Berea Report: A Pass Rush?!?

While the Browns have a lot to work on, four sacks against the Vikings is a positive sign. Fred Greetham was in Berea for this afternoon's practice and brings today's report...

BEREA—One of the bright spots to come out of Sunday's loss to the Vikings was the fact that the Browns had four sacks on Brett Favre and the Vikings' offensive line.

Abe Elam, Brodney Pool, Shaun Rogers and Kamerion Wimbley were credited with sacks, but Eric Mangini said it was a team effort.

"I thought we had a good pass rush, in terms of putting pressure on the quarterback," Eric Mangini said. "We had four different guys get sacks. We're all happy as a team to get the sacks, and it's due to everyone doing their jobs." 

The Browns are coming off a franchise low of having just 17 sacks in the 2008 season. To register four in the first game puts the Browns on pace for 64. Even though that is an unrealistic goal for the season, getting four in a game compared to last season is like getting a month's worth of sacks in one game.

Wimbley had 11 sacks as a rookie, but has had fewer and fewer sacks since then.

"It was encouraging," he said. "We had sacks from the DBs, the D-line and the linebackers. We were able to get some pressure on the quarterback.

"Hopefully, we can continue to be disruptive."

Fellow linebacker David Bowens said the defense can improve on their play.

"We're all upset," Bowens said. "We had a good game plan, but just didn't execute.

"Of course, we'd like to win," he said. "But, the mistakes we made are things that can be corrected and turn the page and look to Denver."

Definitely, one of the bright spots was Wimbley, who had three tackles—two for loss—and three quarterback hurries.

Wimbley was moved all around—something that the previous coaching staffs didn't do much of.

"It was good to be out and move around," he said.

Does he want to continue to play in different places in the scheme?

"I hope so," he said. "But, I'll do what the coaches ask of me."

Another player who made his presence felt was Elam, who had eight tackles, a quarterback hurry and a tackle for loss, in addition to the sack.

"I had the opportunity to make a play and was able to," Elam said.

Elam has played for Mangini and said the Browns will get things corrected.

"Coach is very proactive and wants to get the mistakes corrected."


Mack's Debut: Rookie C Alex Mack was baptized by fire by playing one of the top defenses in the NFL. He said he thought he fared well.

"I thought it went pretty well," he said. "They have a good defense, no doubt. I just wanted to find out what the NFL's all about.

"It's never as good as you think, nor as bad as expected," he said. "I expected to be ripped (Monday) in the film sessions, but it wasn't too bad."

Mack said he spent time Sunday night thinking about all that transpired earlier that day.

"I was up late," he said. "I take this seriously and wanted to see the film."

Mack said he was ready to get the regular season under way.

"I was amped up," he said. "I was very anxious."

Mangini said he feels Mack still has areas to work on, but was encouraged by his play.

"There were some good things he did, but there are things he will continue to work on."

No Change at QB: Mangini said he is not ready to change quarterbacks after one game like Romeo Crennel did in 2007.

"As you get more experience, you get better," Mangini said. "I think there were a lot of things that Brady (Quinn) did well. He made some good decisions and that was a tough team to do so against."

Mangini said he felt Quinn showed poise under duress.

"I think he was (poised)," Mangini said. "For an opening game, I thought he showed a lot of poise. He made some decisions that showed a lot of poise."

Mangini said the mistakes Quinn made can be corrected.

"What I'm looking for him to improve upon the areas we identify he needs to improve upon."

Mangini said he doesn't feel restricted throwing the ball down field with Quinn in the game.

"I really thought Brady made a nice throw on the play to Braylon that got called back," he said. "I don't look at it as we're limited in any way with Brady at quarterback."

Mangini Takes Blame: Mangini said he called the second run by Josh Cribbs near the goal line that resulted in a one-yard loss and the Browns had to settle for a field goal after having a first and goal at the six.

"To run the play a second time was my decision," he said. "The first one picked up four or five yards. They had the same personnel front we had the play before."

After RB Jamal Lewis picked up three yards on first down, Cribbs gained two on his first try and then minus one on his second try.

Who Won?: Mangini talked about what one of his sons said to him after the game on Sunday.

"One of the bright spots about having kids is after the game, my son, Jake, said ‘Who won?," Mangini said. "It puts a lot of things in perspective."

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