Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here is last night's chat with Dave in the Browns Uncensored chat room. The off-season speculation is already in high-gear as the chat room talks about the draft and which players are likely to be back in 2003...

Dabrowns31 with the way things are going at the senior bowl... will trufant still be there at 21?
artbtz I think not, because the Chiefs are ahead of us, but it's very dependent on who does what in free agency.
DawgHowl we dont have any cap room so it doesnt look like we will be very active in free agency
Mac Just how bad off are we on the cap?
Dabrowns31 ive heard figures on all side of the spectrum
Greg Just a general comment... I was there a few years ago and saw the same thing.. I don't think guys move up a whole round or down a whole round based on a single practice regardless of how dominant they are
artbtz Very, very difficult to say on the cap.
artbtz You need to know contract details we aren't privy to, unless Dave can get someone to smuggle out Browns internal documents.
artbtz With Brown, Rudd,and Wohlie being overpriced, I think that cap room will be made.
DavidCarducci Sorry dabesst, go ahead. I was just on the phone. What is it?
Greg exactly, AB... that's where the details are.. the ""likely to be earned"" bonuses, etc....
Mac Butch said something to the effect of not to expect nearly as much in free agency this year as in the past. Sounds like we gotta go to the dance with what we got plus draft choices this year. Ya think?
dabesst Is CB's salary in 2003 $6.5 million and did he void his seventh year??
dabesst And do you know what was the trigger and when it happened...
Grinch Is Troy Polamalu from USC at the Senior Bowl and, if so, how does he look or possibly fit into Browns needs ?
artbtz Polamalu is not at the Senior Bowl
Mac Is Polamalu still hurt?
artbtz Let me see if I can find out, Mac...
artbtz We've got a couple quetions on the floor for Dave.... hold up on more until he can answer some of them...
DavidCarducci I hadn't heard anything about his voiding his seventh year, but I've been out of the loop for a week. Let me check what I have on his contract. one second
Dabrowns31 I have seen we have interest in Haynes from PSU.... were do you feel he will fall in draft.. to our 2nd rd pick, cause i feel we shouldn't use our #1 on another DE
dabesst i asked Pat Mac from the ABJ after his Sunday article quoted $6.5 mill and he said...
dabesst yes it voided and it was playtime incentives in year one and two....
Greg But didn't that post you put in PF have an AND, referring to playing time AND defensive unit rank?
dabesst Greg, apparently there are other clauses...not published
DavidCarducci dabesst. I'm not sure of his cap number. His actual salary is just over $1,8 million, and if he has voided his seventh year, that info hasn't been updated by the NFLPA
Greg ok.. got it..
Mac What can the new d-line coach do to bring out the best in Brown and Warren?
DawgHowl any word on possible free agents the browns are interested in?
artbtz NFLPA updated the 2003 contracts on Tuesday, so it would be there if it had been.
dabesst based on playtime in year one and year two...he voided the seventh year and salarys are $6.5 in 2003 and up from there.
dabesst Thanks Art..that should solve the mystery
dabesst maybe the sight isn't updated yet..
artbtz No, the NFLPA site is updated... they had the weekend signings in there. I noticed that it was out of sync with what I had read in the press as well, David.
artbtz Let me try to do some more homework on that Debesst.... we're working on a salary & contract page.
dabesst very weird...Pat Mac stands behind the $6.5 million...
Greg AB, you should go for world peace... it would be easier... :)
DavidCarducci Pat's good about those types of things.
artbtz LOL... I know, Greg.
DavidCarducci ONce I get into the swing of things again, I'll check with Courtney's agent
artbtz I agree that Pat's sources are pretty good. The whole CB thing had me scratching my head, this will move it up the to-do list.
dabesst here the link to the info I gathered...
Grinch From what little I have read the Browns do not seem focused on offensive skill players -- except for the intriguing interest in Ragone (possibly a nod to a local boy) -- Does this observation fit with what you guys are seeing from Mobile and is this a good thing ?
artbtz Grinch, my 2 cents is that it's indicative of the Browns maturation as a team. They're no longer in ""best athlete"" mode, they're looking to fill specific needs. I'm impressed that the team is focused on results, not contracts.
artbtz Hence the interest in DEs like Pace. They aren't backing off the need for pass rush and pretending that everything will be OK with Brown & Warren.
artbtz Thanks... I'll check it out.
DavidCarducci I'll give Pat a call on it as well.
dabesst No...Thank YOU...hehe
Mac Have we seen the last of Rudd, Wohlabough, and Fuller?
DavidCarducci My guess is yes on Rudd and possibly Wohlabaugh. Rudd is a linebacker whose skills would seem to fit a Campo style defense in that he's a speed guy who can go sideline to sideline. But he has been such a huge disappointment, I don't see him staying.
DavidCarducci He was a Fazio guy
dabesst Bottom line on CB is that we save about $2.2 million off the current 2003 cap by trading him...
dabesst That is key to what
Dabrowns31 i would like to see fuller stay.. if we draft a top CB i think fuller would be a great mentor
dabesst But I still predict we restructure and save even more and keep him.
DavidCarducci Fuller has always been willing to restructure and work with the team. I don't see him backing out on that stand. Knowing Corey, I think he'd want to see this through with the Browns, and be with them when they win a few in the playoffs. He has said he wants to end his career here. I think he'll do what he has to do to stay
Dabrowns31 and hayes
Mac Hambrick was very productive with Campo in Dallas if I recall correctly. I guess he stays, huh?
artbtz Hambrick is an unrestricted free agent, BTW. He might be able to get more cash elsewhere.
DawgHowl I have heard a rumors that all 3 of the starting LineBackers could be gone, is there any truth to this
artbtz Do you have Miller in that ""starting 3"", or Hambrick, DH?
DawgHowl Miller
DavidCarducci Hambrick did play well with the Cowboys, but he is still bitter about the way he was treated by the team when they didn't give him a new contract. I'm not sure how much of that bitterness is towards campo
DawgHowl Hambrick was also mentioned as not returning as well though
Dabrowns31 what about Gerald Hayes from Pitt.. big run stuffing MLB.. was all over the place in the Pitt v. Miami game... any possiblity we could look at him or do you see us not going LB because of the 3 last year
Mac In Campo's press conference he said he liked the d-line and the cover corners the Browns have. Yet against Pitts Butch went to the prevent because he didn't like the coverage of our secondary. What's the story?
artbtz It's the first I've heard that rumor, DH, and I would be pretty skeptical.
DavidCarducci I don't think they'll go linebacker, at least not early. I think they like Andra Davis and Kevin Bentley. Jury is still out obviously on Taylor. And Holmes is a fine stopgap. Having Miller returning is like having an extra draft pick (that's the way one coach put it recently). I think more likely you'll see OL, CB and DL early
artbtz Miller would be gone, I think, only if he continued to demand a new contract. Coming off a year where he didn't play a game, I don't think he has the bargaining position he had before. (NOTE: Stories the next day revealed a new Miller contract which makes his return unlikely)
DawgHowl art: I dont believe it either, I see Miller and Holmes back. Hambrick and rudd gone
DavidCarducci that's exactly right AB
Dabrowns31 sounds good to me
dabesst hey T...already asked all the questions...they gonna work on it..
DawgHowl OL,CB,DL? sounds great to me, what about a safety?
DavidCarducci I don't know that Hambrick is gone, necessarily. He played fairly well, and he is capable of playing the weakside if Rudd is cast off. He played that position in Carolina and could be a decent stopgap until Bentley is ready
DawgHowl I feel that bentley is ready to step in and take the wlb spot
DavidCarducci They could look for a safety, but I think Davis is confident Griffith will play better next year, and I think he's also a little more sold on Little. I think who to take between a CB and a S to groom behind Griffith will depend on if someone blows them away in the next couple of months
DavidCarducci Bentley could be ready with a good offseason and training camp. He is not ready right now, though.
DavidCarducci Simply because of the injuries. That hurt his development.
DavidCarducci He admits he still has a lot to learn
DawgHowl any chance that the browns could move Henry to FS?
DavidCarducci No. Henry would be a horrible safety
OklahomaDawg So, what's with the whole FB/TE/HBack thing? Was the team really sure that JJJohnson was/is the answer?
DavidCarducci I think they hoped JJ Johnson would be the answer, but deep down they had to know that was just hope considering he'd never done it and his injury history.
Dabrowns31 i saw there was a lot of good FB entering FA this season.. could we finally pick up a solid FB
DavidCarducci My guess is that they will look for a true blocking FB this offseason.
SirPaul Why do you think that Henry would be horrible safety?
artbtz Konrad and Neal...
artbtz Tragically, DeAngelo Lloyd is no longer available.
DawgHowl hmmm...I have heard several people state that fs would be the perfect spot for him, because he could just roam the field and make plays
Dabrowns31 eh the FB from Philly... cecil martin i think
DavidCarducci In part because Henry is one of the worst tacklers on the team and possibly in the entire NFL, and with the Browns, both safeties have similar duties, meaning they have to be able to tackle in the open field. The other reason, you don't squander a big corner with size, speed and cover skills by moving him to safety. The better move would be Fuller to safety, even though he did not do a good job there back in 2000. I actually talked to Fuller about that about a month ago, and he was ify on it.
DavidCarducci Sanders would make more sense as a safety than Henry
Greg David- I thought Green preferred running out of the single back set... If that's true, would they still look for a true FB this offseason?
Dabrowns31 i do agree with that statement GREG
artbtz Martin's available... Marc Edwards... it's a good year to find a FB in free agency.
SirPaul I thought it would be the bad Daylon wasn't bigger.
artbtz Arians sure sounded like a FB was the key to his offense last Summer, unless, of course, that was pre-emptive spinning.
Greg or preemptive not knowing for sure what he was going to do... :)
artbtz LOL... If they don't go after a FB, it's a sign that Arians tailors his scheme to the personnel, rather than the other way around, I guess.
Mac We need another big, bruising running back to spell Green. James Jackson should move on.
OklahomaDawg What's James Jackson been doing these days?
OklahomaDawg lol...jinx
artbtz I think Playstation, mostly, Okla. He might have an X-Box by now.
Dabrowns31 lol
OklahomaDawg XboX is lame, PS2 all the way
Dabrowns31 xbox isn't all that bad
DavidCarducci I think the FB idea was just something new they were excited about trying. When they never even had a chance to see it past the first few days of camp, Arians was just disappointed he didn't have more time to work it into the gameplan and see it in action
Greg AB- I thought that was odd when he said it too.. Indy didn't use a FB... the Redskins didn't either and I'm pretty certain this offense has its roots in the Redskin offense under Gibbs..
DawgHowl is gerard warren doing anything to get his butt in shape?
T-Dog There is a rumor that Courtney Brown's elbow injury was very serious, and that he could not lift much more than 60 lbs. during the season because of his elbow injury. Any comments on that? Is that why CB was never available in the dressing room, cause you guys might suspect the full extent of his problem? Mulder wants to know.
Greg Tom Moore always said in Indy that he'd run whatever sets put his 11 best on the field rather than trying to plug square pegs into round holes... that kinda sounds like what you just said about Arians... I think the FB came from Butch's head.. he should stick to defense and head coaching... :)
Dabrowns31 maybe not so much to defense after the pitt game
southdawg so who do you guys think will lead the browns next year Couch or Holcomb?
Dabrowns31 but i still like butch
artbtz I don't think that CB was available to the media much, regardless.
Dabrowns31 i think couch will get in gear and have a great season
T-Dog Neither were the little green men at Area 51.....
SirPaul What about Orlando Pace, will we see the Browns going after him at all?
Dabrowns31 lol
dabesst lol
OklahomaDawg At least the little green men can shed a blocker on occasion.
artbtz Hee hee
DavidCarducci T-Dog. I've heard so many different things on Courtney, it's hard to know what is true and what is false. The reason he was never available in the dressing room probably had nothing to do with the severity of an injury. He rarely was around for us to talk to, even when he was healthy during the last three years. I actually talked to him more in the last month of this season than I did in the first couple months. Of course, he told me he was doing much better, which was not true.
T-Dog Was he smoking a cigarette and REALLY enjoying it? Did his locker vanish shortly after you talked?
DavidCarducci SirPaul, it depends on what the Rams do. I know that he would love to play in this area of the country again. He is very tied to Sandusky, and from what I've heard, he would love to end up in Detroit or Cleveland so he can be close to his family.
T-Dog :-)
artbtz The Rams are very likely to tag him according to the folks down there.
Greg David- is Bryant McKinnie wishful thinking on the Browns part or do they have real, honest conversations with the Vikings on occasion about it?
SirPaul there are many rumors about whether they can franchise him. would we still have to give up 2 first rounders if we signed him after that?
DavidCarducci I've heard that as well, but I've also heard that some creative things could be done to get him out of St. Louis.
DawgHowl the rams will tag him why in the world would they just let a franchise left tackle go
DavidCarducci I think McKinnie is very much wishful thinking. I'm sure the Browns will explore it, but my guess is that the chances of him coming to Cleveland are slim
Grinch Is there anywhere to find a list of which teams have already used their franchise tags to help prognosticate who might actually come available ? Otherwise it seems to be a guess based on which team failed to properly space out when various player contracts would expire ?
Dabrowns31 i dont like franchise tags
OklahomaDawg I love that phrase...tag him... makes me think they'll stick a little metal clip on his earlobe that says ""franchise""
artbtz Pace has also been talking to the media in St. Louis about how he thinks a contract will get done. He doesn't appear to be scheming ways to get back to Ohio, as much as we would love to have him come home.
Greg neither do the players, Dabrowns... :)
T-Dog Is Gardocki making too much money - $1.2 Million in 2003 - for his performance last year, and will he get some serious competition next year?
Dabrowns31 i say we bring in Groom as a undrafted punter to give gardocki a run for his money
DavidCarducci DawgHowl, the biggest reason might be that he could cause some problems. I've heard he is still very upset with being being lowballed by the Rams as a rookie. He's not happy there
DavidCarducci At least he wasn't happy a month ago
DawgHowl ah I see...hmm interesting
SirPaul I wouldn't be surprised to see Groom drafted...some teams have some really bad punters
Grinch David -- are these more of your hints from the Insiders page ??
Greg David- has Anthony Simmons (FA LB from Seattle) been discussed in Cleveland at all?
Dabrowns31 yea wishful thinking again.. im sure he will get drafted
Grinch Also David - How is Pace's health after this year ?
SirPaul I've heard the same thing about Pace not very w/ management.
OklahomaDawg Chris may be a little to concerned with keeping his unblocked streak alive
SirPaul not very happy
dabesst Yea, my concern on Pace is injuries...
DavidCarducci Greg, I don't know of what's been going on in the last couple of weeks. Been out of town for most of it. Once I get back into gear, I'll see what I can find out in terms of who they are looking at.
Mac If you snuck some truth serum into Butch's coffee who would he say he likes at qb - Couch or Holcomb?
Greg ok, thanks... and drop his name on the Browns just in case... :)
Greg I'd love to have him
DavidCarducci Grinch, most of the Pace info I have, which is a month out of date, comes from some sources in Sandusky close to his family.
DavidCarducci His health is a concern
DavidCarducci But he is arguably the best LT in the game
Dabrowns31 my question is would we even have cap room to get him if he becomes a FA
artbtz Pace had an MRI the first week in January that showed that there wasn't any structural damage.
Dabrowns31 i dont think we would
DawgHowl I donno if this is true, but a draft site stated that the browns had some interest in the qb from louisville, that puzzles me to why they would be interested in him
Greg hell ya.. Carmen's good with the cap like that... :)
SirPaul gotta go guys thanks...this is pretty cool
dabesst cya, Sir Paul..
artbtz We've been saying that, Howl, based on reports from Mobile.
OklahomaDawg David... what's your take on Darnell Sanders?
artbtz There's a thread on Ask the Insiders on it.
Grinch According to the Tipline Del Rio is the new Jags coach
Aqib how about Drew Henson, any chance we spend a late pick on him?
DavidCarducci Dabrowns, right now the Browns wouldn't have the room, but there could be a lot of changes in the Browns cap situation depending on what they do in the next few months
Dabrowns31 drew henson is still playing baseball down here in columbus for the good ol clippers
Greg David- your thoughts on the following: I feel that outside of RB and QB, we could draft just about any position on the field and make an impact... So I think we should be in best player available mode... including WR... Would you agree or do you feel a more targeted draft is in order?
Aqib yeah Dabrowns but rumors in NY are he is thinking of quitting
Grinch So Greg who do you think looks like the best WR available in RD 2 to keep the streak alive ??????
Dabrowns31 what about TEYO JOHNSON in the 2nd rd.. any WR who is 6 7 with skills should be picked up no matter how many good WR you have
Greg and if the Browns had gone 7-9 again this year, would Carmen fire Butch to hire Mariucci? :)
DavidCarducci Sanders is better than I thought. I think the Browns are very anxious to have him for the whole offseason, which they will, and finally have him for all of the minicamps along with another training camp. He has better hands than I thought. He didn't do as well when asked to block as I'd hoped, but he should get better
Dabrowns31 yea but in the dispatch a few weeks ago said the yankees were saying he is still playing baseball and they want to do everything possible to keep him with the team
DavidCarducci I can't see how the Browns would have a shot at Ragone. That won't happen
Greg lol Grinch... not sure, but there are several good receivers out there... :)
DavidCarducci Del Rio was hired today
DavidCarducci Drew Henson is supposedly playing baseball again this year.
Dabrowns31 im sure he will this year and if nothing happens and he is still down here in columbus next year then i think you seee him heading to the NFL
Aqib any chance we take Willis McGahee if he slips low enough?
OklahomaDawg So, who are some guys we have a legit shot at getting in FA? All the talk is on the Paces and McAllisters right now...
DavidCarducci Greg, I agree to some extent, other than the fact that I am a firm beleiver that this team MUST finally draft and develop one or two offensive linemen who are first-day talents. I think WR is such a position of strength right now, that I wouldn't go in that direction. Other than QB, WR and RB, I think the Browns could go in any direction, but I'm hoping to see them finally address the offensivel line
Dabrowns31 i love teyo johson
OklahomaDawg offensive is the only good way to describe our lines...that's for sure
Aqib yes OL all the way
Dabrowns31 oklahoma, impressive
DavidCarducci There are a few good tackles out there, like Walter Jones of Seattle and Luke Petitgout. I'm not sure either is a great fit here, though
DawgHowl how good is the TE from Georgia, ben watson?
Aqib I wonder if Butch is going to find another teams 3rd year RFA
Aqib he seems to like that mold
Mac You gonna have some of the draft gurus in for chats in the future?
OklahomaDawg What about guards? Anyone worth looking at?
artbtz Mac, yes, that's planned.
Mac great
DavidCarducci I'd rather see Teyo Johnson and possibly Jason Witten if he comes out. Another TE to watch is actually a basketball player at Kent State ... S
DavidCarducci Remember you heard that here first
OklahomaDawg Um...
artbtz A completely objective opinion, right Dave?
DavidCarducci There is a guy named Antonio Gates at Kent State who could be a poor man's Tony Gonzalez. He's been worked out by several NFL teams in the last few weeks and already been invited to camp if he is not drafted.
Mac Have the Browns worked him out?
DavidCarducci Actually it is an objective opinion. I've talked to several coaches about him, and they have no doubt he can play at the next level. He was a stud recruit at Michigan State
smittydog Whitten is declared!
DavidCarducci Not yet, but the Falcons were in town, and the Colts have already invited him to camp if he's not drafted.
DieHardDawg00 David, can you verify that Couch's current contract is the 4 year deal with the $8.25 mil signing bonus
DavidCarducci Thanks Smittydog. For some reason, I didn't have him on the list.
DieHardDawg00 and that the first 3 years was a separate deal, for cap purposes?
Mac What do you make of Pat Barnes? Just a long, long shot or is there something more to it?
Heater Evening
OklahomaDawg The Falcons have a thing for Kent State guys, huh? Hallen and that WR...whatsisname
DieHardDawg00 meaning his cap hit if released this league year is $6.18 mil
OklahomaDawg Baker?
DavidCarducci OklahomaDawg. Yep, they drafted Baker, Hallen and also O.J. Santiago
DieHardDawg00 aka $2.06 for each year accelerated from the last three years of the deal?
southdawg is Couch going to have is elbow looked at while the leg heals?
Dabrowns31 if couch was released i would be mad
OklahomaDawg Oy, trying to forget about OJ. :)
DieHardDawg00 If so, that's a $1.8 mil savings this year alone
DavidCarducci DieHardDawg, I think that's right, but I don't have my salary info in front of me. I only have the base salaries on my computer
DavidCarducci Southdawg, I don't think they are worried at all about the elbow. My guess is that they won't do anything more than check on its progress
DieHardDawg00 Dave, Carmen repeatedly said that Tim's deal was structured in a way that the cap hit on the $12,75 mil came in the first 3 years
colobrowns What about Turley of NO as an option at LT? what would we give up?
OklahomaDawg Wasn't the 8.25 spread out over 5 years?
Guest33 What is the likelihood of us seeing three new linebackers next season? Two?
DieHardDawg00 so a follow up. Isn't Courtney's the same way? No OKla, over 4 years
DieHardDawg00 Or was Courtney's a straight 7 year deal
Mac Are both Couch and Courtney going to be with the Browns in 2003?
DavidCarducci Turley would actually be a much better fit than Petitgout or Wlater Jones, who I think are both kind of soft. I'm not sure what the Browns would have to give up, but he is one of the top 10 tackles in the game, so it could be quite a bit
DieHardDawg00 if not, if it's a 3 year deal with an option on a 4 year deal, then Courtney is in the same boat, and either HAS to restructure, an be outright released with no salary cap implications, or can be traded
colobrowns thanks
DawgHowl Do the browns have any shot at signing Chris McCallister from the ravens?
Dabrowns31 are the ravens out of salary hell?
DieHardDawg00 Yes, 31
teco Any more 'news' on the OL that we may be in the process of procuring from another team?
DawgHowl they have alot of cap room
Dabrowns31 i thought so
OklahomaDawg Speaking of cap hell, Oakland's players should be ripe for the picking this year, eh?
DieHardDawg00 Okla, I have a HUGE woody seeing Mo Collins in a Browns uniform next year
DawgHowl Mo Collins a Guard from the raiders is sompeone I would love to see in a browns uniform
DawgHowl someone rather
Dabrowns31 as would i,, he is a big man
Mac If the Browns truly let Couch and Holcomb fight it out and Holcomb wins, are they really ready to pay Couch over $6 million to carry a clipboard and run the scout team?
DieHardDawg00 You know who else we might get, relatively cheap? Kim Herring. St. Louis is considering him a bust, and is likely to be let go
DavidCarducci Collins is powerful, and that makes him a very good fit. His big question has always been staying in shape, but no matter what he would be a huge improvement at RG
DieHardDawg00 Shit, if they wanted to be nasty about it, let them fight it out then trade him or cut him in training camp
Dabrowns31 is he a FA?
DawgHowl yes
DavidCarducci Collins is a free agent
Dabrowns31 good deal
DieHardDawg00 Dave, any insight in Courtney's contract structure I asked earlier?
teco we never seem to have much luck in FA--look at the $$ we shelled out for Griff--did we get our $$ worth?
DavidCarducci DieHard. Like I said earlier, it's something I have to check on with his agent. I'm also going to call Pat McManamon about it since he seems to have the info and we've shared sources in the past
DieHardDawg00 Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Thanks Dave
DawgHowl if the browns could somehow get McCallister and Collins in free agency I would be very happy
DavidCarducci I don't know about the voided seventh year, and all I ahve with Courtney's contract are the base numbers that are available from the NFLPA, which still have the seventh year
Dabrowns31 we would have to get rid of rudd wohla and restructure fuller for that to happen
DawgHowl im all for that
* Aqib MOTIONS/playful.gif I don;t think Courtney met any incentives
DieHardDawg00 Agreed, Dave. but if you take the signing bonus, pro rate it out, and the salaries from NFLPA, you don't come CLOSe to what Grossi reported is Courtney's cap hit for next year
DavidCarducci I think the Browns would be more likely to go after a CB in the draft who they can develop behind the current crop before signing McAllister. Just a hunch there. McAllister is a nice player, but he'd demand a high price on the open market, and the Browns have hit with mid-round DB's in the past
artbtz I admit to being befuddled by that as well DHD.
DieHardDawg00 and no way Courtney has reached any incentives, other than work out incentives
DieHardDawg00 why, thank you for confirming, lord high master
DavidCarducci Like I said, I don't understand what has been reported. Doesn't make much sense, so it's something I'll have to check on
DawgHowl thats true...but with McCallister you know you have a good shutdown corner, with a rookie there is no sure thing they will be good in the nfl
Dabrowns31 how is trufant as a tackler,, i know he is a shutdown corner but can he tackle
DieHardDawg00 Here. How's this for a HMFIC move. Couch and KJ to Carolina for their 1 and 4. Carolina's No 1 to Minn. for Bryant McKinnie
Greg McAlister freelances too much to be considered a true shutdown corner, IMO... he's not disciplined enough...
Mac Browns record at signing high priced free agents is average at best. Better they stick with low priced free agents and the draft to improve themselves.
DieHardDawg00 And at 21 we select EJ Henderson
DieHardDawg00 Then we watch the Stillers select Doss in the 1st and MacGahee in Rd. 2
Dabrowns31 that would be horrible
Dabrowns31 the end
Aqib Macs right we have a wish list and then we wind up signing Barry Stokes
Aqib McGahee won't go that high
Greg Doss couldn't cover a french fry in a phone booth... let the Steelers have him
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run to my office.
artbtz LOL, Greg.
DieHardDawg00 Bet? Who gets picked earlier, McGahee or Drew Henson
DavidCarducci I should be back at work full swing at the start of next week, so I'll try to get the answers on Courtney, etc.
Greg Thanks for answering all the questions tonight Dave!
artbtz See ya Dave. Thanks as always
DieHardDawg00 Thanks Dave
Dabrowns31 take it easy dave master
Mac Thanks Dave
DawgHowl thanks Dave
DavidCarducci Thanks guys, and I'm sorry I haven't been around as much the last couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to getting back to studying the draft and the FA lists and getting in touch with some contacts.
DavidCarducci Now that I'm a bit refreshed
DavidCarducci Thanks guys

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