Rich's Rant: Questions Abound for Browns

In his latest offering, our dancing senior citizen asks himself some open-ended questions about just where the 2009 edition of the Cleveland Browns headed.

Questions seeking answers, in no particular order, as the Browns prepare for the 2009 season . . .

What are the odds the quarterback situation won't be settled satisfactorily by the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings?

Are four exhibition games and split reps in those meaningless games enough time to provide enough evidence to determine who starts at quarterback?

How will the fans react if Derek Anderson somehow beats out Brady Quinn and becomes the starter?

How much petrol remains in Jamal Lewis' tank?

And does Jerome Harrison have the stamina to become an every-down running back should Lewis run out of fuel?

How much will the offense miss Kellen Winslow Jr.?

How long will it take the coaching staff to realize Martin Rucker is more valuable as a wide receiver than a tight end?

How will the players, particularly the veterans, react to the disciplinarian ways of Eric Mangini?

What kind of offensive coordinator will fans see this season in rookie play caller Brian Daboll and how much rope will Mangini give him?

Which Braylon Edwards will show up this season, the 2007 model who wound up in the Pro Bowl or the 2008 version with hands of concrete?

How long will it take for Mangini to realize Joshua Cribbs is not a wide receiver?

With that in mind, what other position is Cribbs best suited for besides return specialist – (a) running back, (b) quarterback, (c) cornerback, (d) safety or (e) none of the above?

What record will constitute a successful season? 

Which one of the rookie wide receivers will step up and become the No. 2 wideout?

How much patience will Mangini and Daboll show rookie wideouts Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi with veterans Mike Furrey and David Patten standing by?

Is Mangini depending too much on Eric Barton, Kenyon Coleman, C.J. Mosley, David Bowens and Abram Elam to steady the defense?

How long will defensive coordinator Rob Ryan stick with the 3-4 alignment when he has the personnel to play the 4-3?

With that in mind, when will Ryan realize Corey Williams is best suited to play defensive tackle in a 4-3, not defensive end in a 3-4?

Where is the pass rush going to come from this season?

And how much unwarranted criticism will Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald receiver when the real culprits are the front seven?

Can Shaun Smith shut up for more than a minute?

Why do fans believe the Browns' linebacker corps is strong when it's anything but?

Can Barton really make that much of a difference at inside linebacker?

How long will Shaun Rogers play at a Pro Bowl level before realizing he's getting little or no help and then mail it in?

Is this the year Alex Hall stands up and surprises us all? Ditto Kamerion Wimbley.

How ready is Wimbley to play multiple roles in Ryan's defense?

And how long will Mangini's leash be with Ryan?

Is Elam smart enough and tough enough to be Ryan's 46 safety when he unveils that scheme?

How far fetched is it to believe Brodney Pool can become a solid coverage safety in the 46?

Is an 8-8 finish too lofty a goal?

For all the answers, stay tuned over the next several weeks.

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