Fan View: PUNK'D!

The joke's on us, per OBR fan columnist Jeff Biletnikoff...

Cleveland, you got PUNK'D!

Baltimore had 197 yards rushing in the first half!!

Are they sure its not Mr. Rogers instead of NT Shaun Rogers, because the Ravens sure liked playing in HIS neighborhood.

Rogers best play?  He slammed a Raven down after the whistle blew.  15 yards!  Nice!

The rest of the Browns?


Holding penalties, interceptions, hitting out of bounds, missed tackles, etc, etc, etc...........

The Browns Defense played like the Ravens had the Swine Flu.

I'm starting to feel nostalgic for 2008. Quinn out.  Anderson in.

Is the Brady Quinn era over? Did it start?

Quick quiz: Cleveland's offense was last in the NFL entering Sundays game. Where do you think they're ranked now?

Did you say last? Congratulations!  You just won 2 season tickets to the rest of the Browns games.

Sit where you want, their attendance should be the same as an Indians game.

They've earned it.

Have you noticed that Eric Mangini has that classic Cleveland Head Coach confused look already?

I changed my mind.  The Browns didn't get PUNK'D.  They got PAID.

It was us, the Cleveland faithful, we got PUNK'D.


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