Fan View: BLAST!!

Jeff Biletnikoff goes old-school Stewie on the struggling Browns franchise

In the immortal words of Stewie from Family Guy:  "BLAST!"

Man, that's how I felt today watching this poor excuse for a NFL franchise play today.  Denver tried to give the Browns breaks.  I mean, first and foremost they did start Kyle Orton and they obliged with missed FG's and a turnover on the game's first play.

Did any of it matter?

I think you know the answer to that question.

If its possible, the Browns look worse than the sad sack edition that ended last season.  At least that bunch had an excuse.  They had Bruce Gradkowski starting.  This year the team has two healthy QB's, including a former first rounder that beat out a 2007 Pro Bowler in an heated open "competition."

Certainly brought the best out in Cleveland's QB play, didn't it?

And good decision to have John St. Clair on the right side of the line.  I suppose he was the only option because why would any team start him that had another person to fill in there?

I'm thinking that a movie theater turnstile would have more success in slowing down the pass rush.

Josh McDaniels must be thanking his lucky stars that he drew the Bengals and the Browns as his first 2 opponents.  Denver must be the weakest 2-0 team in the history of the NFL.

I'm really running out of ways to say this team is bad.  What I witnessed today wasn't NFL football.  It wasn't even ACC football.  The Browns stunk in each and every phase of the game.  Nothing on special teams, less on defense and a big fat negative number on offense.

What was all the offseason noise about?  Randy Lerner, you fired Crennel/Savage to bring in this bunch?  You might as well have not even gone in the Kokinis/Mangini direction for this kind of performance.

Make no mistake, this is a BAD Denver team that is quarterbacked by Kyle Orton and they made the Browns look silly.

Here's a thought, Mr. about maybe, just maybe going in a different direction the next time you have to make a change?  I think you've shaken and shaken the Parcells/Belichick/Ravens trees enough.

All they seem to do is fall on you.

Watching Mark Sanchez (who was sitting there for the Browns at #5 this year) rip through the Patriots in the 1p game didn't help my mood either.  Why is it that the Browns always seem to zig when they're supposed to zag and zag when they're supposed to zig when it comes to picking talent?

Ok, ok, its too early to declare Quinn a bust and make Sanchez's Hall of Fame bust but damn it, I'm getting tired of not being able to stay awake past halftime for bad Browns games.

Do you realize we are careening towards a meaningless season by October?



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