Message Board Upgrade On Wednesday Night

The great Samuel L. Jackson has a scene in the first Jurassic Park movie where he reboots the Park's computers. When he does, he mutters "Hang on to your butts..." in that cool way he has. Well, do that. The message boards are going to be upgraded around 1AM this evening, and in this article lies some notes about what you will find Thursday morning...

There are a couple of key changes you should be aware of as the message boards get upgraded this evening.

1. Signatures

Signatures will no longer use HTML markup for those people who want to include images and other nifty things in their signatures. You use the same EZCodes that you use for all other board posts in your signature now. That should make it easier for some folks, but those who already have signature files marked up with HTML will want to change them with the new release.

2. Emoticons and Formatting

Using emoticons and formatting (bold, italics, etc) will be a lot easier. Buttons are built into the new posting interface that help you use these without typing in the EZCodes yourself.

3. Faster performance

We have been told that the new forums will perform faster. Based on the tests I've seen, that appears to be the case. As more and more people come from other sites to make a home on the Bernies Insiders forums, we'll need the faster performance on the boards.

Please let me know if you have any problems tomorrow morning. The address to write in for support is on the menu system above under the HOME menu tab.

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