Lane Adkins: What We've Been Told

While speculation abounds as to Braylon Edwards' situation, the reason for signing Mike Furrey, etc, Lane Adkins brings the actual scoop. Plus, what's the deal with this new quarterback?

- The Browns have not had any further discussions with teams regarding the availability of WR Braylon Edwards within the past week. Edwards, the subject of considerable trade speculation in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft last month, has been in and out of the Browns training facility on various occasions the past couple months.

- The signing of WR Mike Furrey should not be looked on as having any link with Edwards. The organization, despite adding two receivers in the draft, believed they needed additional proven talent at the position -- especially a WR in the slot.

- An interesting tidbit coming from the Browns draft-day deal with the New York Jets regards quarterback Brett Ratliff. As the deal was progressing, the Jets -- contrary to later printed reports in New York -- did not want to deal the QB. The Browns insisted Ratliff had to be involved in the deal for it go forward.

- Brady Quinn is the favorite of the fans; Derek Anderson has more than passing support within the organization; Ratliff, on the other hand, is often viewed as simply a third QB. As noted to this column, to write off Ratliff as being simply an insurance third QB would be a rather large error in judgment. There is a reason why the Browns wanted the QB, and I cannot simply push the acquisition aside as being simply for depth -- it may be a depth move in the short term, but there appears to more in the acquisition than meets the eye.

- Linebacker David Veikune has made quite an impression on the coaching staff already. Veikune has been an extremely quick study in his initial days with the team. Whereas some players, past and present, need time to absorb the terminology of the scheme -- and still are not solid with the responsibilities -- Veikune has been dynamite. To go along with his ability to absorb information, Veikune has been impressive in drills both athletically and mentally. More than one member of the staff has noted that Veikune is very explosive while remaining under control during these early sessions.

- Wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi is showing the Browns staff that he is much more polished receiver than some within the organization may have thought upon selecting him in the second round of the draft. Running route after route in sessions, Massaquoi has received plenty of hands-on advice coming from the coaching staff. Some subtle changes in the manner in which the WR runs certain routes has provided the player with improved body positioning and acceleration coming out of his patterns. Massaquoi has been impressive since arriving at rookie camp, both on and off the field.

- Cornerback Coye Francies came into the rookie camp ready to show the Browns he is capable of being a significant player at the next level. While some players who have made mistakes in the past look to make excuses for their indiscretions, Francies acknowledge his mistake and has worked hard to overcome the situation. The adversity appears to have made the player a better man and one who is hungry to prove he is not only capable of playing at the professional level, but to be a player this organization can count on. Throughout the sessions, Francies was relentless, studious and every bit athletic -- perhaps more so than the tape shows. While very early in the process, the Browns think they may have something special in Francies.

- UDFA Bryan Williams has displayed the versatility the Browns' coaching staff likes in players to provide depth. Williams has been extremely quick and elusive in return drills, has shown to have the skill set necessary to compete in the defensive backfield, and can run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Depending on the direction the coaching staff takes with Josh Cribbs, Williams could be a valuable asset to the Browns.

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