Adkins: What We've Been Told

After an anemic offensive performance in the opener, are personnel changes in the offing for Game Two? Lane has the answer to that question and more, including what the Browns can expect from their next opponent on each side of the ball...

- Despite an anemic offensive display in the season opener, no personnel changes are expected this week -- as well there shouldn't be.

- Plenty of blame has been tossed around by those covering the team, but head coach Eric Mangini is blaming himself and his staff for the issues. Granted, we all know Mangini and Company aren't on the field making plays -- or not making plays, as the case may be. On Monday, the game was discussed; on Wednesday, the focus begins on the Denver Broncos -- as well as hashing out correctable issues on each side of the ball.

- Issues such as communication, recognition and knowledgeable execution parameters have been discussed. Mangini praised his defense for playing strong in the first 30 minutes and questioned the aforementioned breakdown issues in the second half against the Vikings.

- Some discussion within the media centered on the Browns' inability to adjust at halftime of the loss to Minnesota. The coaches always feel they could have done more, but it was the execution on the field that left the defense wanting in the second half. As the Vikings changed their offensive plan in the second half, the Browns defense recognized the changes, but did not execute or react quick enough.

- QB Brady Quinn is not in jeopardy of being benched. Mangini wants to see progress coming from the quarterback -- as well as the offensive unit as a whole -- and a tough game against Minnesota is not going to put the young QB on the hot seat.

- Not once did Mangini think about relieving Quinn during the pedestrian offensive showing on Sunday. Despite Quinn and the offense struggling, Mangini did see many positive developments during the Browns loss -- as well as numerous missed opportunities due to an incorrect read, route or a lack of execution coming from the offensive line.

- RB Jamal Lewis played well, better than his stat line. The stinger he suffered is not going to keep him from playing Sunday against the Broncos.

- An early indicator this coming Sunday will be how well the offensive line handles pressure. Often, the Browns went max protection against the Vikings; the belief after watching the Broncos is this will not have to be the case in Denver. Yes, the Broncos will attempt to exploit the right side of the Browns offensive line, but this Denver team does not have the horses the Vikings did.

- The screen, slant and post will be drawn into this game plan, simply to open the field against the Broncos as this Denver defense can be worked in that direction.


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