Insider Scouting Report: Coye Francies

Coye Francies is a sixth-round draft pick who may very well have Day One talent. Does he? Reach your own conclusions after absorbing our stunningly detailed scouting report on a late-round corner who just may be a hidden gem.

Coye Francies
San Jose State University Spartans
Rancho Cordova, California
Oregon State University
American River Community College
Cordova High School


Francies' "road trip" through the collegiate ranks had a happy ending at his third stop – playing left cornerback for San Jose State University. He was a standout return specialist at American River College, where he earned Mid-Empire Conference Defensive MVP honors as a senior before spending the 2006 season at Oregon State. He was dismissed from OSU during the 2007 off-season, spending the rest of that year at San Jose State before suiting up for the Spartans in 2008.

Francies lettered in football and track at Rancho Cordova High School, but received little attention from major colleges upon graduation. He enrolled at American River College in 2004, where his brother, Diamond, ran for the school's track team. As a freshman, he scored twice on 16 kickoff returns, averaging 28.6 yards per attempt and placed second in the California Community College Football Conference with a 19.7-yard average on seven punt returns, earning All-State junior college honors.

Francies was again named All-State in 2005, adding All-Mid Empire Conference Defensive Most Player honors. He led the state's junior college ranks with eleven interceptions in ten games and ranked third with thirteen kickoff returns for 478 yards (36.8 avg) and a pair of touchdowns. He also scored once and ranked fourth in the state with 22 punt returns for 381 yards (17.4 avg). His total of five kicks returned for touchdowns established a school career-record.

Francies enrolled at Oregon State in December, 2005, competing in 2006 spring drills. He shared left cornerback duties with Keenan Lewis, starting five of fourteen games. He was in on 39 tackles (27 solos) that included two sacks and 4.5 stops for loss. He recovered one fumble and caused four others, which tied for best in the Pac-10 Conference. He also broke up five passes and intercepted another. He added 493 yards on 22 kickoff returns (22.4 avg).

Primed to take over the left cornerback full-time in 2007 after a banner spring drills, Francies was dismissed from OSU prior to the start of August camp after he was arrested on June 2nd and charged with possession of a loaded firearm in Multnomah County. The charges were later dismissed, but the staff felt that it was best that university and player parted ways. Head coach Mike Riley said, "The event surprised me, but it was one that we couldn't turn back. There was only one solution there."

Francies transferred to San Jose State, sitting out the 2007 under NCAA transfer rules. He took over left cornerback duties for the Spartans in 2008, teaming with Christopher Owens to form one of the best cornerback tandems in the West. He earned second-team All-Western Athletic Conference honors after positing 69 tackles (45 solos), which ranked second on the team. He added three interceptions and three pass break-ups, while also averaging 24.7 yards on six kickoff returns and 2.9 yards on ten punt returns.


2008 Best Games Cal-Davis, Stanford, Hawaii, New Mexico State, Boise State, Idaho, Nevada

2008 Worst Games San Diego State, Louisiana Tech, Fresno State

2006 Best Games Boise State, Washington, Southern California, Stanford

2006 Worst Games Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon



Body Structure

Francies has a long, lean frame, built more like that of a sprinter's, but has room to carry at least another ten pounds of bulk without losing any quickness. He has good arm length, but smaller than ideal hands. Even with his lean frame, he shows good upper body muscle tone and is tight-skinned with a solid core. He has an athletic lower frame with well proportioned bubble, but has just marginal thigh and calf thickness.

Athletic Ability

Francies has a tall, angular frame with surprisingly good strength for such a lean player. He has adequate timed speed, but plays faster than the stopwatch indicates. He is a long stride runner who can cover ground well and has quick hips that are a bit tight, which prevents him from being sudden changing direction, but he has good overall movement skills in space for a taller cornerback…GRADE-6.4

Football Sense

Francies is a smart player who is not going to be conned by a receiver's double move. He reads routes well and does a good job of eyeballing the quarterback and it is rare that he will bite on play action fakes. He needs minimal reps to retain and shows good awareness handling zone assignments. A former biology and pre-med major at Oregon State, he will not have problems dealing with the mental aspect of the game…GRADE-6.3


Francies is a well-traveled athlete who showed good maturity at San Jose State, but was dismissed from Oregon State after being arrested for possession of a loaded firearm… GRADE-5.3


Francies is a good competitor who is pretty physical attacking the receivers, but needs to work on his backpedal technique. He does not shy away from contact and offers good support coming up in the box vs. the run. He has good football savvy and thick skin, as he won't let a bad play linger after he is beaten…GRADE-6.2

Work Habits

Francies' strength indicates his good work ethic in the training room. He is a hard worker who is very coachable and does not come with that typical junior college attitude (went to juco because he was not recruited by big schools, not because of academic issues). He is not really vocal, but is a good leader by example, being voted team captain by the squad even before he ever played in a game at San Jose State…GRADE-6.3


Key and Diagnostic Skills

Francies shows good awareness and is a potential Cover-2 candidate due to his press coverage and zone coverage skills. He knows how to use his reach to reroute receivers at the line of scrimmage and despite adequate speed and some hip tightness, it is rare to see him burned out of position. He has a good feel for the high/low threats and reacts well to the quick screen and underneath work…GRADE-6.3

Man Coverage Ability

Francies is very physical jamming the receiver in man coverage. He is not really crisp in transition, but can turn and run with most Western Athletic Conference receivers. He stumbles at times coming out of his backpedal or shuffle, but is better off in press than man coverage. His quick reactionary skills help him keep a good trail position, though… GRADE-5.7

Zone Coverage Ability

This is where Francies excels. He is a rangy athlete who covers ground well and has a good feel for working in the short areas, a necessity for Cover-2 cornerbacks. He will take some risks going up for the ball, but will usually make the play (see 2008 Stanford, Hawaii and Fresno State games). He seems to have received very good coaching since joining the Spartans' program, as he played with much better discipline in 2008 than he did at Oregon State…GRADE-6.6

Backpedal Skills

Francies needs to refine his backpedal technique, as he shows raw footwork that causes problems when trying to change direction or suddenly close on the ball. Like most tall corners, he tends to get erect in his pedal and relies more on a shuffle technique with a bit of hesitation when bailing. He does not take many false steps, but needs to turn with better weight distribution…GRADE-5.6

Ball Reaction Skills

Francies likes running stride for stride with the receiver, showing good hand placement on the opponent's hip. He has good ability to intercept the pass working in the short area and also shows the natural hands to pull the ball in over his shoulder. He has a very good feel for the ball in flight, but needs to time his leaps better, as his three pass deflections in 2008 rank as some of the least by any Division I starting cornerback. His best attribute in this category is closing on plays in front of him…GRADE-6.8


Despite adequate speed, Francies does an acceptable job of recovering when the receiver gets behind him. His hand placement allows him to maintain relationship with the receiver on deep routes, combining it with his long stride. He shows the ability to cover a lot of ground in the open field, but might be better served playing in the zone, as he has better success on plays in front of him…GRADE-6.3

Jumping Ability

Francies shows good body adjustments elevating for the ball to break up the pass without getting penalized (likes to ride up the receiver). He is best when facing the ball, as he has to see it to have success. He just does not do as well with his back to the ball. His timing allows him to get into position to make the play…GRADE-6.0


Francies uses his hands well to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage. His fifteen pass thefts indicate he's had good success bringing the ball in. He is best when grabbing the short ball on the run. He does a good job of extending and catching outside his frame… GRADE-6.1

Run Defense

Francies does a nice job of getting "skinny" to slip past blocks in run support, but also shows a good willingness to square up and lower his shoulder to stop the forward momentum of the ball carrier. He has good strength to shed blocks on the perimeter and is not the type that will shy away from contact. He lacks the bulk to be a punishing hitter, but will wrap and secure with little leakage…GRADE-6.2

Tackling Ability

Francies is physical with receivers at the line. He fights through blocks with good aggression and will not hesitate to step up and fill. He does a good job of breaking down in space and is quite effective at making the open field tackle. He has good power on initial contact to make the high hit and take the opponent down, but is also effective getting low in his pads to drive back the ball carrier…GRADE-6.2

Compares To

DOMONIQUE FOXWORTH-Baltimore…Like Foxworth, Francies will surprise a receiver with his impressive strength, despite his lean frame. He uses his arm length and upper body power to excel in press coverage, but needs to add bulk to his frame to compete with the bigger, more physical receivers at the next level. HE has valid ball instincts and will at least bring instant value in the sub package, as he excels at getting to the ball while playing in the open field.



In two seasons of Division I football, Francies recorded 108 tackles (72 solos) with two sacks for minus 15 yards, eight stops for losses of 30 yards, four forced fumbles and a fumble recovery…Also deflected eight passes and intercepted four others for 34 yards in returns (8.5 avg), as he added 641 yards on 28 kickoff returns (22.89 avg) and ten punt returns for 29 yards (2.9 avg)…During his junior college career, he recorded 57 tackles (35 solos) with an 8-yard sack, two stops for minus 12 yards and a fumble recovery…Had ten pass deflections with thirteen interceptions for 102 yards in returns, adding 29 kickoff returns for 935 yards (32.24 avg) and a Mid-Empire Conference and American River College career-record four touchdowns…Added another score on 29 punt returns for 519 yards (17.9 avg)…His five total kick returns for touchdowns set another American River College all-time mark…His eleven interceptions in 2005 set an American River College season-record and led the state of California junior ranks while tying for the national title…Those eleven pass thefts are topped only by Vonkeith Spencer of Middle Georgia College (14 in 1996), Levance Richmond of Pearl River Community College, (12 in 2004), Javorris Jackson of Vermilion Community College (12 in 2006) and Landrian Gordon of Central Lakes College (14 in 2007) on the National Junior College Athletic Association season-record list…For his entire college career, Francies delivered 165 tackles (107 solos) with three sacks for minus 23 yards, ten stops for losses of 42 yards, a pair of fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles…Also had seventeen interceptions for 136 yards in returns (8.0 avg) and eighteen pass deflections, adding 1,576 yards with four touchdowns on 57 kickoff returns (27.65 avg) and 548 yards with a score on 39 punt returns (14.05 avg).


All-Western Athletic Conference second-team selection…Voted team captain, going on to start all twelve games at left cornerback in his only season with the Spartans…Finished second on the team with 69 tacklers (45 solos), including 3.5 stops for losses of 5 yards… Deflected three passes and intercepted three others for 17 yards in returns…Returned ten punts for 29 yards (2.9 avg) and gained 148 yards on six kickoff returns (24.7 avg)…Also saw action as a slot receiver late in the season, carrying the ball twice for minus 5 yards…

Played a major role in helping the team improve from ranking 75th in the country in total defense in 2007 (408.0 ypg) to 21st (also second in the WAC) with an average of 311.67 yards per game…The secondary's improvement was even more noticeable, going from 78th in the NCAA with an average of 242.08 yards per game allowed passing in 2007 to finishing tenth in the country and second in the league by giving up just 170.25 aerial yards per game.


Cal Davis…Opened the season with 92 yards on three kickoff returns, including a 37-yarder on the first kick for the season…Added eight tackles (6 solos) and broke up a third-down pass by QB Daniel Alfaro.

Nebraska…Delivered six tackles (4 solos) and stopped a potential touchdown when he knocked a second-&-goal pass out of the hands of receiver Nate Swift at the SJSU 5 midway through the first quarter.

Stanford…Made three tackles and also intercepted a Tavita Pritchard third-&-10 pass near mid field that set up a scoring drive that was capped by a 4-yard touchdown run by the Spartans' Branden Rutley.

Hawaii…Rushed once for no gain on a fake punt and posted four tackles with a stop behind the line of scrimmage…Returned an intercepted third-&-2 pass by QB Inoke Funaki 17 yards, setting up a fourth quarter 50-yard field goal.

Boise State…Registered eight tackles (5 solos), as he stopped tailback Jeremy Avery behind the line of scrimmage on a rushing attempt early in the fourth quarter.

Idaho…Followed with another eight tackles (7 solos) that included a trio of third-down stops.

Louisiana Tech…Recorded four tackles, including one that stopped Ross Jenkins on a run for a 1-yard loss on third-&-3, bringing out the Tech punt unit five minutes into the second half.

Nevada…Broke up a pass while coming up with a season-high ten tackles (7 solos)…Also had a 26-yard kickoff return, but was tackled for a 5-yard loss on a rushing attempt.


Transferred to San Jose State, sitting out the season under NCAA transfer rules…Was of two recipients for the Scout Team Award.


Enrolled at Oregon State in December, 2005 and competed in 2006 spring drills…Saw action in all fourteen games, starting five contests while sharing left cornerback duties with Keenan Lewis…Ranked seventh on the team with 39 tackles (27 solos), including two sacks for minus 15 yards and 4.5 stops for losses of 25 yards…Recovered one fumble and tied for the Pac-10 Conference title with four forced fumbles…Deflected five passes and intercepted another for a 17-yard return…Ranked sixth in the Pac-10 with 22 kickoff returns for 493 yards (22.4 avg).


Posted five tackles and gained 64 yards on two kickoff returns, as he also caused a fumble vs. Boise State…Caused another fumble vs. Idaho and was in on three stops, including one for a loss vs. California…Gained 73 yards on three kickoff returns, as he was in on five tackles to go with a pass break-up vs. Washington…Collected six tackles, returned two kickoffs for 60 yards and caused a fumble in the fourth quarter that set up the deciding scoring drive in a 33-31 upset win over Southern California…Returned his first interception as a Beaver 17 yards, as he also posted a 6-yard sack, causing a fumble on the play vs. Stanford…Sacked QB Colt Brennan for a 9-yard loss vs. Hawaii and broke up two passes vs. Missouri.


Lettered twice at American River (Sacramento, Cal.) Community College (2004-05)…Was a two-time All-State and All-Mid Empire Conference first-team selection…Earned league Defensive Most Valuable Player honors as a sophomore…Holds the school career-records with five total kicks returned for touchdowns, including four kickoffs…Also established the season-record with eleven interceptions (for 80 yards) in 2005.

2005 Season…Francies switched to jersey #42, recording 25 tackles (20 solos) with a fumble recovery…Deflected five passes and set the school season-record with eleven interceptions…Finished third in the state with 478 yards and two touchdowns on 13 kick-off returns (36.8 avg) and ranked fourth in the state with 22 punt returns for 381 yards (17.4 avg) and one score.

2004 Season…Francies wore jersey #12 in his first collegiate season, collecting 32 tackles (15 solos) with a sack and two stops behind the line of scrimmage…Intercepted a pair of passes and deflected five others…Ranked second in the state with a 19.7-yard average on seven punt returns for 138 yards and placed 13th in the state with 16 kickoff returns for 457 yards (28.6 avg), including two touchdowns.


2007-Francies was dismissed by head coach Mike Riley from Oregon State in August, 2007, for violating team rules. He was originally suspended indefinitely for being arrested June 2nd in Multnomah County and charged with possession of a loaded firearm in Multnomah County Circuit Court on June 11th. However, all charges were dismissed on July 2nd. "I thought of Coye as a starter, as a third starting corner, he was capable of a lot of things." Riley said. "The event surprised me, but it was one that we couldn't turn back. There was only one solution there."


No major injuries reported.


4.63 in the 40-yard dash…1.53 10-yard dash…2.60 20-yard dash…4.24 20-yard shuttle…

6.81 three-cone drill…36-inch vertical jump…10'3" broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 24 times…31 ½-inch arm length…8 7/8-inch hands.


Attended Cordova (Rancho Cordova, Cal.) High School, playing football for head coach Max Miller as a receiver and defensive back…Also lettered in and track and field.


Behavioral Science & Sociology major…Brother, Diamond, ran track at American River Community College…Son of Paris and Beverly Richardson…Born 11/15/86 in Bakersfield, California…Resides in Rancho Cordova, California.

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