Exclusive: Inside the Bubble

UPDATED 3:00PM!! Too many updates - check the Insider Blog! Here's the latest we've heard about goings-on inside the Browns' secretive lair. Who's on the bubble? Who's visited the Turk? What are players hearing about the QB? Who's talking trade?

UPDATE 3:00PM:: There's too much coming in to keep updating this story. Please follow this afternoon's developments on our Insider Blog!. See you there!

UPDATE 1:30PM: Pro Football Talk is now reporting that Corey Ivy will be cut. This has not been confirmed independently by the OBR, but would among the least surprising news items of the last year.


TheOBR has learned from sources close to the situation that linebacker and one-time OBR cover story Beau Bell will be released by the team.

Lane Adkins and John Taylor have been working the phones and seeing what they can turn up in advance of today's 6PM roster deadline. Here's what we've been hearing about who is on the bubble, and what deals are in the works, as we've been reporting in the OBR's exclusive Insider Blog.

Here are the players, per Lane, who we are hearing are on the bubble as possible roster cuts. We are not saying these players will be cut, only that either we've been told they're on the bubble, or we surmise that they are:

QB - Richard Bartel

RB - Chris Jennings
RB - Jerome Harrison - injured
RB - Noah Herron

TE - Martin Rucker
TE - Aaron Walker

WR - David Patten
WR - Donte Stallworth - suspended
WR - Jordan Norwood – Will be released / confirmed
WR - Lance Leggett
WR - Paul Hubbard

OL - Kurt Quarterman
OL - Dustin Fry
OL - Pat Murray
OL - Branndon Braxton

DL - Brian Scheafering
DL - Santonio Thomas
DL - Adam Hoppel

LB - Titus Brown - injured
LB - Leon Williams
LB - Blake Costanzo

DB - Hamza Abdullah
DB - Bret Lockett
DB - Brandon Anderson
DB - Corey Ivy - Will be released (per PFT)
DB - Tra Battle – Will be released / confirmed

As of Friday afternoon (9-4-09) RB Jamal Lewis has not been informed by the team of him being involved in a roster move by the club.

Trade Talks

TheOBR is reporting, through sources, that the Browns organization has talked to the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and New York Jets recently. What is not known, and what nobody will give up even under threat of bodily harm, is which player or players are being talked about, and just who is placing the calls.

It could simply be a case of people looking to see if the Browns are interested in selling, as was the case back before the draft when teams were calling about Quinn.

The state of the QB's in Denver and New England is precarious. Injuries riddle Denver, while in New England, the Pats appear to have released their #2 QB, this after releasing a QB earlier in the week.

In New York, the discussion could evolve around a RB and LB from the Jets roster.

The Carolina Panthers are another team which has had numerous conversations with the Browns in recent -- before and after the deal which sent DL Louis Leonard to the Panthers.

The Starting QB

Additionally, we have been told by a handful players that Quinn and DA have been informed of Mangini's decision on a starter, and they -- the unnamed players, not the QBs -- are under the impression that Quinn is the pick.  One of the players told me that Anderson feels like he's going to be dealt.

It cannot be stated enough that we have yet to get a single source inside the organization and outside of the roster to confirm the QB situation.

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