Browns Start to Measure Up Draftees

The Senior Bowl may not rival the Super or Fiesta in the minds of casual fans, but for possible draftees and NFL teams, it's one of the big ones. There are a couple of surprises in the first list of college seniors who are attracting the attention of the Browns scouts in Mobile...

Here are the players the Browns have been interested in, according to our friends at TFY Draft Preview. By "interest", it typically means that a team has a scout tracking that particular player. We've linked profiles from TFY and the various college sites for these players. If you want to learn more about a player, try using the "Search for Stories on (Player)" link in the bottom left of each profile on TheInsiders college sites. Even if there isn't much in that profile, you can usually learn a lot about a player by reading the stories you find via this link.

TFY is helping us track the Browns interests while at the Senior Bowl and will be providing us with insight as the week goes on. There are additional offensive linemen the team is tracking beyond those listed below. More as the week goes on...

In alphabetical order, these are the players attracting the Browns interest during today's workouts:

Jeremy Bridges, Offensive Tackle, Southern Miss
TFY Profile
Projects to a guard at the pro level and it probably a developmental project.

Michael Haynes, Defensive End, Penn State
TFY Profile Profile
Another quick defensive end, who is rising fast up the draft charts. TFY tells us that the Browns have set up an interview with Haynes.

Victor Hobson, Linebacker, Michigan
TFY Profile Profile
Smallish linebacker who might slide down the draft boards. The 2002 draft tells us that Butch Davis doesn't have a problem drafting exactly this type of player.

Bennie Joppru, Tight End, Michigan Profile
6'-5" tight end who caught 47 passes in 2002 for the Wolverines and was team co-captain.

Calvin Pace, Defensive End, Wake Forest
TFY Profile Profile
All-American defensive end, plays with a lot of heart and holds the Deacon record for tackles for negative yardage. A game-dominating DE at within the ACC.

Dave Ragone, Quarterback, Louisville
TFY Profile Profile
The St. Ignatius product has attracted the interest of the team, according to TFYDraft. Ragone doesn't have the strongest arm, but is a bright quarterback who seems to have good command of what is happening on the field.

LJ Smith, Tight End, Rutgers Profile
One of the bright spots on a very bad Rutgers team in 2002. The Scarlet Knights couldn't rush the football, and used Smith often.

Eric Steinbach, OG, Iowa
TFY Profile Profile
A big, All-American offensive guard, who is getting a lot of interest in Mobile this week. The Browns are among the teams interested.

Marcus Trufant, CB, Washington State
TFY Profile Article
A tremendous shut-down corner for Washington State, who didn't get a lot of attention because opponents gave up on throwing to his side. A likely first-round pick in the NFL draft.

Andrew Williams, Defensive End, Miami, Fla
TFY Profile Profile
Big explosive defensive end who might fit the bill as a pass rush specialist in the NFL.


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