Da Scoop: Edwards, Cribbs and More...

Sometimes Lane brings it, and sometimes Lane BRINGS IT. Get the very latest scoop on the Edwards report, the REAL status of Josh Cribbs, and the sudden re-assignment of Coye Francies.

- As noted in numerous places, WR Braylon Edwards was placed on the Active/Non-Football List by the organization earlier today. Edwards missed time during mandatory OTA's due to an ankle/foot issue, which led the Browns to request that the player report to camp with the draft picks and UDFA class to assess the injury. Edwards did not report initially, but after further discussion, Edwards did report and subsequently failed a team physical. According to a source close to the player, the failing of the physical is not believed to be a significant issue and should be remedied within the next week.

- The Josh Cribbs talks are not encouraging so far. The Browns front office has conducted a few non-descript discussions with the agent for the unhappy special teams standout. Despite the player and representative expecting much deeper talks about the player's contract, and with the potential for the situation to be disruptive, the talks to date have basically been glossing over the situation.

- As noted in this column previously, Cribbs hopes the Browns organization is responsive to his request to have his contract reworked. Cribbs, recognized as one of the best special teams players in the league, seeks to have an increased role either on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. When asked about the potential of Cribbs "not playing a game without a redone contract", a source close to the player told theOBR that Cribbs is not thinking that far in advance at this time, despite reports to the contrary.

- Contract extension discussions for LB D'Qwell Jackson have been ongoing and are potentially promising. The difference between the Jackson talks and those of Cribbs boil down to Jackson being viewed as a major part of the future as his play and well-defined role within the defensive scheme are a fit as the player heads into the last year of his rookie contract. Cribbs has three years remaining on his contract and taking the contract issue public does not sit well with the current Browns regime.

- Rookie DB Coye Francies is a promising player who displayed improving skills throughout the off-season training sessions. At this point, however, he has been shelved by the team. While details are sketchy as to the circumstances surrounding Francies' issue, theOBR has learned the organization is more than mildly upset regarding the situation -- and theOBR will continue to dig into the situation and find the reasons for the team's unhappiness.

- Contrary to a local television report this evening, a member of the Browns front office did talk with the representative for rookie WR Brian Robiskie within the past 24 hours. The extent or details of said discussion are unknown, but the lines of communication appear to be opening.

- Contract discussions between the Browns and representatives for the 2009 rookie class have gone according to plan for the organization. Many within the agent world and media wondered what the Browns were doing in coming to the table just prior to rookie training camp. The Browns organization arrived somewhat late to the game, but came to the table offering more realistic contracts than the organization had done in the past under former G.M. Phil Savage. Savage would look to low-ball the later selections in the draft and pay top-dollar plus to the upper-level draftees. The present regime in Cleveland comes to the table with a much more realistic look at the contracts and discussions have been much quicker and cleaner than in years past, which is why the signings are occurring quickly.

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