Transcript: Dave-Te Thomas Chat

Another barnburner! Dave-Te Thomas spent two hours answering rapid-fire questions ten days ago. Get Dave-Te's objective perspective about how the Browns did on Draft Day.

<dawgeers19> Hey Dave
<Grover71> hey Dave-te
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Hey Grover back for more fun!
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Hey NY Brownie
<CaryNCBrownsBacker> evening Dave
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Hello Cary

Dave-Te Thomas:
  Hope all saw my reports on the draft pick. If not email me at & will send in the AM
<CaryNCBrownsBacker> thanks for the email earlier ..appreciate it

Dave-Te Thomas:  Ah, the day after Christmas & time to torture Mangini & Kokinis for the Massaquoi pick
Dave-Te Thomas:
  The critter drops more than he catches

<shays82cle> I don't dislike that pick
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Hey Shay-if you like it, you have to be betting on the other team
Dave-Te Thomas:  He was benched 6 times in the last 2 years for big drops

<Frye9> i was happy to see that a chat was available when I was heading to the board
Dave-Te Thomas:  Now Frye 9, that's a good name-shame the poor guy got run off

<Grover71> thoughts on Ratliff?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Love Ratliff Grover-thought that was the key to that deal
Dave-Te Thomas:  Elam is a nice, nice pickup, but if Quinn falls flat, Ratliff is in before DA

<shays82cle> How much did you watch Georgia
Dave-Te Thomas:  Shay, I lived in Ga-saw the kid play in 15 games the last 2 years

<CaryNCBrownsBacker> so who get's moved DA or Quinn because of Ratliff
<nybrownie> think da is traded before season starts
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hard to trade DA, as most teams will be close to the cap, but if an injury happens, he's inviting

<nybrownie> Did u see any improvement from jr to sr years
Dave-Te Thomas:  The only thing better for Massaquoi was more balls thrown his way. Nybrownie
Dave-Te Thomas:  Here's the deal - Massaqui had 42 catches on 81 balls thrown to him

<dawgeers19> What do you think of James Davis?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Davis? That was a STEAL dawg - he's going to replace Lewis by the end of the year
Dave-Te Thomas:  Davis is a physical runner, but he was usually yanked in passing situations for Spillman

<nybrownie> So was there any big surprises for u in the draft
Dave-Te Thomas:  The biggest surprise was how some OL fell NY brownie

<wsu99> what grade would you give the browns draft?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Grade, hmm, a B-George got TOO cute with those trades

<nybrownie> U like Davis better than Jennings
Dave-Te Thomas:  Oh yeah, Davis is power oriented, but a smooth runner, Jennings runs too upright NY brown

<Pazienza> What do you mean "Too cute"
Dave-Te Thomas:  Too cute in that he kept playing hot potato trading down

<BrownsGettinBetter> Yeah, but how can you blame Kokinis if he really liked Mack? He traded down and got extra picks.
Dave-Te Thomas:  Liked Mack, he's a good short area blocker, but they forgot about ROT

<Pazienza> You think he should have drafted at #17 and not traded down?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No, trade down is cool, but look at NE, they got a 5th tossed in for a pick two later than Cleve

<Grover71> what is your opinion of Coye Francies? Good value pick?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Now, I do like the two 6th round guys - Francies will start by year two and Carey is a good nickel-type
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Francies lasted so long because of the darn stopwatch, not because of what he did on the field\

<wsu99> was Mack your highest rated center?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hey WSU, yes, Mack, followed in a big distance by Unger

<Pazienza> How about the Jets trade - how did Kokinis do on that one?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Liked it, but hated Massaquoi with #50.

<dawgeers19> What about Maiva...solid pick?
<Grover71> does Kaluka Maivai have the frame to put on 10-15lbs? Will effective as an ILB in the 3-4?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Maiava is a good cover 2 LB - added weight in 2006 made him sluggish

<Grover71> Sluggish compared to Andra Davis?
Dave-Te Thomas:  not as low as Davis Grover, but he's a cover 2 type-can play all 3 lb spots, but have to ease him in-not the most instinctive

<LDDawg> How many of our picks do you see sticking? (Active roster/practice squad)
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hey LDDawg - I see Mack & Robiskie as long time starters, Carey & Francies earning starting jobs down the road & Davis as a steal

<shays82cle> look at brady, was great michigan qb and got drafted 6th round, now he is a top qb in nfl
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yeah, but Brady was hurt as a senior, that's why he slipped shay
Dave-Te Thomas:  Docs were red flagging Brady's knee-funny it took five years for it to go out on him

<shays82cle> same thing with davis had bad people around him, didn't produce and fell to 6th round, now he is a steal
Dave-Te Thomas:  Davis was told in 2007 by the advisory board he was a late 2

<BlueSidd> what do you think of McShay loving the Massaquoi pick?
Dave-Te Thomas:  McShay needs a reality check

<Pagedawg> Which vets are in jeopardy of getting cut with the new players from the Jets and also the draft?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I look at the secondary being open competition pagedawg

<Pazienza> What do you think of FA QB Harrell?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Harrell is just an arm in camp-yeah big stats, but its the spread-name a Texas Tech QB in the NFL

<BlueSidd> does you know if Mangini plays rookies? Or the Crennel way?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Mangini believes experience is squat-production is key

<Ean0708> Where does R Hood end up
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hood ends up in Atlanta-Dimitroff wants him big time

<wsu99> did the Browns improve by a couple of wins on draft day?
Dave-Te Thomas:  They did more than improve - Robiskie is going to be a perfect compliment with Edwards

<shays82cle> texas tech is not going to produce a nfl ready qb..spread offenses never good for nfl career but always exceptions
Dave-Te Thomas:  problem is shay, no exceptions are QBing right now in the NFL

<Pazienza> How did the Jets do?
Dave-Te Thomas:  LOVE the Jets philosophy-get what you need & get the heck out of the draft

<BlueSidd> Thoughts on David Veikune? Tasmanian LB?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Veikune is a sub package LB, but better off playing with his hand down as an edge rusher

<wsu99> Leroy Hill a possibility for the Browns?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Problem is, Hill might head back to Seattle for 5 mil-it was a cap cut

<youngcouple442> Who was the biggest steal and the draft and who is going to be the biggest bust IUHO
Dave-Te Thomas:  Biggest bust- LSU's Tyson Jackson   Biggest Steal-San Diego 4th rounder Vaughn Martin

<redright> DAVE: what is your take on Sanchez? Worth the #5 pick? How long to develop?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Sanchez gets tossed to the wolves & in the lineup-worth the #1 I say

<shays82cle> keep, if we have issue at right guard Mack or Fraley could switch over
Dave-Te Thomas:  Keep Fraley-remember when Faine did not pan out-need a smart vet & watch Mack at OG for a year

<wsu99> why did Chris Wells fall to 31?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Durability issues with Wells & bad report on his foot wsu

<ramllov> Indy got Donald Browns, they got a great GM
Dave-Te Thomas:  ramlov has good taste!

<gmutch> What is going to happen to Tim Tebow next year, will he have to switch to TE?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Gmutch - trust me on this- Tebow will prove ALL doubters wrong on him
Dave-Te Thomas:  I can win a super bowl with Tebow

<alzlvlolz> Remember you stating Alex Mack was overrated in your eyes, and that he was a product of the system? Do you see him being a good fit here?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Next to Steinbach, yes, Mack is okay, but I would NOT have taken him alzvloz

<trickdawg81> Hey Dave . . . will Browns fans get tired of seeing Maualuga twice a year?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Oh yeah, remember when Singletary fell to round 2 - that's maualuga's avenue trickdawg

<youngcouple442> why was everyone so high in tyson jackson they had to see something for him to go number 3
Dave-Te Thomas:  I need lasik surgery on Tyson Jackson - he & Dorsey are going to bust out in that 3-4

<ramllov> Dave do you like the performance of George Kokinis since he came to Cleveland, the roster looks much stronger
Dave-Te Thomas:  Like George's philosophy, just felt he could've gotten better deals trading down ramlov

<nybrownie> Rey Maualuga in Cinci -- bad influences there
Dave-Te Thomas:  What can really hurt the Bengals more than their coach & front office?

<youngcouple442> Eric Wood the better center?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yes youngcouple & wood could have been there in 2
Dave-Te Thomas:  Buff wanted Mack, but took wood when Mack was off the board

<Pazienza> Braylon Edwards going to be traded before the season?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Nah, can't trade Edwards now-you give up on the season then paz

<ramllov> DAve, I agree, but George K, is new at it, Belichick would have gotten fifth round picks
Dave-Te Thomas:  George has been in many war rooms ramlov-he had a big deal from the Giants at #19 & blew it

<ramllov> What deal?
<youngcouple442> What deal did they have with the Giants at number 19?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Giants were trying to move up for Maclin & offered #1 & #5

<redright> Did Pittsburgh want Mack or Wood and has to settle for Hood?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Pitt wanted Hood all along-soured on Hampton redright

<alzlvlolz> Curious believe I read you stating that Alex Mack is slow off the snap, then watched clips of him seemed he did get beat off the snap, is it a technical issue or is he just slow?
Dave-Te Thomas:
  For their blocking scheme Mack is good, but he has a lot of Melvin Fowler to him

<ramllov> Some deals are best when you walk away from them.
Dave-Te Thomas:  Not when you can get extra picks & still find what they really needed later

<Pazienza> A 5th rounder to drop to the NYG pick?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Giants were desperate to jump ahead of NE & Philly for Maclin paz

<gmutch> How's are pass rush going to do this year, is Whimply going to impress with biker Rob Ryan at the helm?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Rob Ryan is a freaking maniac-the waterboy will be blitzing gmutch
Dave-Te Thomas:  Watch Ryan-he will stunt & blitz all day-the biggest benefit will be Wimbley

<ramllov> Well the Giants did not get their #1 WR and Manning was not happy when they interviewed him and was asked about the WRs in their draft
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yeah, but Manning has to LOVE Barden ramlov

<redright> Any body interested in giving up next year's pick for Quinn? Who? How many?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No one is going to look at players to trade until camp

<shays82cle> elam is a better in coverage safety than jones?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No, but Elam is a better hitter shay

<alzlvlolz> Scouting watching the Raiders last year they did not seem to blitz as much. What was weird about the situation they have one of the best secondary's in the game and was not much aggression?
<alzlvlolz> What makes you think Rob Ryan will be aggressive here?
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Ryan has free reign to run the D, instead of the owner doing the game plan
Dave-Te Thomas:  That's why Ryan left Oakland-look what that idiot Al Davis did in the draft

<shays82cle> the defense still plays to the defense the head coach wants to run, if Mangini wants passive then we get passive
Dave-Te Thomas:  No, Mangini is good at letting his coordinators run the show shay

<Jamesdog32> could the browns trade Braylon Edwards to the giants for their tight end... they drafted hakeem nicks and their player they drafted in the second round
Dave-Te Thomas:  won't happen jamesdog

<Pazienza> Did Ryan want to join his brother in NY after he got the Jets HC job?
Dave-Te Thomas:  They love each other but fight like heckyl & jeckyl paz
<Pazienza> lol
Dave-Te Thomas:  I've known those 2 since they were kids paz

<Grover71> whoe has better hands...Venus de Milo or Massaquoi?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Venus de Milo, HANDS DOWN! grover

<Pazienza> So Ryan will be a solid DC when he's unchained?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yeah, Ryan is a master at trickery paz

<CaryNCBrownsBacker> half this crowd doesn't know who Heckyl and Jeckyl were Dave
Dave-Te Thomas:  sorry cary, showed my age there. Imagine if I said the Bowery boys!

<shays82cle> braylon feels like we dislike him as fans, so we may have to overpay him to keep him or franchise him
Dave-Te Thomas:  mangini runs a tight ship-if they want to get paid, they toe the line shay

<gmutch> I know he is a rookie cord. but how do do you think Daboll will do?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Not sold on daboll-hesitant at times gmutch

<ramllov> Dave Has Kokinis given Ryan enough tools to be effective this year on the defense?
Dave-Te Thomas:  no, they still lack a monster on the DL & predict Shaun Rogers is going to butt heads with Ryan ramlov

<AdamFenwickSymes> Who would you rather have: David Veikune or Paul Kruger?
Dave-Te Thomas:  PAUL KRUGER - guy eats glass for breakfast, Adam

<OPENUP> How closely will this team resemble Pats on offense or defense?
Dave-Te Thomas:  don't think they will pattern the Pats openup
Dave-Te Thomas:  And look what the Weis offense did to Notre Dame

<Grover71> Is it true Savage and Millen were calling each other making pretend trades on draft day?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yeah, Savage asked Millen how many WRs he wants

<ramllov> Dave you see no hope for Corey Williams?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Corey Williams id a 4-3 DT ram

<Jamesdog32> what do you think of the browns 6th round draft pick James Davis can he push Jamal lewis since he isn't getting any younger
Dave-Te Thomas:  Jamal Lewis is gone after this year & Davis starts by midseason jamesdog

<Pazienza> Was it a case of NYJ not offering draft picks or Mangini really wanting his own guys rather than draft picks in the trade?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Jets had minimal draft picks anyway & mangini got 3 stopgaps that know his system-new coach wants his guy, you know?

<Grover71> Davis similar to Thomas Jones in the way he plays?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Davis is more like Kevan Barlow-power up the middle, no wiggle
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hey, check out the Davis performance chart up at the site-look at the MT category - see how many non-TD runs it took more than one guy to bring him down

<montanna1234> Did the fact the Browns did not have a early 3rd pick, impact their selections in the 2nd round.
Dave-Te Thomas:  If it did montana, I was not impressed with their 2 & 3 second rounders

<tommybo> How will Alex Hall fit into Ryan's scheme? Role Player or untapped potential there?
Dave-Te Thomas:  untapped potential waiting to be unleash-Ryan feels he's a Hugh Douglas type tommybo

<Jamesdog32> can davis be the feature back the next 5 to 6 years
Dave-Te Thomas:  yes/no on Davis-he gets down on himself too much after a bad game jamesdog

<shays82cle> can davis break tackles then leave them in dust? what's his speed like?
Dave-Te Thomas:  oh yeah, check out that performance chart on Davis shay

<ramllov> Dave, Mangini and Kokinis changed the offensive line scheme, which should improve the running game with their new free agents and Mack. It seemed that the runners were caught dancing behind the line of scrimmage last year, because the opposing defenses got penetration. Does the new players and new scheme prevent as much defensive penetration from happening this year?
Dave-Te Thomas:  zone blocking is key, this new style fits Joe Thomas to a T-pinch the D back inside ramlov

<CaryNCBrownsBacker> Dave ... any chance that Cribbs can convert to a defensive back?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Now is the time to move Cribbs there-I said that when he was in college cary

<OPENUP> Last chance. Browns look like Baltimore on D.?
Dave-Te Thomas:  NO - Rob is more of a reactor than his bro & Rex was more of a take what the O gives type openup

<shays82cle> he only had gholston for a year, wait to see if he develops more after year 2
<shays82cle> james harrison was cut a couple times by steelers and once by ravens before he became star with steelers
Dave-Te Thomas:  Gholston will be Alright under Ryan-he has a lot of Shawne Merriman to him shay

<tommybo> Could we go thunder and lightning this year with Davis and Jerome Harrison?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Not a Harrison fan, he's a ballerina in a fb uniform tommy

<OPENUP> Then this seems more of a hybrid 3-4. Cause they don't even fit the Tenn mold. Yes?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yes, look at what Ryan did with Sam Williams before he got hurt & with Kirk Morrison openup

<ILive4Sunday32> How good is Ziggy Hood?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Ziggy is going to make Hampton unemployed in 2010-he's in the Kelly Gregg mold-typical Pitt trench warrior live4sun

<redright> Where should the browns have gone with 50 and 52?
Dave-Te Thomas:  At 50, Paul Kruger, at 52-the Load himself, Phil Loadholt redright

<tommybo> Would the Browns give Larry Foote a look?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No, Foote is already going to Detroit tommy

<OPENUP> So we see the DL as a wall and mixed blitz fm S and LB's Yes? That smacks of Blitzburg. Yes?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Blitzburg in Cleveland, the dawgs will be barking!

<MikeFromRochester> do you believe the browns should have taken maulauga? and were the browns interested in Clint Sintim?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Oh God, I hope they were not interested in Sintim-kid is not a player

<ILive4Sunday32> How do you compare the talent on the jets compared to the Browns as of last year
Dave-Te Thomas:  Browns had better personnel on paper, but a coach that could not use it right

<tommybo> Am I crazy or could Cribbs be like a Polamalu at safety?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Cribbs/Polamalu, tommybo-you need to pee in a cup for me there!

<gmutch> Why didn't we get a guard? Weak draft for that.
Dave-Te Thomas:  NFL Guards are really college OTs gmutch

<MikeFromRochester> since were on the crennel subject, how many wins is Mangini worth over crennel
Dave-Te Thomas:  5 more wins-because he delegates mike

<ILive4Sunday32> Do you see Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald as are starters for a next few years or does one need to be replaced?
Dave-Te Thomas:  McDonald is on borrowed time-Wright is a Ryan type ilve

<Toad> how do you feel about the ROT position as far as Pork Chop?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Pork Chop is a good backup, but not starting material-would have taken Eben Britton at #21

<shays82cle> if he is so good at letting his coaches coach, why is his reputation bad for coaches and had issues filling spot spots?
Dave-Te Thomas:  That's the NY media dogging Mangini-he's really adelegating type shay

<Pazienza> How would you rate a Lewis/Davis RB combo?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Lewis will be looking over his shoulder at Davis rather than working in tandem with him paz

<Smooth32> Will Massaquoi be a good WR if he corrects the drops?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No smooth, you can't teach a dog to meow

<Toad> Browns Record in 09'?
Dave-Te Thomas:
  8-8 toad

<wsu99> does Lewis even have NFL speed left at this point in his career to start?
Dave-Te Thomas:  If Lewis was in a race with a pregnant woman, he'd come in 3rd wsu

<redright> What did mangini see to make him think Massaquoi's drops were over?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Coaches rarely watch film & they judged him on 1 week in mobile redright
Dave-Te Thomas:  puzzling what mangini saw there redright

<Pazienza> Who has worse hands - BE or MM?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Edwards drops are due to concentration lapses, MM is due to poor hands paz

<MikeFromRochester> is there any interest in DA out there? do you seem him being traded after a preseason injury?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Honestly, DA's days are done. If Quinn fails, Ratliff gets the call

<tommybo> Did MM's drops decrease significantly his senior year like has been reported?
Dave-Te Thomas:  42 catches of 81 throws, 11 that were deflected, those are not nice #s tommy

<OPENUP> If Massaquoi lasts thru the preseason he'll push the other WR in getting their butts down the field. Yes?
Dave-Te Thomas:  no, Robiskie ^ Edwards are the best WR tandem openup

<wsu99> is Drew Bennet a good fit for the Browns at wr?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Nah, Bennett is like that song-I've seen better days...

<Pazienza> Will the Browns turn over their scouting staff now that the draft is over and Mangini/Kokinis are settled in?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Oh yeah, time to blow up the scouting staff. George has his boys on the way paz

<Smooth32> Any guys you anticipate George brining in?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Scout wise? Look for him to raid the Colts -Tom Telasco is a GM in waiting stuck behind Polian

<shays82cle> if we can pass and get 8th person out of the box
Dave-Te Thomas:  The Browns need to air it out more rather than go to the ground-these guys are not Ernest Byner!

<OPENUP> Won't Mancini be determined to keep the vets he signed for mentoring this year and filling holes even at the possible risk of decent rookie FA's who might other wise make the team?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I would really like to see them go for an OT, but nothing hits right now, except if Levi Jones gets cut
Dave-Te Thomas:  Mangini is going to bring in more former jets before camp opens

<salemdog> Would Levi be healthy?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Levi will do like Willie Anderson & take a 1-year deal, move to ROT & try to resurrect his stock salem

<OPENUP> Are you talking more Jets trades or cuts?
Dave-Te Thomas:  cuts, Jets have exhausted themselves in the trade market openup

<Smooth32> Who were the biggest steals in the draft?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Eben Britton & Connor Barwin in round 2, Coye Francies in round 6, along with Davis., Vaughn Martin in 4, Duke Robinson in 5 are the draft steals

<dhohenshil> What's your opinion on Quinn?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I like Quinn, I can win with him, I can't with DA dhohensil

<gmutch> What does Mangini bring to the table with being in such a tough division? (discipline, X's and O's, Motivation, Belichick stare into the abyss when dealing with press)
Dave-Te Thomas:  Mangini is not a talk out of the side of the mouth like Butch Davis gmutch

<dapound> How about Shipley in the 7th
Dave-Te Thomas:  Oh yes dapound-that would have been a PERFECT browns center

<CaryNCBrownsBacker> Dave... what are the odds DA just gets cut?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Don't think DA will be cut-can never have enough mediocre QBs, ya know

<ramllov> Dave earlier tonight I thought you were commenting on Alex Hall, our rookie OLB last year. Do you see upside with him under Ryan's defense?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yes, Alex Hall will emerge line Morrison & Williams did in Oak ramslov

<eltee22> was the DA 3 year deal Savage's worst move?
Dave-Te Thomas:  The worst deal Savage signed, outside of DA was his own!

<OPENUP> Question. Wasn't Edward's problem concentration from frustration? He's pretty high strung. Lot expected from him. Yes?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yes openup, but this new staff knows how to stroke Edwards

<rnsnl2000> Is DA gone with Ratliff traded for?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I would not say DA is gone in 2009, but I'd check on his garage sale after the season rnsn

<Jamesdog32> Why doesnt the new staff sign Edwards to an extension he says he wants to stay in Cleveland
Dave-Te Thomas:  because jamesdog, Edwards can just as easily self destruct as emerge

<mrslick36> What do you think of Hubbard?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hubbard gets hurt taking a shower mrslick

<OPENUP> Robiskie should be the perfect compliment. Professional very little nerves. Yes. Good affect on Edwards?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yeas, he can be a nice underneath target so Edwards can fly down the sidelines openup

<Smooth32> Who had the best draft in the AFC North?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Have not even gotten to look at the whole draft picture yet smooth 32, it's only Wednesday

<Pazienza> The union of OSU Robiskie and Michigan Edwards
Dave-Te Thomas:  Big 10 all the way Paz

<rnsnl2000> Is steptoe gone?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Steptoe is not exactly buying a house yet, but if they keep 5 wrs, he's safe

<Jamesdog32> what if edwards has a big year wouldn't the browns want to resign him
Dave-Te Thomas:  You have to gamble that he does, but not gamble if he doesn't jamesdog

<ramllov> Dave do you see any potential in Steptoe?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Never liked Arizona WRs. Too listless as blockers ram

<dhohenshil> Dave, You think Rucker will be a good tight end?
<dhohenshil> Seems to have good hands
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Martin Rucker is a WR in a Te body-would have loved to see James Casey here-by the way-he's another draft steal

<rnsnl2000> Will Abram Elam be an upgrade from Jones and if yes what is the difference?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I think Abram is the nickel back, not a fulltime starter, because he's more valuable in the box rnsn

<MikeFromRochester> will Mack be able to handle the big nose tackles in the afc north?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hey Mike, no, Mack needs help from his OGs. He had HUGE problems with guys over his head

<buddog> Where does Rubin fit this year?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Rubin needs to be an under-tackle in a 4-3, not a NG, He has poor gap recognition buddog

<wsu99> can Rucker make an impact in Cleveland's passing game
Dave-Te Thomas:  Rucker can be a good target underneath, but not sold on him as anything more than a motion back wsu

<MikeFromRochester> then why did we pick him, isn't that an obvious flaw?
Dave-Te Thomas:  That was a Kokinis thing Mike, I would have passed & taken Eben Britton

<Pazienza> Has Mangini learned from his mistakes in NY or is it too early to say?
Dave-Te Thomas:  oh, Mangini still has a ton of mistakes left in him-he could not head coach for me paz

<MikeFromRochester> rucker lacks the agility a casey has
Dave-Te Thomas:  Casey is a GREAT talent-plays lots of roles mike

<alzlvlolz> When did Eben Britton go?
Dave-Te Thomas:  2nd round, Jax alz

<rnsnl2000> Is Pool a quality safety or is there problems with the safeties?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I need a smart man at safety-Pool would be cool if they had someone to call right assignments in the secondary rnsn

<BentleyVille> Where do you see Kaluka Maiava fitting in Ryans' defense?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Maiava will be joining his wrestling family in 2 years-he's not a Ryan type of starter

<ramllov> Dave do you see this as Mangini's defense or Ryan's defense?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Ryan's-that was the only reason he's here-could have stayed in Oak if he wanted someone telling him what to do ram

<mrslick36> Seems like the most exciting thing about next year will be Ryan's D, agree?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No, the most exciting thing will be watching Jeremy Maclin in a Philly uni when he could have been a Brown

<Pazienza> Why couldn't Mangini be your HC?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I HATE defensive coaches as head coaches - they get their fingers all into the offense

<ILive4Sunday32> What's Mangini's biggest weakness,(My opinion is he is a bad gameday coach)?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I agree Ilive4 sun

<Smooth32> Why did the Browns pick Maiava if he's not a Ryan type of guy?
Dave-Te Thomas:  got me smooth-I'm not a huge fan of this draft
Dave-Te Thomas:
  Here's what I would have taken
Dave-Te Thomas:  round 1-Eben Britton
Dave-Te Thomas:  round 2-Robiskie, Paul Kruger, Phil Loadholt, Round 4-Vaughn Martin round 6-Bear Pascoe, Coye Francies, James Davis

<OPENUP> Hasn't your experience shown that the best coach to call offense is a great defensive coach?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Give me a Mike Shanahan, Bill Walsh type of offensive mind & I will be wearing big rings each year openup
Dave-Te Thomas:  Belichick & Parcells knew how to get a good young OC to run the ship

<montanna1234> how would you evaluate our draft, versus our AFC North competition
Dave-Te Thomas:  haven't broken down each team yet montana

<OPENUP> Amen on Loadholt.
Dave-Te Thomas:  Imagine Loadholt & Britton as the ROG & ROT respectively

<ILive4Sunday32> Have you seen game tape on Michael Mitchell (Raiders 2nd round safety) what's your opinion on him?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Ilive4sunday-I actually feel that Mitchell was the ONLY great pick Al has made in the last 5 years-email me & I will send him his report tomorrow

<redright> Why do you see ROT as a bigger need than Center? Mack and Wood seem like the guys we needed at Center.
Dave-Te Thomas:  Wood was the guy you needed-got so much nasty to him-Tim Grunhard clone redright
Dave-Te Thomas:  I go build the OL from tackle on in-I can live with Fraley if I have Loadholt & Britton on the right side

<mrslick36> What is your opinion of Stafford?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Stafford was the 2nd best QB in the draft mrslick

<hpschlos> What do you think about D'Qwell Jackson?
Dave-Te Thomas:  D'Qwell will be a Pro Bowler under Ryan hpschlos

<Ean0708> Is there a chance Viekune(sp) gets moved to ILB or is he strictly outside?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Not smart enough to play ILB ean-you have to take exams without crayons there

<OPENUP> Had the same OL first discussion with Lane last Fri night. Came to the same conclusion. OL first. Rabbits can't run in a cage.
Dave-Te Thomas:  It takes a good 3 yrs for an OL to jell-much rather have young guys to grow together than patchwork on right side

<kjdawg17> What do you think of Beau Bell???
Dave-Te Thomas:  Beau Bell needs to dedicate himself like he did as a JR-got too full of himself coming ouyt kjdawg

<ILive4Sunday32> How many sacks do you envision Kam Wimbley having next year? Will he improve/ does he fit the system?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Wimbley will not be measured by sacks, but the tfls he will get giving RB chase

<gmutch> What need that we didn't address through the draft is going to hurt us this season?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Hey Gmutch-I say a quality pass rusher & a stud RB

<OPENUP> Not fair Dave. Veikune may not be your starter this year but he can use a pencil.
Dave-Te Thomas:  yeah open up, but he can stick it in his left ear & come out his right without even wincing

<mrslick36> I guess our running game won't improve until Jamel is gone?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Even with Davis, they will look for an RB next year mrslick

<OPENUP> Dang. He can also put his head thru a brick wall but that won't stop him from fitting in the right spot. He can rush like blazes.
Dave-Te Thomas:  The problem is his over-pursuit-can't recover well with those tight hips openup

<hpschlos> who do you think will have more success, Robiskie or Massaquoi?
Dave-Te Thomas:  ROBISKIE, hands down hpsch

<wsu99> any elite rb's in next years draft?
Dave-Te Thomas:  CJ Spiller is a stud rb wsu

<mrslick36> What do you think of Rey M?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Rey M is a monster who is going to HURT 216 QBs this year mrslick

<OPENUP> Give you the hips. But put him in situational pass rusher. Sorry but I like the HI kids. They're all heart.
Dave-Te Thomas:  All heart, no brain, welcome to the Wizard of Oz openup

<hpschlos> any players drafted in the top ten that you think will be busts?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Tyson Jackson-even Ray Charles can see that hpschlos

<Grover71> why did Rey slide?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I think folks considered Rey too loose of a cannon-hell-he's an LB, what do you expect there grover

<MikeFromRochester> i wanted rey m. bigtime. did we pass on him because of skeleton's in his closet?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Rey's skeletons can play better than any other MLB in this draft mike

<gmutch> Do you think Sanchez will make us pay like Roethlisberger did?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Sanchez is like Cinderella-the slipper fits perfectly

<salemdog> hat are the odds of a long holdout for the top Bungle picks?
Dave-Te Thomas:  The Bengals won't hold out for long-most need bail money salemdog

<ramllov> Dave Do you like Ron Brace, DL, Boston College?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No, thought Brace & Raji stunk, their LBs are the guys I like

<dapound> Dave, Which Safety do you like better next year, Berry or Mays?
Dave-Te Thomas:  MAYS-son of a b can hit like Ronnie Lott dapound

<redright> Sanchez is like Cinderella....guess we should have taken Sanchez and traded out of Quinn and Anderson?
Dave-Te Thomas:  You got that right bubba redright

<Grover71> like Herzlig from BC next year?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Herzlich is a Mike Curtis clone-there I go showing my age again grover

<mrslick36> Why was Mangini let go by NY?
Dave-Te Thomas:  The team lost faith in his play calling mrslick

<mrslick36> Why is he here?
Dave-Te Thomas:  You have to ask Lerner that mrslick
Dave-Te Thomas:  I would have offered the moon to Shanahan mrslick

<Ean0708> Any other talk around the league about the Browns and Crabtree. Leach really called out Mangini. Was it warranted?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Crabtree is going to be Kellen Winslow Jr if he does not get rid of his entourage

<mrslick36> Where will Savage end up?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No where this year-he's damaged goods, but will probably end up in NE at =some point mrslick

<redright> Crazy Herzlich...a Mike Curtis clone?.... :-)
Dave-Te Thomas:  He's the best LB in college redright, at least until Stan Lee at Penn State proves he's healthy

<mrslick36> Can we stop the run under Ryan?
Dave-Te Thomas:  You can stop God under Ryan mrslick

<redright> Davc...what were your thoughts on Orapko?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I Orakpo is a brick with lips, looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane - pull out all the old cliches-he's it redright

<mrslick36> Sounds like Ryan should be out HC.
Dave-Te Thomas:  I agree mrslick

<Grover71> is Denver looking to add a couple RB's?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yeah, Denver is also petitioning the league to let them play with 3 footballs grover

<browns28> nfl- how do you feel the 3-4 will be improved this year
Dave-Te Thomas:  I am not a 3-4 fan-I like thinking LBs & all they do is blitz browns28

<Smooth32> Any thoughts on Brian Daboll? Will he be good, will he be bad? (Not much to go off of since he's first time O-CORD, but...)
Dave-Te Thomas:  Daboll is fair to middling-not my choice for OC

<ramllov> Does Denver really need a starting QB Dave?
Dave-Te Thomas:
  The Broncs get their QB next year in Tebow ramslov

<DawgHowl> Dave: do you agree with what the browns did in trading down and picking Mack?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No dawghowl-I felt Maclin was too exciting to pass up at even #5

<redright> When the Browns traded down from 17 and Tampa took Freeman, why didn't Denver call to trade for Brady Quinn?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Why trade Quinn & get stuck with DA redright

<gmutch> What would be a better choice for OC?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Jason Garrett-guy needs to get out of Dallas gmutch

<Smooth32> Think Lawrence Vickers will get that Pro-Bowl vote this year, like he shoulda have last year?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Vickers is the most underrated FB in the NFL smooth

<redright> you don't like Ratliff?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Ratliff is a lot like Cassel-just needs an opportunity

<DawgHowl> maclin isnt a reach at 5? he didn't appear to be a real polished receiver to me
Dave-Te Thomas:  It's not him as a WR, but on the reverse, on special teams, as a crack blocker-there's a lot more to his game than catching the ball dqwghowl

<wsu99> is Freeman going to be a good starter in the NFL?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Freeman is a Tony Banks clone wsu

<mrslick36> What is your opinion of our Special teams coach?
Dave-Te Thomas:  don't know him mrslick

<Smooth32> Think Corey Williams will bounce back and have a good year this year?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Only if they make him a DT in a 4-3 smooth

<redright> Won't Mangini give Ratliff an opportunity?
Dave-Te Thomas:  the first sign that Quinn & DA flub, Ratliff gets in redright

<64superfan> NFL: So, what's it gonna take for us to offload DA? Probably an early season injury to a starter where there's no solid backup, huh?
Dave-Te Thomas:  you got it 64superfan-training camp more likely

<MikeFromRochester> dave, is there any chance in your eyes the browns drafted a star after the robiskie pick?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Francies Mike-I think he is going to surprise

<mrslick36> Does Coleman start?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Coleman starts, they say left DE, I say he beats out Williams at right DE instead mrslick

<peace2uuu> sorry if asked but think braylon is here to stay now for next season?
Dave-Te Thomas:  yes, peace-if you are going to trade him, draft day was the time to do it-get better value then

<64superfan> NFL: What's your take on Elam?
Dave-Te Thomas:  I think Elam is going to be McCutcheon without injury issues-plug him in where you need him 64super

<gmutch> Does Kokinis clean house and bring in his boys from the ratbirds?
Dave-Te Thomas:  might not be able to get the guy he wants in decosta gmutch

<mrslick36> I guess Edwards walks at the end of the year, eh?
<DawgHowl> Dave: who do u see starting at QB for the browns?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Edwards gone in 2010 & Quinn starting in 2009 mrslick.dawghowl

<royswift> Dave, what are your thoughts on Jerome Harrison? His production when he played was good
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yes, but like Warrick Dunn, Harrison is best in spurts than long stretches roy

<Smooth32> Who's the best drafters in the NFL, in your mind?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Bill Polian is the best, but Don Gregory at Carolina & of course the master - Billy B in NE are the best

<merrimi> Who replaces Braylon at #1?
Dave-Te Thomas:  No one this year merrimi

<64superfan> NFL: Got one final question for you: If Robaire Smith is back healthy, do you see the starting DL as Rogers, Coleman, and Robaire Smith with Williams as a backup and/or a guy to plug into occasional 4-man fronts?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Smith is not worth being a starter 64superfan

<royswift> Thanks Dave. Just curious though, he's never had the chance for more than 2-3 touches, why don't you think he'd be good as the feature back
Dave-Te Thomas:  Can't handle the pounding-look at his injuries in college when he carried the load royswift

<gmutch> Why not Decosta, Newsome whispering sweet nothings in his ear?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Decosta is going to replace Newsome if Balt falls on their butt

<64superfan> NFL: Then how about C.J. Mosley?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Moseley is a 4-3 DT 64superfan

<dapound> If Williams is better suited for 4-3 could we trade him for a better fit
Dave-Te Thomas:  They should not have traded for Williams to begin with Thompson must have busted a rib laughing with that trade dapound

<BarryMcBride> Dave-Te, what do you think of Pittsburgh's personnel department. They never seem to do anything flashy, but always get the players that produce in their system.
Dave-Te Thomas:  Yes, the scouting department is a tight group, but they kill those guys on the contract table. Barry

<Grover71> I think Pitt is the best run organization
<Grover71> not many FA's there
Dave-Te Thomas:
  I say Indy is the best run grover

<Pazienza> After the Browns fired Savage - who would you have taken for GM?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Kokinis paz

<merrimi> I think that Mangini and Kokinis have done the same as NE and Pissburg...nothing flashy, but solid picks to build depth for the squad. Why do you think the national media are down on our draft?/
Dave-Te Thomas:  Too cute with the trades-they did all that for a center? merrimi

<gmutch> New England 2?
<Grover71> Pitt 2
Dave-Te Thomas:  New England is right behind Indy, followed by the Giants-can't forget them grover

<merrimi> Right, but we needed one right?? Couldn't have drafted him at #5 once Curry was gone...why not grab extra picks, just too bad they were 6's...
Dave-Te Thomas:  But, somehow, those 6s made the draft merrimi-but NE got a better deal than Cleve did at #19

<ramllov> Dave how surprised are you that the Giants and Cleveland could not come up with a BE trade on draft day?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Giants refused to give up Steve Smith-can't blame them there ram

<MikeFromRochester> dave, is jasper brinkley a poor man's maualuga?
Dave-Te Thomas:  jasper brinkley is a poor man, but not a mauluga mike

<gmutch> What prospect is a can't miss besides Curry?
Dave-Te Thomas:  Curry IS NOT a can't miss-email me & I will send you his report & look at the rushing yards he gave up gmutch

<peace2uuu> i don't discount center come on very important and will take this line from good to very good!! agree or not?
Dave-Te Thomas:  not mack, wood might have-I need a pr#ck at that position

<ramllov> The first five picks in the draft cost major money, I am glad the Browns traded back
Dave-Te Thomas:  so am I-nobody in this draft was worth top 10 money ram

Dave-Te Thomas:  HEY GUYS-I'M OUTTA HERE-GOT A FLIGHT TO BRISTOL IN THE AM. I can come back next week, but if you want reports, email me-PEACE OUT

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