Camp Notes: Patten Provides Maturity

Mangini talks veteran leadership at receiver, quarterbacks growing and Tucker's versatility.

Berea—Eric Mangini was asked if David Patten was brought in as a free agent to be a leader in the receiving corps. The 13-year veteran will turn 35 on August 19.

"When we had him in New England he had tremendous amount of maturity," Mangini said. "He's a good person, who helps all the players."

Mangini said Patten could be the team's No. 2 wide receiver with the Browns.

"He'll get every opportunity to show what he can do," he said.

Patten got his start because of his blazing speed. He was with the Browns under Bill Belichick and has carved out a nice NFL career after starting his career as a street free agent.

Mangini said even though Patten's speed might not be what it once was, he can still get open.

"As you mature, you take advantage of some things even if you're not as spry as you once were."

No Hard Knocks: Mangini was asked if he would ever consider being the subject of HBO's Hard Knocks television series. This year's team is the Bengals.

"No, no no," Mangini said without hesitation. "For me personally, I would rather have less cameras in meeting rooms."

No Differences: Mangini said there really wasn't much difference between OTA's and voluntary minicamps.

"It's just the structure," he said. "Whether it's OTA or voluntary minicamp, it's really not that different. It's not structured any different as a whole."

Quarterbacks Growing: Mangini said QB Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson were improving after having less-than-stellar practices that were open to the media last week.

"They both have been making some good progress," he said. "It's a group thing and as the routes are being run crisper, they are getting better.  We are throwing a lot at them and now they are seeing things again.

"They've been good," he said. "The nice thing about quarterbacks, they are very proactive in getting the next install."

Versatile Tuck: Mangini said he likes that OL Ryan Tucker can play either guard or tackle.

"He's done some nice things," he said. "What's good for him, he can play at guard and tackle and we want to find the five best linemen. That versatility is important."

Ryan's Influence: Mangini said that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will definitely have an influence in the Browns' defense this year.

"It's not my defense," Mangini said. "It's not New England's defense. It evolves. You take the things that Rob learned in Oakland. What we're trying to do is let it evolve into the Browns defense. The playbook is a starting point, but you let it evolve."

Successful Camp: Mangini said last weekend's camp in Hartford was ‘the best camp ever'. Over 760 campers were in Hartford for his charity camp, including all of the Browns rookies.

Mangini told the story of one camper, who's mother was in jail on a drug charge and who's father had died less than two weeks prior was there and "to see him with a smile on his face and having fun was worth it all."

Players Missing: Phil Dawson, Braylon Edwards, Eric Steinbach and Jamal Lewis were absent from Tuesday's OTA practice. Eric Mangini didn't mention any of the three in his press conference prior to the practice.

Dawson missed the ‘voluntary' minicamp, while Lewis was present but rehabbing his ankle. It was not known if Lewis was inside during practice. There was no report on Steinbach's absence.

OTA's are not mandatory by NFL rules.

Quinn Struggles: The offensive line for team drills had Joe Thomas at left tackle, Floyd Womack at left guard, Alex Mack at center, Ryan Tucker at right guard and John St. Clair at right tackle…QB Brady Quinn was intercepted by DB Eric Wright in team drills. Quinn also had two passes batted down.

Quotable: "Competition helps the players at every position--not just at cornerback." – CB Brandon McDonald

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