Mangini Has Two, Will Keep Two

Browns head coach says regardless of how competition plays out, he's keeping both quarterbacks. Plus, Big Baby sits out today's practice and Buddy shows up at practice sans boxing gloves.

In one respect, the Browns will have just one quarterback this season.

But in another respect, they'll have two.

Browns head coach Eric Mangini said before practice on Sunday that once he decides on the winner of the quarterback competition between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, that man will remain the starter for a while. Unless something unforeseen happens, there will be no shuffling of quarterbacks between plays, series, quarters, halves or games after the regular season begins.

However, he said whoever loses the competition will not be traded or released.

"In my mind, Brady and D.A. will both be here (for the entire season)," Mangini said.

Mangini also reiterated when he said any number of times during the minicamps in the spring, that he has no timetable for naming a starter. However, you have to believe he would like to make the decision as soon as possible so as to give the quarterback and his receivers ample time to get their timing down before the season commences.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Whatever happens, the media will be all over it. Because it's the quarterbacks, the competition is, without a doubt, the focus of camp. Nothing else comes close.

Concerning another offensive starter – at least a projected one – Mangini said left guard Eric Steinbach reported to camp "a little stouter." The coach had ordered Steinbach in the spring to put on weight. Steinbach had gotten down to about 270 pounds last season, and Mangini wants his offensive linemen to be much bigger than that.

Steinbach is listed at 295 pounds, but no one will say what, exactly, his weight is now or what weight the Browns want him to get up to. He does look bigger, though. The best guess is that Steinbach will need to get to about 315 to 310 pounds.

Mangini said it's hard for some linemen to keep up their weight over the course of the season. As such, he likes the linemen to come in with a few extra pounds so that when they start shedding their weight, they'll still be at a good size.

Mangini is instituting a power running game, and if Steinbach is too light, then he'll end up on the Injured Reserve List.

At the same time, though, the Browns have to be careful not to make Steinbach do something unnatural with his body and put on too much weight, thus hurting his performance. He's been a pretty good player the last six years at a weight much lower than that of a normal NFL guard.

Although Mangini did not announce it beforehand, nose tackle Shaun Rogers did not practice Sunday. He was on the side riding an exercise bicycle. He came off the field late in Saturday's second practice appearing to be in some pain in the lower leg area, but it did not appear to be anything serious. This would seem, then to be just a precautionary measure.

Also on the side with Rogers was wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who missed Saturday's two practices as camp opened with an undisclosed injury.

Not practicing, either, was rookie defensive back Don Carey, who suffered an undisclosed injury late Saturday.

Speaking of Rogers, Mangini said rookie center Alex Mack – all 315 pounds of him – will benefit greatly from going up against the 350-pound – or thereabouts – Pro Bowler in practice every day.

"Either you get better in a situation like that, or you wake up dreading coming to work every day," Mangini said.

The coach was also asked about his policy of having players run a lap around the field as punishment for making mistakes in practice. He said he came up with it when he got his first head coaching job with the Kew Colts, a semi-professional team in Melbourne, Australia, in 1992, just two years before he got his start in the NFL as a public relations intern with the Browns.

"If you can't focus when you're in there and you get a penalty that hurts the team, then running a lap gives you time to think about it," he said.

In one final note, retired NFL coaching great Buddy Ryan, the father of Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan, who took Mangini's old job as head coach of the New York Jets, visited practice on Sunday.

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