WWBT: Crisis at Quarterback?

In the latest "What We've Been Told", Lane Adkins looks at the team's situation on offense, offering perspective from inside the organization. Will the Cleveland Browns real quarterback please stand up? Or has he done so already?

A season ago, the quarterbacks wearing Cleveland Browns uniforms struggled, as did an offense which was offensive to the naked-eye.

At the conclusion of the OTA and mini-camp sessions, the state of the Browns roster at the QB position is where it began -- in limbo. With a mere six weeks until the beginning of training camp, the team's quarterbacks have shown a disappointing inability to rise to the occasion.

Performance at the QB position has been underwhelming throughout the OTA and mini-camp sessions.

There is no clear-cut leader at this juncture. During one practice session Brady Quinn has a leg-up in the battle, and the next session Derek Anderson displays better characteristics to lead the team. Rightfully, there appears to be little desire on the part of the coaching staff to jump at the opportunity to name a starter.

It is believed Quinn has more thorough mental grasp of the offense. On the field it has been arguably a different story, as Derek Anderson has been more poised and attentive to the offensive scheme. The new Cleveland offense is similar in ways to the Browns offense of the past couple years… an offense in which Anderson would alternately thrive and struggle.

The Browns offense is also somewhat similar to that of the collegiate offense Quinn worked in.

Despite the familiarity in aspects of the scheme for both Quinn and Anderson, the results in practice sessions have only shown that the players have plenty of work to do in the coming weeks.

The hope heading into the spring and summer sessions was that one player would display the ability to grab the starting role by the throat and run with it. This has not been the case.

Nearly every practice session consists of poorly thrown passes by each QB, neither player escapes the effects of poor judgment and questionable grasp of what they're asked to do.

At this point, the Cleveland offense which appears headed in a direction where it will be relatively conservative and played close to the vest. If this does transpire, Quinn could ultimately get the nod as this base offensive scheme appears to be fit for his mental makeup.

While many indicators point toward a conservative Browns offense, the big-play potential and arm strength Anderson provides under center has created enough of a stir to enable this competition to continue.

The expectation is that, at some point during training camp, the staff will know which player is best served to lead this team. Due to the closeness of competition leading up to the training camp sessions, the position remains one which the unexpected could occur -- today it's Quinn, tomorrow it could be Anderson.

And as it should be, the position and competition will be decided based upon actual productivity against live competition. Come training camp, expect the defense to come after the Browns offense -- and the QB's immediate future will be determined by which player handles the challenge.

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