders. He does a good job of adjusting to the ball in flight and to uncover on short tosses, where he tends to run crisper routes in attempts to separate. He has the size to compete in traffic and very good leaping ability, but must work on his timing, as he does not always get to the ball at its high point...GRADE-6.0


While he has adequate timed speed, Massaquoi does not show great quickness for his position, especially when he fails to sink his pads and run too upright. He has only adequate initial movement on the ball, but will accelerate once he gets into his routes. He uses his long stride to gain advantage on second level defenders and shows good vision to locate the cutbacks. He is quick to get his head turned around to look the ball in, showing natural hands and body control to look the ball in, but does use his body as a crutch too often when catching...GRADE-5.7

Route Running

Massaquoi runs decent patterns, showing enough quickness to get in and out of his break point, but still needs to show better crispness (takes soft angles) on long patterns. He knows how to vary his speed working in a crowd, as he has the nimble feet to stop and go. His body control is good, but inconsistent, as he can come in and out of his cuts to separate, but only when he sinks his hips. What he does best is find the soft spots and settle in them, but as for being a deep threat, he just lacks the elite speed to be featured there...GRADE-6.3

Separation Ability

Massaquoi shows enough quickness on his breaks to get open in the second level, especially when throttling down. He has good vision and some nice head and shoulder fakes to get the defensive back to come out of his backpedal too early. His best asset is his ability to stay in control while making adjustments in his routes...GRADE-6.6

Ball Concentration

Massaquoi shows good hand/eye coordination and he is conscious of the sticks to make proper body adjustments, but has too many concentration lapses that led to him dropping more passes than he caught during his first three seasons, which led to a few benchings. It is not like he is timid, as he will not hesitate to operate in traffic, but he needs to become aggressive competing for jump balls and stay in focus better. When his head is in the game, he does a good job of working back when the pocket is pressured and is quite effective at scooping up low throws...GRADE-5.3

Ball Adjustment

Massaquoi adjusts well to the ball in flight. He does a good job of seeing the ball in when working in tight spots, as he shows good extend-ability to get to the off-target throws, but he will also revert to using his body to absorb the ball in, and those double catches result in a high amount of bobbled balls. He is best when working in the short-to-intermediate area and on control routes, as he seems more comfortable adjusting to the ball underneath...GRADE-6.3

Leaping Ability

Massaquoi does a good job of going up for the ball when uncontested, but his timing on his leaps needs work. He won't shy away from contact, but will stand around some when he should be elevating to high point the ball (with a 36.5-inch vertical jump, he should be coming down with more balls than he has). Still, he is willing to sacrifice his body when working over the middle...GRADE-5.5


Massaquoi has natural hands and is able to catch away from his framework, but when he tries to absorb the ball into his body, it becomes an adventure and the results are usually not good. He needs to look the pass in before turning and heading up field, as he seems to be more conscious of escaping from the defender rather than knowing he has a ball in hands to get yardage. He is not fumble prone, despite two big turnovers vs. Kentucky in 2008. He also must be more active with his hands to beat the press, as he will drop them when he gets too erect in his stance, letting defenders attack his jersey...GRADE-6.2

Run After the Catch

Massaquoi has enough moves to adjust and elude the defender after catching the ball in the short area, but lacks the second gear to separate and take the ball to the house. He shows adequate leg strength to break tackles, but must develop better awareness for knowing when to turn to head up field (very effective on slants, but is not good going up the seam, as you just don't see much wiggle and he needs to do that to get to it when on the move)...GRADE-6.1

Blocking Ability

Massaquoi has adequate strength for blocking, using his size more to position and pester, but he needs to show more aggression. If a defender tags him with a good punch, he will go down on the spot...GRADE-5.2

Compares To:

KEARY COLBERT-Detroit...These two are like a box of Forrest Gump's chocolates - you just don't know what you will get, from one game to the next. Massaquoi had a banner senior season, but the memory lingers of all those balls he dropped or left on the ground throughout his career. If you have a QB like Matthew Stafford, one of the few power arms in the college game, you would hope that Massaquoi would have had eye-opening numbers. He has adequate quickness, lots of concentration lapses and while he is a smart player with good work ethic, a position coach has to be wondering if it will be worth the frustrating performances sandwiched around a good one. Just take a look at his game-by-game log as evidence of his inconsistency.



Massaquoi started 36-of-51 games at Georgia, catching 158 passes for 2,282 yards (14.4 avg.) and sixteen touchdowns...Only Terrence Edwards (204, 1999-2002), Brice Hunter (182, 1992-95) and Fred Gibson (161, 2001-04) had more receptions at Georgia...His 2,282 yards also rank fourth in school history behind Terrence Edwards (SEC record 3,093 yards), Fred Gibson (2,884) and Brice Hunter (2,373)...That quartet joined Lindsay Scott (2,098 yards, 1978-81) and Reggie Brown (2,008 yards, 2000-04) as the only Bulldogs to amass over 2,000 yards receiving...His 58 receptions in 2008 rank third on the school season-record list behind Brice Hunter (76 in 1993) and Terrence Edwards (59 in 2002) and are the second-most by a Georgia senior in a campaign...Gained 920 yards receiving in 2008, joining Terrence Edwards (1,004 in 2002), Brice Hunter (970 in 1993) and Hines Ward (900 in 1996) as the only players to gain 900 yards receiving in a season at Georgia...His eight touchdown reception in 2008 are topped by only Terrence Edwards (11 in 2002 and 9 in 1999), Brice Hunter (9 in 1993) and Hason Graham (9 in 1994) on the school season-record list...Massaquoi closed out his final regular season game with eleven receptions vs. Georgia Tech in 2008, ranking behind Shannon Mitchell (15 vs. Florida, 1993), Michael Johnson (13 vs. Auburn, 2002) and Randy McMichael (12 vs. Georgia Tech, 2000) on the Bulldogs' game-record chart...His 180 receiving yards in the 2008 Georgia Tech clash placed seventh on the school game-record book...His 191 yards receiving vs. Kentucky in 2008 was good for fifth on the Georgia game-record chart...His three touchdowns in that contest tied the Georgia game record that he now shares with Terrence Edwards (vs. Kentucky, 2002), Don Potterfield (vs. Auburn, 1963) and George Poschner (vs. Florida, 1942).


All-Southeastern Conference first-team selection by the league's coaches, earning second-team honors from The NFL Draft Report and Associated Press...Academic All-SEC, Honor Roll and Athletic Director's Honor Roll choice...Named the team's permanent overall captain and earned the Leon Farmer Award for dedication to the strength and conditioning program and academics...Led the team with a career-high 58 receptions, the third-best season total in school history, as his 920 yards receiving (15.9 avg.) rank fourth on the Bulldogs annual list...His eight touchdown catches placed fourth on Georgia's season-record chart...Also attempted two passes - one each vs. Alabama and Georgia Tech.


Georgia Southern...Massaquoi opened the season with 55 yards on three catches, including a 47-yarder on the team's first series of the second half, capping off that drive by clearing space for tailback Knowshon Moreno's 24-yard touchdown burst.

Central Michigan...The split end grabbed five passes for 79 yards that included a pair of touchdowns...QB Matthew Stafford found Massaquoi with a third-&-3 toss for 6 yards to keep an 11-play, 63-yard drive alive that the senior receiver ended with a 3-yard scoring grab to start the game...Later in the second quarter, he had a pair of 8-yard grabs inside the red zone to set up a 1-yard touchdown run by Caleb King...In the second half, he beat a pair of defenders to haul in a 54-yard touchdown bomb from Stafford.

Arizona State...After catching just two passes for 17 yards the previous week vs. South Carolina, Massaquoi added 44 yards on four grabs in a 27-10 triumph, extending his string to 25 games with at least one reception...His late first quarter 13-yarder that was downed at the ASU 9 set up tailback Knowshon Moreno's 9-yard touchdown run on the next snap...He also had a 12-yard catch to get Georgia into position to kick a third quarter 29-yard field goal...He also recovered  a blocked punt in the second stanza.

Alabama...The senior team captain generated 33 yards on four receptions in a 41-30 loss, but his third-down conversions, good for 7 and 5 yards, put the ball down near the goal line, where Knowshon Moreno pounded the ball in from two yards out in the third quarter.

Tennessee...After a three-game drought, Massaquoi found the end zone with a second quarter 9-yard pass from Matthew Stafford, finishing the day with 103 yards on five receptions...He brought the crowd to its feet when he was flattened by a vicious shot after snaring a third-&-9 pass for 28 yards to place the ball at the UT 7. The drive would stall and Georgia would kick a 20-yard field goal late in the first quarter. Tennessee safety Demetrice Morley drew a helmet-to-helmet penalty for his hit on the Georgia receiver, knocking Massaquoi out of the game for a few plays. Tennessee cornerback DeAngelo Willingham was called for a late hit on receiver Demiko Goodman on the Vols' sideline after Goodman's 17-yard reception. Willingham's penalty gave Georgia a first down at the Tennessee 7 with 26 seconds left in the first half. On third down from the 9, Stafford passed to an open Massaquoi, who had just returned to the game, for the 9-yard touch-down and a 20-7 lead....Head coach Mark Richt talked about the hit of Massaquoi in the post-game press conference, stating "When one of your best players and finest leaders is hit like that and lays on the ground for awhile, nobody likes that. And it creates energy and emotion to defend your man, and that's what our guys did."

Vanderbilt...Massaquoi was held to just two catches for 19 yards, but one was good for a 9-yard touchdown in the second quarter...Talking about the offense being out of sync, Massaquoi replied, "We still aren't capitalizing on all the opportunities we have. We're almost there but we haven't arrived yet. We still have a lot of things that we need to work towards. Vanderbilt came in here and gave us their best effort. We made plays when we needed to. Now we go on the road, and we don't come back and play here until another six weeks. We have a lot that we need to accomplish."

Louisiana State...The split end managed just 16 yards on three receptions, but his third-&-5 grab for 9 yards set up a 1-yard touchdown run by fullback Fred Muzenmaier.

Florida...Massaquoi would begin a string where he gained over 100 yards receiving in three of the next four games, piling up 112 yards on five receptions...He converted a third-&-10 throw into a 26-yard catch that set up a Georgia 35-yard field goal in the first quarter...In the third quarter, QB Matthew Stafford had a pass attempt intercepted by Joe Haden, but Massaquoi chased down the cornerback on the Gator's 88-yard return, dragging Haden down at the UGA 1-yard line...Massaquoi would have to show off his tackling again in the fourth quarter, as Stafford was again intercepted and the split end had to haul down safety Ahmad Black after a 64-yard return to the Bulldog 25.

Kentucky...Massaquoi collected a career-high 191 yards, which rank fifth on the school game-record list, as he totaled eight receptions, but turned the ball over twice on fumbles in a 42-38 decision... Massaquoi, who fumbled twice early in the fourth quarter to halt Georgia drives, made up for it after Kentucky punted to the Georgia 15 with 3:55 to go. Stafford hit him going over the middle on first down and Massaquoi stepped out of a tackle and raced down the right sideline to the Kentucky 7 for a 78-yard gain. Two plays later, Stafford connected with flanker A.J. Green, who held on despite getting hit as he fell to the ground with a game-winning 11-yard touchdown...Massaquoi had earlier scored on a 29-yard pass from Stafford in the first quarter.

Auburn...Massaquoi recorded four first downs on five receptions for 61 yards...The 61 yards gave the split end 2,092 yards receiving for his career, moving to fifth on the school's all-time record list.

Georgia Tech...Despite a record-setting day for Massaquoi with his three touchdown grabs, Tech held on for a 45-42 victory...The flanker caught a career-high eleven passes for 180 yards...QB Matthew Stafford connected with his favorite target for second quarter scores of 10, 49 and 3 yards...Talking about the game, Massaquoi stated, "You can throw all the stats away in this game. At the end of the day they got the victory. We are going to

go back and look at film, and we will definitely have this in the back of our mind."...Asked how it felt to play his final game in Sanford Stadium and he replied, "It's tough. It's the last time we get a chance to play in front of our fans. They have been so supportive and it's great to have such a good fan base."

Michigan State (Capital One Bowl)...The team captain's career came to a quiet close, as he was held to just a 10-yard catch to start the second half.


Recipient of the Leon Farmer Athletic Scholarship...Played in thirteen games, earning ten starts while coming off the bench vs. Oklahoma State and South Carolina when he had lost his starting job in fall camp...Also did not start vs. Florida when he was again benched...Finished with 32 receptions for 491 yards (15.3 avg.) and four touchdowns... Also recorded a solo tackle for a 20-yard loss and carried once for a 12-yard gain.


Had one catch for 8 yards and one tackle for 20-yard loss on miscued punt attempt that set up UGA's first drive of the 2007 season in the opener vs. Oklahoma State...Pulled in three passes for 47 yards vs. Western Carolina and made three grabs for 29 yards and a score vs. Mississippi...His only reception vs. Florida was an 84-yard touchdown, the longest catch by an SEC player in 2007...Made his solitary catch count again vs. Auburn, as he scored on a 58-yard grab...Gained 49 yards on four receptions vs. Kentucky...Took down six passes for 74 yards and a touchdown in the season finale vs. Georgia Tech...Added five catches for 54 yards vs. Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.


Massaquoi played in twelve games, missing the Alabama-Birmingham contest with a hamstring pull...Started nine times, coming off the bench vs. Mississippi, Mississippi State and Florida...Still managed to lead the team with 30 receptions for 366 yards (12.2 avg.) and two touchdowns...Turned the ball over once on a fumble vs. Mississippi State.


Gained 56 yards on three catches vs. Tennessee and 59 yards on four grabs in the Vanderbilt clash...Scored once on three grabs for 42 yards, but turned the ball over on a fumble vs. Mississippi State...Had six receptions for 46 yards and a touchdown vs. Georgia Tech in the season finale...Added 18 yards on a pair of catches vs. Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.


Freshman All-American honorable mention by The Sporting News and named the team's Offensive Newcomer of the Year...Played in thirteen games, starting vs. Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky and Louisiana State...Ranked second on the team with 38 receptions for 505 yards (13.3 avg.) and two touchdowns...Also carried once for 23 yards.


Massaquoi's first career catch was good for 24 yards, finishing with 47 yards on two grabs vs. Boise State...Scored his first career touchdown on a 6-yard catch, as he tallied 27 yards on a pair of receptions vs. Vanderbilt...Ran for 23 yards on a reverse to go with two catches for 22 yards vs. Tennessee...Hauled in a season-high six passes for his first 100-yard game (108 yards), that included a 33-yard touchdown vs. Auburn...Matched his season-high with six grabs for 71 yards vs. Georgia Tech...Caught four passes for 43 yards vs. West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl.


2006-Sat out the Alabama-Birmingham game (9/16) with a hamstring pull.

2008-Left the Tennessee game (10/11) briefly after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit, but returned to catch a touchdown pass on that series.

2009-Forced to pull out of the Senior Bowl (1/22) due to a grade one ankle sprain.


4.62 in the 40-yard dash...1.59 10-yard dash...2.67 20-yard dash...36.5-inch vertical jump...10'7" broad jump...32 ½-inch arm length...9 ¾-inch hands.


Attended Independence (Charlotte, N.C.) High School, playing football for head coach Bill Guiler...Earned Parade, Super Prep and EA Sports All-American honors in 2004...Was a member of the Super Prep All-Mid Atlantic team and was named Southeast Region Player of the Year by EA Sports...Three-time Associated Press All-State pick...Added All-Southern accolades from the Sun Sentinel and was a finalist for the Watkins Award, which recognizes African-American Scholar Athletes...Rated the fourth-best receiver in the country by after the team captain amassed 1,834 yards receiving in his final campaign...Set the state of North Carolina records for career receiving yards (4,851), receiving yards in a season (1,834 in 2004), touchdown catches in a career (76), and touchdown catches in a season (32 as a senior)...Finished his career with 272 receptions and helped his team win 77 consecutive games and five consecutive state champion-ships...After the 2004 season, he played in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas before reporting to the University of Georgia.


Graduated in December, 2008 with a degree in Psychology...Born 11/24/86...Resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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