Transcript: Chat with Pat McManamon

Join Akron Beacon-Journal columnist Pat McManamon and OBR publisher Barry McBride as they talk about the impact of the Eric Mangini era on the team, the media and the fans. This is a free chat for all fans.

Ever since the Eric Mangini era began earlier this year, how the new regime impacts the media and fans attachment to the team has been a topic of discussion. Among the most outspoken in his concern for the team's approach to both the fans and the media has been Akron Beacon-Journal sports columnist Pat McManamon.

While Pat now serves as a general sports columnist (witness this morning's excellent story about LeBron James and the salary cap), Pat served as the Beacon-Journal's Browns beat writer during most of the expansion era, and saw things from the inside as a Browns employee at one point. He has a unique perspective on how the team interacts with the media and fans.

Pat also maintains a frequently updated blog that is one of our favorites here. Click here to check it out.

The chat will be hosted by OBR Publisher Barry McBride, who also brings a unique perspective as a Browns fan whose career took an odd left turn into the sports media in the last decade.

Please join us at 9PM Wednesday night for this unique discussion. The chat is open to all fans who wish to attend.

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