Day 6 Training Camp Notes

The new head coach is still raving about D'Qwell's play on the field and his leadership in the locker room, plus details on the Sunday scrimmage at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Berea—Eric Mangini likes D'Qwell Jackson.

From the day Mangini was introduced as the Browns coach, Jackson is one of the few players that Mangini singled out as a player he was impressed with.

"I've really enjoyed watching D'Qwell Jackson," Mangini said in one of his first press conferences. "He is pretty much in the frame at the end of every play and that is always what you look for. You always try to count how many defenders are in the last frame and he seems to be everywhere."

Jackson is in his fourth year with the Browns, coming off a season that he led the NFL in tackles with 188. He was voted on as third alternate for the Pro Bowl and he has led the team in tackles two of this first three seasons. He was second his rookie year with 115.

Jackson, (6-0, 240) was considered a bit undersized when he came out of Maryland as the 34th player selected that year, but Mangini believes he can be the leader of the Browns defense.

"He's really good at setting an example," Mangini said today. "Whether it's out in the field the way he finishes plays, the way he runs to the football, the way he communicates with the other players.

"All those things are positive attributes," he said. "That carries over into the building, in terms of classroom work, his work ethic when he's here as well, setting that sort of example.

"One lesson that I learned early on with leadership from the different coaches I've been with, is that each guy can be a leader. It's not always carrying the flag or breaking down the huddle or doing any of those things. It's just figuring out how in your personality you can lead. Everybody has the capacity for leadership. It doesn't have to be the same, but the leadership is there, figure out where you can set that example and then go ahead and maximize that."

Mangini brought veteran inside linebacker Eric Barton over to the Browns in free agency and many feel Barton will help Jackson in his development process.

"I think any time you can sit with a player with more experience and pick their brain and work with that player, some really positive things can come up, because they've seen a lot of different systems," he said. "You've been a part of a lot of the game planning, things that go along with this system. I think there is going to be some learning that can go on. As that relationship builds, I'm sure that will build, as well."

Brown and White Scrimmage: Mangini said Sunday's scrimmage will be as close to a regular game, as possible. He said the teams will be divided up evenly and will play four 10-minute quarters. He said it will be controlled and not full go tackling. The scrimmage will begin at 1 p.m. at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

"It's as much like game day as it can be, including a pregame itinerary," Mangini said. "We'll have full operation across the board. It will be good for us to get down to the stadium and see where we are operationally. Each part of the organization will get to see what we're doing.

"It will be 10 minute quarters and it will be as close to a game as we can get," he said. "It will have officials, but it won't be full tackling. It will be controlled and will be all split up and as competitive as possible. It will have everything but instant replay."

Mangini said special teams coordinator Brad Seely and quarterbacks coach Carl Smith will be the two coaches, while Mangini will be listening to both teams' headsets, while on the field.

"We want to control it as much as we can," he said. "We don't want them to throw our receivers down. These are our teammates and we want to be smart about it. We don't want to put anyone in a position to get hurt."

Mangini thinks the scrimmage will be a good measuring stick of the team's progress early in training camp.

"It's another tool in the teaching process," he said. "The one thing you can't simulate is the unpredictability of the game. It's as close as you can get."

Mangini was asked what he is hoping will come out of the scrimmage.

"I really hope we can get a lot of Browns fans there so the guys can really get can an appreciation for the experience of playing for the Browns," he said. "I also want to see the teaching we've done put into action and hopefully, both sides do really well."

Maybe play to a tie!

Big Shaun: Mangini was asked what impresses him most about the -4, 350 pound defensive lineman Shaun Rogers.

"He is really, really difficult to block," Mangini said. "He's very athletic and really difficult to block."

Stallworth Makes Statement: Browns WR Donte Stallworth made a statement after his meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.

Mangini said nothing has changed on the Browns end.

"Nothing has really changed in terms of his status," Mangini said.

Here is Stallworth's statement: 

"I wanted to meet with Commissioner Goodell before making any public comment about the impact of my actions on the National Football League. I want to thank the Commissioner for giving me the opportunity to be heard yesterday. I recognize that there is a difference between the legal standard in my criminal case and the standard to which NFL players are held. It is clear that I exercised poor judgment and caused irreparable harm to Mario Reyes, his family, the NFL, its owners, coaches, employees and to my fellow players. Going forward, I am committed to conducting myself in a manner that more accurately reflects who I am and meets the high standard expected of all NFL players. I tried to convey this commitment to Commissioner Goodell yesterday. I respect the Commissioner's authority and I trust his judgment. Whatever he ultimately decides is the appropriate discipline, I will accept knowing that I have profoundly affected the NFL.I respect the Commissioner's authority and I trust his judgment. Whatever he ultimately decides is the appropriate discipline, I will accept knowing that I have profoundly affected the NFL and its relationship with the fans of the our game.I apologize for my poor judgment. I jeopardized the honor and privilege that I have been given to be an NFL player and to play for our fans.

I am truly sorry,

Donte Stallworth

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