WhatIfSports.com Unveils AFCN Predictions

Using mathematics previously unavailable to mankind, WhatIfSports can see the future. And the future is, well, perhaps not exactly what we would want it to be. Here's their look at the AFC North in 2009...

The supercomputers at WhatIfSports.com have churned out NFL division previews and predictions.

The AFC East debuted on Tuesday and today's edition featured the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the AFC North. Final standings and playoff predictions will be released on Friday, June 19, and fantasy rankings on Monday, June 22.

The team-by-team predictions include game-by-game predictions, general overviews, significant newcomers, biggest strengths, most exploitable weaknesses, and fantasy sleepers and notables.

WhatIf has been on a roll, having successfully predicted North Carolina to dominate in college basketball, Pittsburgh to win the Super Bowl by four points and Philadelphia to win last year's World Series. Last year, WhatIf predicted Boston to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in six games for the NBA championship, and is on its way to getting this year's champion correct, too.

Since 2004, it has missed on only one World Series winner, one Super Bowl winner and one NCAA basketball champion.

Last year, WhatIf went 14-3 against the spread in its NFL locks of the week.

To see the AFC North preview, click here.

WARNING: TheOBR.com is not responsible for any new words small children may learn when Browns fans read their prediction for the 2009 season.

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