Adkins: Tales from the In-Box

Lane speaks his mind on subjects from the quarterback battle to Braylon Edwards' partying with Donte Stallworth the night before the tragic accident in Miami. Talk to Lane and the OBR's other insiders via the Ask the Insiders forum!

Q: If the season were to start today, which QB would be the likely starter and why as there being a market for the loser of the competition?

LA: I believe Brady Quinn would be the starter of the season were to begin today and I am glad that there's a little time before the season begins. Not that I don't believe Quinn has the qualities to be a starting QB at this level, but there are too many unknowns at the present time as this team is constructed -- starting at the QB and WR positions on the offensive side of the ball.

I see Quinn as being more of a 'fit' in this scheme when compared to Derek Anderson. Both QB's have had accuracy issues, but Quinn appears to be a bit more in-tune with the offense, while Anderson struggles with the short game and entices with his ability to get the ball down-field.

The best market for either QB would be in the event a team loses a significant QB in training camp -- which has happened before. If this is the case, I see Anderson's value increase immediately.

Q: We keep hearing that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has a great pedigree and his defenses always stop the run. Despite the hype, his defenses have not been overly impressive, what should we realistically expect this season with all the changes taking place

LA: I would agree that - on paper - Ryan's defenses have not been all that, but there is also some reasoning behind the issues. Coaching for Al Davis is a nightmare and Ryan was not permitted to run the outlandish scheme he has drawn in his mind.

While a member of the New England Patriots staff with Browns head coach Eric Mangini, Ryan gained some valuable insight, to with what he learned from his father and former coach Buddy Ryan. The younger Ryan was permitted to utilize his creativity on occasion and proved to be successful within that defensive scheme. I may be wrong, but I am expecting to see Ryan attempt to create havoc, much like his brother (Rex) did as the defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens.

The apple does not fall far from the tree… the Ryan family advocates hard-nosed defense, and the Browns will attempt to play that game -- but the talent level may prevent high rewards initially.

Q: It has been reported that Braylon Edwards was out partying with Donte Stallworth on the night prior to the fatal early morning accident. Are there going to be ramifications for Edwards?

LA: Braylon Edwards is not and has not been involved with any league matter dealing with conduct outside of policy, including drug and alcohol related issues, etc. Edwards, like any other member of society, has the right to conduct himself as he pleases within legal limits, which includes the use of alcohol.

Edwards was not involved in the matter in any way other than having a drink the night before Stallworth's involvement in this tragic accident.

Q: Outside of Braylon Edwards, the Browns wide receivers are extremely questionable. Does the lack of depth in this area concern you and does it appear to you (as it does me) that the team could be putting itself in the same type of situation they suffered with a season ago at the wide receiver positio

LA: I also have some concerns about the overall state of the receivers -- with inexperience being the major issue. On paper behind Edwards we are looking at David Patten, who is long of tooth,and Mike Furrey, who tasted success at this level but was a non-factor for the Lions a season ago. In selecting two WR's in the second round of the 2009 draft, the Browns created an expectation that those type of selections will step on the field and contribute.

Brian Robiskie has talent which should translate immediately at the next level. Mohamed Massaquoi is very talented, but needs fine-tuning. Behind these two rookies is a stable of inexperienced players, some with differing skill-sets, but unproven at the professional level.

The youth must step to the plate or the Browns will have issues offensively.

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