Browns-Vikes: Gameballs and Goats

As reported on the OBR radio show Tuesday night, the fans have spoken! It was a good weekend to run back kicks, and a bad weekend to run an offense, it appears...


Your friendly neighborhood OBR webdork deserves a big set of goathorns for screwing up the database so that the names of commenters wasn't recorded. Sorry! We'll be able to point the finger of blame at the appropriate fans next week after the Denver game.

As we announced on OBR radio on Tuesday night, Josh Cribbs got a lot of love from fans, as did Abe Elam so, as John Taylor pointed out, it's a good thing that the Kent State-to-Cleveland player pipeline was put in place. Otherwise... ugh... fans aren't happy was what took place last Sunday looked a little too similar to what's been taking place the last decade. Here's hoping the Browns turn it around in the Mile High...


Player Votes
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 401
Abram Elam (S/26) 162
Jamal Lewis (RB/31) 135
Kamerion Wimbley (OLB/95) 135
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 128
Joe Thomas (OT/73) 103


Adrian Peterson
Jim Brown
Gretchen Schwerzler
D Line and Linebackers, mainly Wimbley.
Your Mom
Ryan's first half defense
1st half D
Popey's Chicken
Thank god there isn't 5 quarters!!
Pass Rush
Derek Anderson
First Half Defense
This Space Available
1st half team, Jemal Lewis
Erin andrews nude movie
Brady's triceps
Fans that stayed home
One side of the coin
Webster Slaughter
Katt Williams, Red Bull, Ricardo Montobon, Eezer
Nick Saban
First Half
Glad I only watched the 1st 1/2!
Robaire Smith for an amazing injury recovery
LeBron James!!!
Kokinis - Draft strategy pays off immediately!
The Fans, for still being fans


Goats Votes
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 309
Brian Daboll(OC) 239
Braylon Edwards (WR/17) 129
Eric Mangini(Head) 65
John St. Clair (OT/78) 59
Floyd Womack (OG/77) 58
---Entire Offense--- 56


Right Side of Oline
Shaun Rogers was quiet, for being rested up.
Entire Defense, Entire Offense, whiny bitchy melty posters
halftime "adjustments" and business as usual at cbs... %$#@ers
The bum in the fourth row
brian daboll and eric mangini
@nd half D!
Romeo Crennell
Quinn needs to pass deep, St. Clair needs released.
Rookie center starting an unstable QB position week 1 at home = Manidiot
Mo Carthon's Play Book
Homo-ass owner lawn fairy soccer douchebag
A majority of the watercooler posters.
Romeo Crennel
Braylon's post route
Brian Billick
Run D
Brett Farve
Mangini and the OC
brian billick
2nd Half Defense
Defense in the second half
I just voted 3 tmes for Daboll. Can I write him in too?
second half team.
2ND WildKat play inside 10 yardline
All TV and Radio Announcers
Phil Savage's parents
The Football Gods
Run defense
The QB gets it again
Brian Daboll
The Wildcat/Flash formation
Brian Billicks parents
braylon edwards
Terrelle Pryor, Willie McGinnis, Weldon
Ohio sports teams in general (terrible weekend)
Offensive coordinator
Brady Quinn
Bruce Arians
Joey Porter
the whole team in the second half
Eric Wright
Run D
Brian Daboll
Second Half
Brian Billck
3rd and 4th quarters
derek anderson"s dog
Hey we got a offensive touchdown
"gap integrity"
Second Half Defense
Browns coaching staff
2nd Half Defense
Defense in the 2nd Half
Royal Roberts
Floyd Womack
The ghost of Phil Dawson


Gameball Comments

For still being associated with this team.
Joe Thomas neutralized Jared Allen.

Josh Cribbs was Josh Cribbs.

The fans remain ever-loving and faithful.
I am happy that we at least blitzed. It's been a while since I saw that.
Cribbs is the best weapon we have - pay the man! Jamal Lewis did some nice work. Kam made some plays.
Robert Royal for finally getting Offensive TD. Ryan Pontbriand for being the best longsnapper in the NFL. Phil Trautwein for making week one active roster, can you make week two?
Nobody was THAT outstanding, ESPECIALLY after the first half.
Joe Thomas definitely won his battle against the vaunted Jered Allen. Heiden was, as he's always been, reliable and consistent. Cribbs is exciting, although he still isn't running real good WR routes.
Only play a 30 minute game and we would be undefeated right now.
Fans for putting up with another lame 2nd half performance.
Joe Thomas and Kam Wimbley were awesome.
Shaun Rogers is a Manster plain and simple....side line to side line and the sack on Favre was awesome!!! Kam is back great game by a Phil pick. Jamal played hard for someone who was going to get cut. Quinn did what he was suppose to do manage the game. One bad play the interception. Josh Cribbs is a've got to love his heart. No one mention his sideline catch in the fourth quarter. Elam had a hell of a game...Sean who? Rob had a excellent defensive game plan in the first half...I think the defense tired in the second half!!!

do not let cribbs or rogers EVER leave cleveland... let that happen and we might as well call the team the browngles and find a grocery chain willing to buy our tix so we show up on tv occasionally.
Cribbs for his return - otherwise, were there any WR's in this game?
Offensive player of the game
Fans for having the guts to sit through that tease, Wimbley for getting a couple sacks and pressure
Defense first half
Middle of the defence played well until they couldn't get off the field and wore down.
browns MVP is cribbs.

great game by wimbley and thomas.

if i could give a 4th it would be to rob ryan, who has renewed my faith in the brown's defense.
Wimbley, if he plays every game like that we've got an OLB.

Lewis, so maybe 30 isn't over the hill.

Rogers, the guy took double teams all day and that play where they had him standing up about 5 yards deep and then coming on a full run. Holy sh*t! I can't even imagine what the guy or guys in front of him thought.
Cribbs is mentioned for his special teams play, not his contributions on Offense.
Cribbs - produced
8-Ball - looked good
Coaches - team looked prepared & competed
We suck...same ol' story
Nice to see some aggressive defensive play calling for a change (esp. early), but once again: offense can't do anything, defense gets tired, we lose.
Cribbs, our only star on the team.
Cribbs deserves a game ball every game, pay him. At last a defense that looked like a defense (they would have done better in the 2nd half if the offense would have at least moved the chains and ate up some time). And to Ryan for understanding that getting after the QB is a priority.
Cribbs and Elam played very well, The D line did well in the first half, and would have done even better if the offense would have performed.
In a ocean of suck, these guys were a island of competence!
No Comment
Nobody gets a gameball in a loss.
Lewis played well
Once again, Cribbs is the best football player on the team.
Mangina got them ready, but no execution. Cribbs needs to get paid but probably not what he is expecting. Bid Baby always dbl/trip-teamed. O-line gave the QB time to throw but where were the receivers
Attendance is down however 69,000 still pay to watch this year after year!
mack played well considering the level of the competition.
cribbs......just pay the man already.
The Browns looked pretty decent in the first half. The defense in the first half impressed me over other recent years. You can see a difference for sure with Rob Ryan as Defensive Coach. Too bad they didn't play as well in the 2nd half. Offense??? Only bright spot was Josh Cribbs run back for a touchdown.
This is Not a 4-12 team. Solid play by Cribbs, ok OL line play (left side/center).Frankly I was surprised how well the defence played overall, just the 1 big break down on AP's run (180-64.Overall I liked the effort. Draft better OL and perhaps a a couple of free agents signings.. who knows maybe we have a solid foundation.
In the immortal words of "The Answer", "practice...we talkin' bout' practice man!", and as far as I saw Shaun Roger's doesn't need any.
I thought they played a very good first half. Hopefully once they learn to maintain that, we can be much more competitive. I really like how much more aggressive our defense looked.
I pity the few good players we do have who have toendure this torture like the fans
A Gameball for those that stayed home and a message delivered. How long before there is talk of moving the team?
I am going to give a game ball out to these guys because cribbs is a beast. Dawson did great kicking and shaun rogers got to brett favre i was happy.
Go Browns Go! Return of the KKids!
Cribbs was typical Cribbs. Thomas shut down Allen. Lewis should have been given way more carries and Mack played well in the middle despite some rough snaps.
Joe Thomas was outstanding.
Abram Elam came to play.
Josh Cribbs, Mr. Everything!
The defense against the run was pretty good for the 1st half & against the pass was decent all game because of the pressure applied!(Great job DC Ryan)
Quinn showed poise as the line protection broke down every other play, the play-calling could help that out in the games to come.
J. Cribbs is the man, always a threat to score every time he returns a kick. Find ways to get him the ball in space on offense, Please!
I'm going to pretend like I stopped watching this game at halftime. The Browns are 1-0 with a stout defense, and I'm excited about this season's prospects.
The defense didn't look awful early on. It was nice to not play prevent defense the entire game for the first time in 5 years.
Good defense for our Dline...DBs were ok but can't change the game. Harrison can help and so can Lewis and Quinn must have open receivers.
Joe Thomas - He is amazing. Up to every challenge
Josh Cribbs - Why is their contract issues. He brings alot to this team.
Robert Royal - Had a key drop but was very happy with his production.
Rob Ryan - I know we lost and I know we gave up 180 to Peterson but this teams defense is way better than it has been in quite a while.
Cribbs and Lewis looked good.
Nice job against Allen & the Williams boys.
Give Cribbs his raise!!!
Wimbley and Elam made IMPACT plays, and thats what a good scheme can do with good players.
WHY do you have Derek Anderson listed ???????????
The defense kept us in this one at the start.
Joe Thomas made the Vikings top sack artist disappear and it still didn't make a difference.
Cribbs was awesome on the TD. They need to let him throw out of the Flash formation.

Rogers is and was a beast and Wimbley showed that he is learning and benefitting from the new DC
I give one to DA, his bench performance was the best by a Brown this decade.
mangini & Kokinis for not drafting uber-diva Crabtree
I still say Cribbs is the best QUARTERBACK on the team! Sign him to an extension ASAP...don't be stupid. Alex Mack was simply AWESOME vs. the Williams guys! Welcome to the team Robert Royal...KW2 production without the penalties and 200% better blocking! A true UPGRADE!
Joe Thomas: held Jared Allen sackless and got the better of one of the best pass rushers in the league.

Abram Elam: I like the way this guy flies around and makes plays, he is aggressive and seems to be around the ball alot.

Josh Cribbs: He was the X-factor in the first half, give this man a new contract already!

Kamerion Wimbley: Wimbley seems much more aggressive, he got after farve with a sack and a couple of pressures.
Anyone with the nickname "Porkchop" deserves a gameball even if he was physically inept to block anyone.
no game balls for losers




We were never in the game because Quinn can't throw down field. Eventually the defense wore down.
Daboll sure hid a lot in the pre-season. Mainly that he was running a real offense to hide the vanilla he would run in the regular season.
Brady Quinn will receive no patience from me. Two turnovers is inexcusable given the lack of downfield production.

Brian Daboll was about as ineffectively creative as I've ever seen calling plays in the first quarter. The whole game lacked rhythm and anything resembling a coherent game plan. James Davis was given ZERO chance for success with the calls that went his way. The play calling, for me, was just a step above Carthon. But barely.

Womack and St. Clair were awful. All of the pressure came from that side, and this team better get it figured out.

How about one more goathorn for all the fans licking the proverbial junk of James Davis while begging Mangini to release Jamal Lewis?
Why are OSU and the Browns afraid to run a QB sneak on 4th and 1 or from the half yard line???????????
Robert Royal gets voted in both sides simply because he should not be our leading receiver. Also I was shocked to see Mo Carthon out there calling plays, I thought we got rid of him.
BQ did not play well enough for us to win: the arm strength questions go unanswered. Braylon Edwards lack of concentration (illegal block, in motion, route running goofs) continues. I didn't like Daboll's playcalling either.
The right side of the line sucks and Grennan isn't needed on the Practice Squad. Couldn't we use someone at a position that we are in need at?
If Brady Quinn is our savior, he'd better get a WHOLE LOT better fast, because even though the final numbers may not reflect it, I think he flat out STUNK today.
This defense is pathetic! I expected to see fresh legs rotated in SUCCESSFULLY, but the starters and the backups gave up yard after yard after yard in the second half.
Brian (braindead) Billick sucks. Quinn`s passes were mostly off target. The receivers were never open and dropped a few, they look like they play harder this tear, but in the end, same old Browns.
Too conservative on office. Too many dink-n-dunks; Should've went to TD on 4th instead of FG; OL right side is trouble.
Trading Kellen Winslow, really good idea!?!?! Man it's a good thing we didn't have Kellen Winslow challenging Brady Quinn's authority in the huddle, then things really would've been ugly.
thank god mangini kept Minn off balance with his CIA secrets or the score would have been worse and Quinn may not have thrown a td
Bilick makes my groin hurts....can't stand him!!! Womack allowed BQ to get blown up he has to do better. Zastudil had a bad game punting!!! A Goathorns go to GAMEBALL & GOATHORNS for having Syndric Steptoe still on the roster
hard to tell if it was a short leash or a crappy first game, but brady blew for the most part. oc needs to take some pointers from the dc. honorary 'you still suck asssmunch' for 'this is braylon' as well...
Was there an offensive game plan, other than pass short middle to Robert Royal?
Quinn is my only goat. He lost this game all by himself.
Int., fumble, inaccurate passing
Offensive play calling - lacks creativity
Defense Second half
OC play calling was terrible. Mangini fault for hiring the guy. Womack spent most of the game on his back.
Brady quinn = Charlie Frye...but better looking
trick play on the goal line. okay, ill let it go. but again!!?? bad, bad call.

after showing this total lack of confidence in your starting qb, you call spread no-huddle offense. also this was called even though lewis was having a superb game against the #1 rushing defense.

you outsmarted yourselves.
Billick just cause he re-proves he's suck a dick everytime he opens his mouth.

Daboll for the wildcat calls from the 2 or 3 yard line, not once but twice on the same series. ??? And I don't think it was a coincidence that it wasn't used again in the game.

The kick coverage teams, which really surprised me.
It all starts with the OL. The right side has got to improve. Otherwise, it's going to be a VERY long season.
Billick outright on air interviewing for head coaching position next year!
Grrrrreat job fooling the Vikings, with your lame ass "Guess the QB" game, Mangenius. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo.
BQ - dinked & dunked as expected, but had 2 bone headed plays
BMac - pass interference & soft coverage on several 3rd down plays
Lerner - for allowing the previous regime to pass on Adrian Peterson
When will it end??????????
This is getting very tiresome, you'd think they might win a home opener once
every 10 years or so when the opponents QB is freebasing vicodin, but no!
This is getting very tiresome, you'd think they might win a home opener once
every 10 years or so when the opponents QB is freebasing vicodin, but no!
Daboll better learn to call the plays better than what he did today or it's going to be a LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGG season
Why, after getting inside the 20 on the opening drive, do we seemingly instantly settle for a FG? Why try to run the Wildcat twice in a row? Why do we look eerily like a team coached by Romeo Crennell?
Brady Quinn all the way. Throw the ball deep, please. Anything over 20 yards. at least keep the defense honest.
While I think there is hope for the offense, they were never in sync or rhythm, lots of reasons for that. Braylon Edwards just infuriates me. He seems totally uninterested, a legend in his own mind. Finally, I know it's the first outing but the play calling was offensive. Lots of work to be done in the coming weeks.
Sorry Brady, you didn't get it done, too many passes behind recievers, Ints, and your Keystone cop fumble sealed the deal. The Offensive playcalling was Carthonian in many ways, and made me wretch. And those announcers, Billick is horrible, and the other one couldn't get himself out of Favre' jock.
Derek Anderson for not kissing the coaches ass enough to get the job off of ol' noodle arm Quinn.
I couldn't locate his face, his mouth was open.
Nothing that someone else hasn't already said... the last 10 years.
DABOLL for his Mo Carthon imitation. EDWARDS = 2 penalties, 1 catch. You were a net liability today. I'm also going to give one to QUINN for 2 turnovers and a fear of going downfield.
I hope minn defense is one of the best otherwise our offense sucks
Quinn sucks. My mom has a better arm. Thanks, and nice pick, Savage.
Billick sucks worse announcer than coach
Goose-egg on the execution...thanks guys. D-line can't tackle...looked scared to tackle anyone & for the most part got man-handled. WRs not good enough to get open when O=line gave QB enough time.
man the play calling was EXCREMENT
3rd and inside the one and cribbs is in shot gun? this the best attribute of jamal lewis and he wasnt even in on the play
daboll....are you related to mo ?
quinn......throw it downfield
ol.........i can smell you here in southern ohio
Offense was disappointing most of the game. Brady Quinn did not look good. I blame the Browns coaches from the last 2 years for letting Brady rot on the bench. I think his play has gone downhill from doing so. He is still a work in progress. Finally we will get to see what Brady Quinn is made of. To me he is still a Rookie out there. Derek Anderson would of done no better in this game I feel.
As usual be was AWOL... sooner he's traded the better. Lousy play calling... not enough deep throws to stretch the defense, right OL is barely nfl caliber.
we wasted a first round pick on him, your allowed to throw the ball to wide receiver's.
Hey Brian Daboll, I want the ball in J.C.'s hands as much as possible, but two "flash fomation" plays at the goal line, c'mon wise up!
See 4 votes for Daboll above.
After such a good start, they really fizzled that second half. looked like they resorted to their old ways. Hopefully Mangini will beat that out of them.

What was the deal with Quinn's backward pass, Horrible.

Second half also started our typical missing tackles. I guess the good news on that was the first half they looked really solid tackling, so I'm a bit more positive on that than I was last year. But we need more improvement over the season.
*pretty pathetic, Mangenius gambled and soup for you, one year! NEXT!!!
*Lerner is AWOL, sell the the team to someone who really WANTS to build a champion again.
Throw the damn ball down field! It's the NF freaking L!
Why have you cursed us? First Modell and now this?
Yeah i am giving a goathorn to The entire TE unit because they did very little to help the cause of the offense. The wr unit because they could not get open and brian daboll for putting them in that situation.
Braylon Edwards. Brown's d is on the field for 13 plays to open the 3rd quarter and edwards runs the wrong route on the next series and causes and interception. Back out goes the D and everything compounds from there. Just proves you don;t have to drop any passes to get the horns. Braylon stinks in more ways than one.
Boo to the coaching staff!
Quinn was terrible, plain and simple. Daboll was just as bad. He was trying to be entirely too creative for a QB who hasn't received nearly enough snaps with the first team. Braylon Edwards had one catch, but a nice one that didn't count. Either way, he has to get open more. He was virtually a non-factor again.

Also, enough of the Wildcat. It's ok to use, but not more than one or two times a game at this point. Why in the hell they ran the exact same play from the wildcat/flash inside the three on second AND third down? That's beyond me... Dumb call on both plays.
Webdork gets a vote for still having Steptoe as an option available in the pull down menu.
Quinn and Edwards have to get on the same page if this team has any chance of being competitive.
Brian Daboll's game plan sucked.
The goal line wildcat produced squat.
Hope this isnt all he has to offer.

Does Brad Childress look like a D-bag or is just me
The right side of our off. line needs to be retooled - we will get to the 3rd, 4th & 5th QBs by mid-season if this is a preview of things to come.
Boy, I heard screams for Harrison all game - especially every time Davis had a 1 yard carry! Jamal Lewis should have been utilized more - he was effective! Daboll must utilize the entire playbook if he is going to slowdown the pass rush. Lets hope he figures things out real quick - I blame him much more than BQ!
Unfortunately, I returned from the restroom to watch the second half. The Browns are 0-1 with zero offensive identity, and I'm less than thrilled with seeing this type of thing for another 15 weeks.
Did Daboll only understand Maurice CARTHON'S play-book !?!
2 turnovers and displayed a weak arm. He is nothing more than a backup.
wow. This should be a fun season.
Your team has not scored an offensive touchdown in a regular season game since November of last year and you are inside the one yard line. Your big back two plays before gashed the vaunted Viking defense in the red zone for nearly four yards. AND YOU RUN A FREAKING WILDCAT PLAY THAT FAILS AND THEN YOU KICK A FIELD GOAL!!?? WTF WERE YOU THINKING!!???
The offense looks miserable. Brady Quinn had a horrible game.
Quinn, mostly for his football follie addition in the 2nd half.
No offense and strange play calls near the end zone ...smae old junk. Our Oline was not dependable and Quin was not able to make quick plays.
Brady Quinn - Really needs to learn to throw downfield and hit receivers in stride. Hoping he is the right choice. Didn't look like it Sunday.
PLAY 4 QUARTERS!!!!!!!!!!
Poteat is slow. Zastudil's 2 short punts hurt us. Daboll calling a second consecutive wildcat run at the goal line was a telegraph and a bad call.
F in' tackle!!!!!!!
The INT & Fumble. Dude looked like Garo Yepremian.
Wow!! That quarterback surprise really worked out great!!! Where would we be without the competitive edge of secrecy? Nice job with the play calling on first and goal in the first half Daboll... I hope you learn from your mistakes on that one.
right side of the line sucks
defense got tired
Playcalling and right side O-line was among the most pitiful thing I've witnessed on a football field, fans get the horns for hard overreacting. Building a perennial winner is a marathon, not a race.
Same question
The offensive playcalling was not so good. I don't care if your arm sucks, throw the dang ball down the freakin field you poo head.
So much for the competitive advantage. The Vikings knew the secret all along...that Quinn is not a threat!
Accuracy of passes is why a QB should be drafted. It wasn't in evidence Sunday. And - how can timing between a QB and SR be developed when no one knows if they are the starter?
Fans that booed DA (last year )and had no reaction to Quinn terrible showing.
Royal Dropped a few.

Womack brings back images of Scot Rheburgh.

Daboll scripted 15 plays and it appeared stayed with them. Plays did not fit the game situation. Might not be a good idea.
At halftime you make adjustments based on the first half of the game. The vikings did that and the browns appeared to have forgotten to.
Quinn was crap and showed that he is not better than DA.
The O was horrible and caused the D to fatigue and show its true pathetic colors.
All you Brady Quinn lovers- be careful what you wish for, because you got it, and Quinn is nothing more than a career backup.
No one can tell me the Browns are the only team to have sub-par talent on both sides of the ball. It's the friggin' coaches and their inabilities to format techniques and gameplans. On the friggin' goal and not use Jamal to pound the ball! Mangia-Mangia Meatball had better get some coaches who know what coaching and techniques are all about, and not just his old belly-up-to-the-buffet buddies. Cleveland has talent on the field; little talent in the coaching boxes. I'm just tired of hearing that the Browns are the only team in the NFL with no talent. Let's get some real coaches! REAL coaches!!
I need 5 Goat Horn selection boxes for Brain Daboll and two more Eric "The Mind Game" Mangini for next week..m k?
Except for the two young ladies in section 532 that got thrown out for being obnoxious Purple peter eater fans, it's ALL ON RANDY!!!! Let our team and people go RANDY!!
Why is Eric Wright even starting?! He could not cover a rock, and he is an even worse tackler! The offense again lacks imagination. When we "couch coaches" know what the Brown's (Offense) are going to do before they do it, don't you think the real coaches are way ahead of us? OFFENSIVE more like!
We all knew Quinn is NOT accurate. He isn't looking down field at all. But pulling a Gyro Yepremium without pressure is not the mark of a good pro QB. Daboll has his work cut out with Quinn. Until he figures out that - Cribbs needs to be the wildcat QB every 3rd series.
Brian Daboll: I felt like he had a play not to lose mentality. His play calling was way too conservative. And why in the hell did we run two straight wildcat formations on 2nd, 3rd and goal from the one? We ran way too many draw plays especially on 2nd and even 3rd and long at times. The offense was far too easy to defend.

Braylon Edwards: Only one catch, stupid penalties and he ran the wrong route on Quinn's int. Braylon needs to step it up and get his head in the game. He needs to be the go to guy on offense.

Right side of the OL: St Clair and Womack were horrible.

2nd half Defense: Very disappointing, they look like they just quit to me. Poor tackling, no energy or aggression and as a result AD just shredded them.
Mangini because he took too long to make his decision on a qb which resulted in sloppy play by Quinn do to not enough work with the #1's. And always Art the fart.
I hope never to see Brian Billick's overgrown head calling a Browns game the rest of the season.

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