8-9PM: OBR Radio... Join Us!

Barry, Lane, and John will be talking Browns tonight from 8-9PM on PrimeSportsNetwork.com. Give us a call toll-free at (877)-266-1909 or write to us via our contact form or Twitter. JOIN US!

We've been trying to figure out how to bring OBR radio back for a while now. Based on our experience, there are some things that we needed with any radio show we do:

- Internet streaming for everyone
- Call screening to weed out bogus calls
- Toll-free numbers for folks to call
- Quick archiving of the show
- Reliability of all the above
- And so forth

712680[1] Most free podcasting services (e.g., Talkshoe, BlogTalkRadio) fall down on one or more of these counts, so we have to invest a bit of cash in making the show happen (thanks subscribers!).

We've talked to local radio stations, but they don't get the whole OBR thang, it seems, so we're going to give this another go with a new company called Prime Sports Network. PSN also does shows with Scout's Jets and Patriots affiliates, and I've worked with PSN's Greg "Pigskin" DePalma before on the Jets site.

So, please join us as we bring back OBR Radio!

The Time: 8PM-9PM EST


CALL: 1-877-266-1909 (toll free)

EMAIL: Use our regular contact form by Clicking Here

TWEET*: Send questions or comments to us via @TheOBR on Twitter

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