Fan View: Same Old Cleveland

The names may have changed, but the song remains the same, writes Jeff B.

A new GM, a new coach, a new starting QB, lots of new faces on the roster.

Same old Cleveland.

The game isn't over yet (there is 10 minutes left) and I'm already writing the article.  The only thing in doubt is if they'll get that elusive offensive touchdown they've been waiting for since the Stone Age.

I think I can confidently write that the Browns are 0-1 as I watch Cleveland implode before my eyes, again, in the 4th quarter.

Brett Favre didn't get a lot of time to work with his new team but with the Browns on the schedule in week 1, its like having the preseason extended by one more week.

We can hold off on getting Brady Quinn's bust ready for Canton.  Does he know that he has other receiving targets besides Robert Royal and Steve Heiden?  Is he aware that handing off on 3rd and 13 isn't always the optimum way to get the first down?
But its deeper than all that.

Basically as a team, the Browns aren't ready for primetime.  Heck, they aren't even ready for 1p.  False start penalties, no vertical passing game, key 3rd downs given up by the defense, running game anemic at best, too conservative play calling by the offensive coaching staff, Brady Quinn looking confused, not enough manageable 3rd down situations, and shall I go on?

It's the start that I pretty much expected from the team.

This could be one of the worst team's in the NFL this year.  If you wanted a chance to go 1-0 in the season then playing a one dimensional Minnesota team was a pretty good opportunity.  Brett Favre is not the QB he once was and he certainly hasn't had time to develop any rhythm and timing with his receivers.  As Lane Adkins wrote in his pre-game package, the key to shutting down the Vikings today was to make Favre the focal point and force him and not Adrian Peterson to beat you.

They didn't follow Lane's advice.

In fact, they made a 39 year old rusty QB with a suspect arm injury actually look halfway decent after a couple weeks of work.
Only Cleveland could accomplish that.

I get really tired of writing these articles when there is still a decent amount of time to go in the fourth quarter, simply because I already know the outcome.  I started this around 10 minutes left to go in the 4th and now its around 5 minutes to go as I finish this sentence.  I mean, its 34-13 now.  There is nothing exciting to watch any longer, unless you want to see if Cleveland gets a BS touchdown in garbage time.  Maybe they'll break their non-offensive TD streak in an ugly way.

Ok...see you in 5 minutes....tick tock, tick tock, tick tock......... offensive TD!  Roof, roof, roof, never was in garbage time....and its a loss.....

0-1 and more losses to come unless they get a lot of things fixed, FAST.

Going to be  LOOOOONNGGGGGG season.

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