Gameballs and Goats Results

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SUMMARY: Aiigh! That is all.  


Player Gameballs
Braylon Edwards (WR/17) 154
Phil Dawson (K/4) 142
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 77
---Fans--- 76
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 51
Blake Costanzo (LB/54) 50
Joe Thomas (OT/73) 48

Player Goat Votes
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 255
John St. Clair (OT/78) 214
Brian Daboll(OC) 135
Eric Mangini(Head) 96
---Entire Offense--- 85
Hank Poteat (DB/23) 71
Alex Mack (C/55) 69
---All Coaches--- 62

Gameball Write-ins Goat Write-ins
The Wind
  The whole offense
  anybody associated with this team in the last decade
the wind  
  White Romeo
  the whole damn team
Dawson is good 1 for Quinn, 2 for St. Clair. Quinn would have gotten 2 if St. Clair wasn't so bad.
Charlie Frye White Romeo, Maurice Carthon's leftover playbook, ManKok
  Randy Lerner and everyone else that draws a paycheck that pathetic excuse for a football team
moohead life
The 2010 NFL Draft  
  Randy Lerner
  Mo Carthon
No one deserved a gameball Romeo Mangini
  What a joke the NFL should of made Modell wait 3 years to get his team. You don't make the fans wait 3 years . That is why i will not watch NFL ever again.
Josh McDaniels  
Lebron James, Eezer Weldon
Beer and Cornhole Eric Mangini's Crooked Hat
Toldeo U. USC
Chud the ghost of Carthon that has taken over Daboll
Nick Saban Bruce Arians
Gus Johnson's damp pants from last week Me - for watching and supporting this mess
The crosswind Brown Pants
Matt Praeter  
  The Head Coach
  Rich Passan
Browns fans in Denver  
Dawg,Net,TB,Cribbs, Stewie, Duck FanDon
  The right side of the line
  Brian Daboll
  st clair
Elvis Presley Thanks Koesters
Shannon Sharpe Browns front office
  hank poteat
James Davis Eric Mangini
cleveland fans for watching quinn
  Brady Quinn, Brady Quinn , Brady Quinn
  The coaching staff for not being prepared.
  St. Clair OT
  Poteat, St. Clair, Randy Lerner
none every freakin one
  Everyone Associated with the Cleveland Browns Organization.
Denver's kicker
  Randy Lerner
brian robiskie randy lerner
Nobody did shit to deserve a gameball The whole friggin team
  Brain Daboll(OC)
National Pundits picking us as the worst team in the league. Me.
  Mangini for hiring a rookie OC
  the whole damn organization
Shannon Sharpe's parachute
Ohio State Buckeyes Candy Lerner, corporate rat bastard NFL, Jerry Jone
anyone who watched whole game! brian daboll
  is there anyone else
The Fans The Fans
the wind
Diehard Browns Fans My ever so slight optimism prior to the season.
Not Anyone The whole team
Phil 'The Mayor' Dawson
Whoever buys the Browns from Randy Whoever refuses to buy the Browns from Randy
art modell
  The Packers Fans who sold out to OchoStinko by wearing Bungles Gear so he can leap to them.
  Entire Offensive Line

Brian Daboll
  John St. Clair
Andra Davis
Brian Robiskie, for being lucky enough to be inactive for the game.
The Kicking Tee Those UGLY Uniforms
NFL and Roger Goodell for the Browns still being allowed to play in the NFL
not one f---king vote for anybody the whole f--king organization
  Hank Poteat
  John St Clair
Phil Dawson entire defense
Are you serious?!?!??!?!??! Everyone-Browns Front Office
  Me for believing that this team would win 7 to 9 games.
  Mangini, Lerner, St. Clair
Jon Gruden is looking for a coaching job!!!!
NOBODY! Lost as a team.
Otto Graham The entire Browns organization
Denver Bronco for at least trying to lets them make it a game Elvis Dumerville
The Easterbunny
  Tampa for not firing Gruden sooner.
Thanks Koesters The entire team
zkramp Thanks Koesters
Matt Prater
  Eric Mangini
  how much cushion do our DB's need to give?? and by the way did d'quellless play yesterday??

Front Office
to any player that did not dress
  eric mangini
Phil Dawson Randy Lerner
Chicago Bears o and 16
This is a joke, right? Randy Lerner
  Brady Quinn
Andra Davis
  John Elway
Jake Locker Phil Savage
Jay Cutler Joey Porter
  Brown Pants
  Randy Lerner
  Eric Wright
the winds at mile high stadium the whole right side of off. line
Cleveland Browns Fans
Robbie Gould
Myself "Rebuilding Years"
Ray Ventrone
Barry's color commentary in the live chat/blog
Barry "artbtz" Mcbride Ben Gay
kevin sheffer/andre davis
  all coaches
Kyle Orton  
The clock at ZERO Learner


Gameball Comments
Boy, it was HARD finding anyone to give gameballs to.
Wright wasn't horrible -- I wish I could say more for the rest of the team.
You have to be kidding! The only person who may be remotely entitled to a gameball is the driver of the bus who drives this team off a bridge.
he's the only one that can score points
Defense did their part until they got wore out in the fourth quarter. Pressure on Orton was good but apparently not good enough
For giving me my Sundays back earlier in the year than usual.
Are we trying to get the number one pick in the Draft?
No gameballs for you.
Quinn does not get a gameball from me. But, he had some steam driven bullets as passes a few times, even down field. Proving to me that his arm strength is definitely adequate (regarding knocks on him during the QB comp)
Good workout for the kicking team.
Wow!! We are awful
We need Chud back as OC. Cracked me up last year everyone ripping on him after such a great year in 07. At least he tried things outside the box. Daboll has no business being a OC

Edwards, made some great catches.

Francies, great hit on opening kick off to cause the fumble.

Zastudil, a couple inside the 20 that were well placed.

Other than that, Up yours to all the rest of the browns & and their coaching staff for doing nothing.
Gameball? I really don't think so Sue.
Syndric Steptoe gets a gameball and he isn't even playing. Of course, neither is anyone else
Gave all my gameballs to the FANS, whom year after year, continue to support a garbage football team!
The fans for putting up with this CRAP!!!!
There is not much hope for the offense. Please add a choice for no one in the list of players above. We the fans deserve so much more from this organization.
I gave a gameball to the King, because I enjoyed the music in my head as I heard his name mentioned 100 times today
there was a game?
Shaun Rogers is a man among boys. The TV announcers did a decent job not killing the Browns like some do. Donavans hairpiece is so good, I didnt know he had one untill I saw it listed. NOT. Not many positives out of this one.
Gameballs to the Inactive players who had to watch this pathetic display of football like the rest of the fans.
EWright and BE showed up where is the rest of the team.
NONE, zero, sip, nada.
Quinn (not throwin long), St. Clair (for not showing up), Daboll (not knowing how to run an offense), and one gameball to all three for showing us that the browns will recieve the #1 pick in next years draft after only week 2
Defense played pretty well considering how much time they spent on the field
NOBODY gets gameballs in a loss.
I should really only get the only gameball for amking it through the whole first half befor giving up again.
No game balls. Zero!
The end of the game.
can't blame him for any of the on field mistakes today.
National Pundits picking us as the worst team in the league. Anyone whining about this after today's so called performance needs to get back on the short bus.
Watching OSU play in Cleveland Browns. Stadium was a bizarre, experience, scoring TD after TD, running, passing, you name it. Too bad R. Lerner and his pathetic players and coaches were there to see. It looks like the best outing all season for us beleagured fans.
talk about cruel and unusual punishment!
I feel sorry for the Browns Fans for putting up with this kind of football in Cleveland.
Edwards looked better, Massoquoi needs to be the # 2 receiver and let him develop. What's with Robiskie not dressing for game, is he a bust already. we need a right tackle in the worst way. can Alex Mack snap the ball, he been a bust so far
Horrible. Amazing the we keep coming back for more of this nonsense.
There weren't any players noticed that played well.
To Phil Dawson, without him we'd be shutout every week.
Thanks, Randy!
Braylon for being the only receiver contributor. He has Talent, especially if used properly. Shaun Rogers is an athlete. I feel sorry for him playing on losing Teams is whole Career. Hopefully, the Browns will improve and lastly, Brady Quinn for being brave enough to take even one snap behind the right side of the line.
No game balls
Nobody deserves a Game Ball .Meet the new Browns same as the old Browns .When does this Shit end and we have a team that competes ? This is Embarrassing and i have followed this team since 1968 .
Elam remains to be one of the few playmakers we have on defense. The defense did OK - but again, fell off late due to being on the field so much.
Edwards- Finally looked like a pro again
Costanzo- Recovering a fumble sadly gets a nod for this team
Anderson- Starting to look like I was right about Quinn all along
Are you serious?!?!??!?!??!
cant think of one good thing about the game. time to put Anderson in. Sadly he is the best QB since our return, and he is only 2 games under 500. He has his own issues but at least he will put points on the board. I seen enough of Quinn. He has shown no signs of improvement, He took a few steps backwards the last 2 weeks.
There wasn't much to vote for Phil is always automatic. The rest is the ones who least stunk.
Jon Gruden will be looking for a coaching job next year. A winning and respectable coach, is always fired up and grew up a Browns fans. He will be the first hired coach that most of the fan base will love.... The perfect fit!
Everything is good except what we saw on the field.
game ball, you mean game ball,were talking game ball many win's do we have,0, that's how many game ball's we give.
Thanks for one of the few bright spots over the last 10 years!!!
Cleveland Browns tradition is dead
It's a shame that our best players were kickers!!! The non drunk fans are the best - for anyone to be able to watch that entire game without medication - well, let's just say they are either a "true" fan or they need to be admitted to a mental home immediately!
tough to give gameballs to the worst team in the league. This is painful to watch, when will it end?
Braylon Edwards is the only player I remember doing anything. Oh, and Phil Dawson. Yay, Phil.
Robiskie and Davis must have been glad to be inactive for that. However, how bad are they if they can't make then active roster on this team.
Phil Dawson is our offense! At least Braylon didn't drop a pass this week, so we will give him props for that...
The best players for us this week where on Practice Squad. They did screw us.
We have to be the toughest thing associated with the team.
Gameball goes to my second pitcher of beer, without it I would not have made it through the game.
Until somebody tells this team that they will not burst into flames when they cross the goal line (the opposing team's that is), the gameballs will continue to go to Phil and George Costanzo.
Watching Quinn suck makes Anderson look better.
Edwards showed his talent- he just needs more passes thrown his way.
Myself for canceling NFL Ticket before the season started
Ryan Pontbriand is still the best longsnapper in the NFL and first longsnapper in the Hall of Fame. Hank Fraley for being a better right quard than Floyd "Big Butt" Womack. Ray Ventrone for being the best wide receiver/safety on the Browns.
I had to sit through that garbage, effortless Browns performance and endure 71,000 heckling Broncos fans at Mile High!!!!!!!!!!!
For taking that many hits and still willing to stand up and take another one.
No One gets a game ball.
can't give any gameballs for THAT
Barry, for carrying on and me for staying away from sharp objects all day........
One to Kyle Orton, he tried his best to keep us in the game.
Don't get how Donovan does it... Year after year of crap football!
NO ONE is worthy of this category!!


Goat Comments
Poteat and St. Clair need to give way to rookies NOW! Cribbs need to stop pretending he's a WR. Put him back on special teams exclusively, and return him to service as gunner on cover teams. He's only retarding the development of Massaquoi and keeping Robiskie from suiting up. We need to start seeing what these 2nd rounders can do.
Cribbs is not a starting wide receiver, St. Clair is not a RT and Quinn is not an NFL quarterback yet. Of the three, I still have hope that Quinn will wake up eventually. Daboll also called another horrific game. Hey, that's two for two for him!
Hopefully Mangini was just demonstrating that Quinn is not the guy. He really has no business being int he NFL. Looks like we will be drafting a QB.
Been a fan for over 50 years and I am really being tested to remain a fan. This is sooooo bad, you can't score a touchdown against Denver? I was pulling for Brady but I don't think he is the answer.
truly awful performance. this team is as bad as the return. somebody needs to throws a penalty flag in my eye so i can't see this crap.
Need more spaces to give goathorns
Stop signing paychecks Lerner!!!
when do get to see a professional football team in cleveland?????
I can't believe I have tickets to two more Browns games
Sell the team!
Where to start. I really believe the Browns offense is one of the worst in the NFL. Could we please have Chud back?? Maybe mix it up a little bit next week & not so vanilla-boring
What a game. I hate losing,but damn, are we good at it.
Makes you wonder if they should have taken the local boy to be the head coached. It was often said of Romeo Crennell that his teams were never ready to play and he never outcoached anyone. New regime and more of the same. The only time Jamal Lewis can find the hole is when no one expects him to get the ball. Otherwise he's a liability. Second and nine is not the way to start any series.

Brady Quinn looks lost, skittish, confused, bewildered, shell-shocked, dismayed, perplexed, puzzled, baffled, mystified, bemused and befuddled.

I thought he was a poised or an in-control type of QB. He has been the biggest disappointment.
I have never seen a more boring offensive plan since Carthon graced us with his work. No imagination, no direction, just dull, run up the middle three times then punt. Ugh!! I'm going to take the year off to save me from this frustration.

I'm guessing Cribbs isn't ready to be a WR, dropped balls when getting hit is killing us. It looked like he had no gas left for kick returns. Put Furrey in as the number 2 guy.
Can we get "entire franchise - from players, to coaches, to front office, to owner" listed as an option? It'd make Goat voting easier.
Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing the cornerbacks poor coverage and the worst tackling in the NFL?
We have now cemented our position as one of the worst teams in the NFL -- only Kansas City, St. Louis and Detroit can match this franchise for ineptness!!!!!!!!!
jim donovan for reminding me every game what color helmets the browns are wearing.
The head coach set the tone for the team by not going for the touchdown instead of the field goal after the 1st turnover. Browns went up 3 to 0 but could have been 7 to 0 or if they stop us, they have the ball at their 1 or 2.
This makes the team look freightened, and play not to lose instead of play to win....
There is not much hope for this team so far. Cribbs should is a liability at WR. St. Clair is going to get someone killed out there. I could swear I remember Daboll stating this offense would score points. Right?? I may have to route for the Lions at least they know how to score offensive points.
this team sucks from top to bottom, from lerner to the janitor.

a real chance to go 0-16 this year, and then screw up again in the draft.
St Clair Str Clair and St Clair
St Clair could not block my mother who has been dead for 5 years-----cut him
Al Lerner for making the money to allow Randy to have a CB country club
Team is garbage. Thanks Koesters.
I'm giving a huge goathorn to the Browns front office for trading down in the draft and picking up a bunch of loosers. I haven't seen Robiskie, Veikune, or Massaqui do a dam thing, and Alex Mack has not impressed. We're screwed.
I long for the days of Phillcox throwing to Hartley, I really do.
Mangini and his team are in a real bad spot. The team is not winning and has poor prospects of winning in the future.

The head guys stern management of the team will only pay off if he wins. If players are going to go through ball busting practices, they must realize wins right away.

With two losses in the books already, Mangini on the verge of losing his team, if that hasn't happened already.

It's going to be a very long year.

Get the scouts our mining for talent to fill the #1 draft choice spot.

Wait a minute, Kokiman will probably trade down.

Alex Mack was moved to guard today because he had troubles snapping the shotgun. With my Direct TV, TIVO, I had the ability to do alot of channel hopping today. Maulaluga and all the three USC linebackers are all doing well. Sanchez is going very well. All our first and second round picks are playing poorly.
Hank Poteat is the newest member of the "toast" club. John St. Clair was terrible. No other way to put it. The offense as a whole was offensive. It may be time soon to put in the young WRs and let them learn ion the field.
entire secondary and off. cord.daboll
St. Clair is PITIFUL! What a sorry excuse for a RT! Lord help Quinn (or DA) because his OL sure as hell isn't going to.
Phil Dawson gets a goat for not telling Mangini that he's sick of kicking field goals from the 3 yard line. (Someone needs to get a set of balls.) Goat to Brady Quinn for just basically sucking. Goat to Brandon McDonald for his loose crappy coverage. Goat to Eric Manigini for for hiring Brian Dabol and his vanilla dink and dunk 3 and out offense.
offense play calling stinks
The total offense was just terrible. I know it's only two games but the offense coach should be let go NOW !!
We should have stayed with Romeo
This team, particularly the offense, is an absolute embarrassment. I saw better play calling at the local high school game on Friday night. What a joke. This team would be more appropriate for the now defunct Arena Football League.
cribbs please go back to returning punts & kickoffs!!
put furrey in at #2
Longsuffering Browns fans deserve better than this drivel we've been given.
The entire organization SUCKS! From top to bottom, they barely qualify as a professional team.
Daboll is as bad or worse than Maurice Carthon ?!??
If we keep watching this crap we're all goats! I long for the day when we play tough and close but come up short. Choke-land, Ohio - At least we were in a position to win.
I wish Tuck was back!!
The right side of the line is completely incompetant.
QUINN, DABOLL, and ST CLAIR earn goathorns this time. Defense played well enough to keep us in it thru most of 3 quarters. QUINN played poorly, ST CLAIR continually was an open door for anyone wanting to personally meet Quinn, and DABOLL's playcalling was...was...dear Lord is this season going to go on like this all year? There are many other things I could be doing on Sunday afternoons that might actually be enjoyable.
Absolutely terrible! Not melting, but this team is in BAD shape.
This is the sorriest excuse for a Franchise I have ever seen. It's time someone at the top is held accountable.
Ok, let me get this straight, we let Shaffer walk to Chicago and signed St. Clair from Chicago to replace him and now St. Clair makes us wish Shaffer were back. Has any OT ever had a worse game than that?

Alex Mack - 1st round pick or not, he's hurting this team right now. His soft high snaps in week one hurt, but the one this week that he bounced back to Quinn and caused a fumble, took us out of the shot gun offense for nearly two quarters by our OC.

Brian Daboll - We run at least 20 screens in the pre-season that seemed to work pretty well and then ZERO in the first two games even though we can't slow down the pass rush on the right side or get the ball near the end zone outside of garbage time in week one. Plus an offensive formation he has so much faith in week one, (the wildcat), one that he ran twice from the three yard line to no success, he then runs Zero times in week two from anywhere on the field to mix things up a bit.

So between not using the Wildcat at all this week and being so obviously reluctant to run the shot gun after the bad snap, you're beginning to limit our options there aren't you coach Daboll?

Might as well include anyone who was wearing brown pants today.
Disgusting...embarrassed to be a Browns fan! I'm am no longer wasting 3 hours of my Sunday, at least this year it only took 2 weeks.
What the &*%#
hey randy im out until you sell this team to someone who will put a real nfl team on the field. no more wasting my sundays for this
The Goats can only be the Fans, Fans, & Fans that continue to support this mess. I am guilty of this - though after the 63-0 drubbing next week I will just be laughing - because otherwise I would cry. We suck - hard...
this team looks even worse than last year under Mangini, He sure had me fooled prior to the regular season.
Too many franchises in all the big leagues gives us the watered-down, shitty product in all pro sports and that has the biggest impact in the NFL.
Football is the most complex and MANAGED sport with all the different
position groups, assistant coaches,
rotten qbs, and re-tread head coaches.
Maybe the next owner can see to that at least the coordinators can have some longevity and breadth of experience instead of being the coaches VERY junior assistants.
Go back to England Randy the grass fairy

Just a pathetic effort by the entire offensive unit, especially the right side of the OL.
This team will be lucky to win any games this year. The talent gap is enormous. The play calling is horrendous and predictable. Can Quinn throw the ball farther than 20 yards?
Tonight the Browns looked terrible period. They looked better last week against the Vikings. I pretty much have had it as a fan at this point. Living in New Jersey I have been a Browns fan since growing up in the 50's yet we have a couple of good teams right in my own back yard with the Jets and Giants. Each year I spend upwards of just under $300 a football season to watch the Cleveland Browns play like crap on Direct TV Sunday Ticket. This is the last year I am going to do this. Today Sunday we had great weather here in the Northeast but I sat and watched my team try to play football. Heck a High School team would give these Browns trouble it seems. I am just totally disgusted anymore. I thought that with Mangini I would see a different Browns team but the team I am watching reminds me of Romeo's Crennels Browns. Wait until next week when we try to play the Ravens. What a joke that will be. Even my wife and daughter said to me tonight why don't I root for another team already. Heck I may give up watching football altogether after this year I am so unhappy. After watching the Browns game I didn't care to watch anymore football at all. Watched a little of the Jets game before and saw what they did to the Patriots. I had to walk away from the TV today watching the Browns as I couldn't watch this crap anymore near end of the 3rd quarter. I feel real bad for the Cleveland Fans. How embarrassing this game was today for diehard Browns Fans.
We need a OC that knows how to call plays !!
offense looked lost players didn't know where to line up on certain plays.
Why, again, did we cut Kevin Shaffer and sign John St. Clair? And why did we draft a center in the first round when we have a serviceable Hank Fraley on the team? Put Fraley and Shaffer on the line, and use our first round draft pick on Sanchez, Moreno or any other rookie who got drafted #5 or later (not named darius heywood bay), and we might be able to actually do something. It couldn't be worse, anyway.
Why the heck did the Denver Broncos play a team that looked like a high school team in comparison?
Randy Lerner - thank for nothing. Please, please move on.

Brian Daboll - when my 12 year old plays be in Madden, and I run the same play more than twice, he catches on and stuffs it. When you put Vickers and/or Royal out wide and bring them in - and RUN IT, every time, I'm guessig highly paid NFL coaches will do the same.

Steve Buerlein - "Eric Wright is one of the top NFL corners" - perhaps true, if you were ranking poorest tacklers or those who give the largest cushions.
OL, QB all very bad. RB not good enough to make up for it. No way to score.
There's always next regime.
I voted for Daboll twice. His playcalling is craptastic. If Brady can throw the ball downfield in the 4th Qtr, that means he can throw the ball down the field the other three quarters.

John St.Clair is awful. He couldn't block an old woman in a wheelchair. How this boob has stayed in the League for a decade is beyond me.

I did not vote for Gameballs.
Absolutely ZERO effort, execution and heart by the Offense. Denfense is only good for the first half and Offense prefers to just watch the Defense from the sideline instead of playing the game.
St. Clair and Mack are obvious, but Rob Ryan because this Pro Defense is like amateursville. Their tackling is grab like a baby in a playpen and get head faked or shoulder faked out of their pants. The head can fake, the shoulders can fake, but the belt buckle can't. Look at their belt buckle area you idiots. Where that points is where the player is going. You cannot be faked out...and stop leaving your feet. That's futile. Coaches please learn to coach and players need to become fundamentalists.
St. Clair was terrible
whetther it Mangini or Daboll... the play calling is horrible...
They all wear the horns this week after that lifeless performance . A Embarrassment . Detoilets Record might get broke or tied as i dont see them winning a game any time soon ..BS!!!!
Quinn just sucks. You can tell it's true that he has no leadership skills. Quinn is just as inaccurate as the OTHER pro scouts warned. But the most alarming thing is his lack of pocket presence. On this team, the QB has to be able to feel the pressure. Sure, he's inexperienced - but he has yet to show a single "flash" of bonafide promise. It's going to be years before our offense is fixed.
St. Clair- Maybe the worst RT I have ever seen
Poteat- Only part of the problem
Quinn- Sucks
As a Browns fan for over 50 years, I can finally say the embarrassment has just gotten too much to bear. It is an absolute impossibility that the Browns have had only bottom-feeder talent; there needs to be a deeper investigation into the GM and coaching talent that the Lerners have saddled us with for the last near-decade. Until there is a demonstrable commitment from the owner and a valid commitment to getting 1st rate front office and coaching personnel, I am just going to turn out the lights and say good-bye.
Some many goats. Terrible play calling. Terrible execution. No silver lining to be seen today or the near future.
This includes everyone from Owner down to building maintenance. It stinks from top to bottom...will it ever change????
Not a good game, at all. One and done? Keep this crap up and it should be.
There are way too many to choose from here I chose the ones who stood out the most.
What is going on???? I Mangini over working the players? Does he have Quinn to nervous to make a mistake? Is this team really worse than last years team? I want to puke ever time I think about yesterdays game. Mangini needs to get things corrected quickly or the fans will be calling for his head (well the chants will be louder)
Bowens crashes down and gets beat on a reverse, Barton misreads his guard keys and fills the wrong hole, and the entire coaching staff can't make an adjustment to save its collect life. Other than that, everything is JUST peachy.
The play calling was crap. The execution was crap. Waterboard me, but do not torture me with that inept offense ever again.
rt back.
John St. Clair is the worst right tackle we have had since the return. Bar none. Can Womack take over at RT after Hadnot comes back at RG? Anyone would have to be better than St. Clair. Eric Mangini is my write in because he brought John St. Clair in to replace Shaffer. You don't replace a terrible player with someone that is worse. I think the Bears are laughing about that one. I never thought we would be missing Shaffer.
get that slow, false starting, club footed, fat ass, piece of crap St. Clairoff the dam field. Man the guy sucks. There has got to be someone out there better. really mack its only 3 feet use your massive brain to figure out how to get it done. Ok josh its time to go back to special teams only. 2 fumbles is enough. And by the way your returns were just wonderful...barf... puke.... vomit...
1 offensive TD in 9 games?!?!? Really!?! That's the best we can do?!
Is it to early for a head coach to be fired
Success starts with the head of any organization. 10 years of ineptitude from the Lerner family, however dedicated as a Cleveland Browns fans, warrants better for the rest of the millions of diehard Browns fans. Art Modell, as reviled as he is, did not field 10 years of embarrassment. It truly is time to sell the team Randy.
We are headed for 0 and 16. The Ravens and Browns will be first Monday night Blackout in local area.
They are a pathetic imitation of a NFL team.
Seriously, why even bother? My pity to anyone whose livelyhood depends on fans following these slugs
Just give St. Clair a red cape and say O'le - He would be a 1st class matador!!! Quinn-throw the ball down field!!! Manginious - Wow!
St Clair got beat every play by the same move from Dumerville. It was the same move Wimbley used last year, only every other team's RT knows how to stop it.
Because its not enough to only vote for him once.
Brady Quinn, for the second week in a row, has disappointed me more than any single football player in the history of my Cleveland Browns fandom. Brutal.

Alex Mack - Hey! I've got an idea! Stop sucking at snapping the football!

Defense - Couldn't even get a good half this time? Thanks guys. Way to show up.
There is not enough space for this one.

Defense in the second half.
Whoever teaches tackling.
(Where's the) Game plan.
OC Play calling.
Just sell, baby.
Jamal Lewis continues his trent of being terrible from last year. Has this tippy toe straight up ballet dancer ever picked up a third and short. He is horrible. This is football, if you can't run the ball, you lose.
Mangini for keeping Lewis and Adding John St. Clair who could not block my mom or her walker and for hiring a first year o coordinator.

And Myself for continuing to care about this worthless franchise. I hereby quit you a**holes until someone puts something worthy of my interest on the field. F U all.
Hank Poteat is the new Terry Cousin, Ray Mickens, Ralph Brown... John St. Clair just SUCKS! Jamal needs to quit dancing to the line. A running game would really help Quinn,
Can Brady hold onto the ball any longer? Make a decision and throw it, preferably more than 2 yards.
St.Clair should be cut ASAP. The only thing that fat turd could block is a doorway.
Eric(alias Susan) Wright could not tackle an old lady.
Nice right side of the line:( I've seen revolving doors put up more of a fight. Good pick-ups there Kokopuff and Mangina.
The players on the '99 to present Browns keep on getting better and the team keeps on getting worse. Oh how I yearn for the good old days of Couch, Kevin Johnson, Q. Morgan, and the knifey W. Green. Now that team could move the chains!
Quinn has this team looking like it may only CONTEND in 3 games this year. However, people still want to give him a year to collect his shit. I guess some Browns fans have been beaten down so badly by watching terrible football that they dont know when they are watching it. Trust me, what the Browns offense has done the past two weeks IS HORRENDOUS.
The longest "Rebuilding Year" in the history of "professional" football.
Browns were not only outplayed but very much out coached.
Floyd Womack for being the worse offensive lineman in the NFL, better get your bags ready for your time playing in the CIFL with the Marion Mayhem. Keith Grennan for still not being needed and still on the practice squad. Brett Ratliff for being one of the worst QB in Browns history. We cut Bartel for this. I would rather have Brad Goebel back.
Hopefully they have learned that vanilla should just be a ice cream and not a strategy for a football game.
Just plain bad.
Until the QB gets better we will be horrible
I was thinking of giving goathorns to the Browns run defense, but why blame something that doesn't exist?
How many years of crappy football are the fans that saved a franchise going to have to endure?
Can't stop the run or the pass.
worst gaame plan in years.
Just let the whole bunch drown in Lake Erie. The whole organization should move to Alaska so no one is subjected to this atrocity. This is NOT pro ball in every sense of the word and I will NOT watch it any longer!!!!

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