Lane's Training Camp Quick Hits

With Practice #6 in the books, Lane offers up some notes on how the team is progressing through the early, hard-hitting stages of Camp Mangini.

-  WR Braylon Edwards and OLB David Bowens rode the stationary bikes throughout the practice session.

- FB Charles Ali and rookie DB Don Carey were not on the practice fields.

- Numerous players ran laps due to mistakes in the practice session. LT Joe Thomas and RT John St. Clair for false starts, NT Shaun Rogers for being offside, C Dustin Fry for a bad snap, QB Derek Anderson and C Hank Fraley ran a lap together when there was a communication issue in a hurry-up drill, Gerald Lawson (unknown), Branndon Braxton (unknown).

- WR Paul Hubbard had yet another solid practice session. Gaining reps with a mix of what can be construed as the starting offensive unit, Hubbard caught passes in the hurry-up/two-minute and regular 11-on-11 drills. In this, his second training camp, Hubbard is getting in and out of cuts much quicker and more powerfully, while gaining improved body control in routes. Additionally, correcting a problem he has had prior to the past two practice sessions, the WR is not permitting the ball to get to his body as his hands and fingers are extended. One of Hubbard's receptions came as the result of a Brady Quinn check-down, as the pass hit Hubbard in stride on a crossing route which the middle of the field was wide open.

- Rookie WR Mohamed Massaquoi made a couple of nice receptions, one in traffic and the other on a crossing route from Quinn that would have gone for a major gain in game conditions.

- Sure-handed rookie WR Brian Robiskie dropped one ball today and nearly caught two others that were off target.

- QB's Quinn and Anderson did nothing to separate themselves in the practice session today. Both players made some solid reads and passes as well a number of mistakes, including inaccurate and intercepted passes. It is not that both players are performing poorly; at this juncture neither player is having a great camp, more so workmanlike geared for progress in the coming weeks.

- Quinn threw an ill-advised pass down the seam attempted for TE Aaron Walker, which S Abe Elam read and intercepted.

- LB D'Qwell Jackson continues to have an outstanding training camp. On this day, Jackson made the correct read on a couple running plays, dropped off into coverage filling a lane and intercepted an Anderson pass, which he tipped and dove to make the INT. Also, during a break in the session, the LB was on the sideline talking with former head coach Buddy Ryan, father of Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

- Rookie RB James Davis continues to do the little things well when, combined with his productive start to camp carrying the ball, has made him a player to watch. The vision and one-cut burst to daylight has been discussed by any and all watching this team the past few days -- but on this day Davis again showed some special qualities.

On a couple plays, Davis maintained his responsibility, then slid out of the backfield to catch a couple passes in team drills. Lining up in the same role, Davis picked up the blitz, enabling Quinn to complete a strike to Hubbard.

As we see in many camp settings, a player will do things on the individual level which gains notice, then fizzles when team drills or the defense begins to key on the situation. Presently, Davis looks tremendous; let's see if this carries over when the 11-on-11 drills become much more intense and schemed.

- With the CB's rotating in and out of the starting role, veteran Corey Ivy has been productive in coverage. He and Rod Hood provide improved talent, and an ability to play within what is going to be a somewhat more complex and attacking defense.

- With NT Shaun Rogers on the field, there is no denying the big man. Rogers fought off double and triple teams in drills -- and was successful in disrupting the play. On the first play of the team session, Rogers blew up the gap between OG Eric Steinbach and Fraley to nail RB Jamal Lewis behind the line of scrimmage.

In other team and individual blocking drills, Rogers was far too much for Fraley and rookie Alex Mack -- though Mack did improve in a latter battle, but still, advantage Rogers.

- Quietly, Robaire Smith continues to forge ahead in his return from a severed Achilles tendon a season ago. Looking strong and mobile, Smith has been strong at the point of attack -- and again on this day had a couple epic battles with All-Pro Joe Thomas.

- Finally, DE Corey Williams is making some noise. Quiet for the most part early in camp, Williams was a force in blocking drills and took reps with the first-team defense and did quite well while battling RT John St. Clair and RG Floyd Womack.

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