Cribbs Makes a Showing

Eric Mangini surprised reporters this morning with the news that Josh Cribbs attending today's team meeting. Fred Greetham has more from Berea...

BEREA - Eric Mangini said prior to the final practice of the three day ‘voluntary' minicamp that WR/KR/DB Josh Cribbs was indeed, in Berea on Thursday for a full team meeting.

Mangini was asked if he has had any contact with Cribbs this week.

"I've talked with Josh," he said. "I talked with him this morning (Thursday) and spent some time with him this morning. I look forward to him being out there."

Mangini met with the media prior to practice and was asked if Cribbs would be a participant at practice.

"He was here this morning in the (full) squad meeting," he said. "But, I'm not sure if he'll be taking part."

Mangini confirmed that Cribbs hadn't been a participant in the previous two days events.

"This was the first time he was here," he said. "This is a voluntary camp, but there is ton of information going out."

Cribbs issued a statement that was posted on the OBR website about his position on getting a new contract.

Mangini declined to talk about any talks regarding a new contract with Cribbs.

"We don't talk about contract situations in general," Mangini said.

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