QB Decision Day, Part 2: Wednesday

Fred Greetham reports from Berea, where head coach Eric Mangini promises to name Sunday's starting quarterback by Wednesday. Plus, players on whether things can turn around, more...

BEREA—Wednesday is the new Monday.

It appears that ‘early in the week' to Eric Mangini is Wednesday.

Mangini said after the game that he would ‘make a decision early next week.'

In his Monday press conference, Mangini said he will announce who will start against the Bengals on Wednesday. However, that doesn't mean he won't tell the players involved, but the players have Tuesday off and Wednesday is the start of preparation for the next game.

Mangini said he hasn't made up his mind, yet on who he thinks gives the Browns the best chance in reversing their offensive fortunes.

"I'll go back and look at the game," he said. "I'll look at the operation and see who gives us the best chance to win."

What does he see different in Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?

"I think you have two quarterbacks who have worked very hard and have competed very hard," he said. "I appreciate what those guys have done and will base my decision on our situation."

Many thought, barring injury, that Mangini would go with Quinn for the season to see what he had in the young signal caller. However, it sounded as though he really is considering making a permanent move, rather than just throwing the Bengals off.

Mangini said he's not worried about hurting Quinn's confidence, if he does make the switch.

"I think a lot of quarterbacks go through different challenges," he said. "(Quinn's) a very hard worker and will correct the mistakes. He's also a pro and he will fight to help the team to continue to improve."

Mangini said that he liked Quinn's high completion percentage, but said the lack of third down conversions was not good.

"A lot of that comes down to what we do on first and second down."

Fundamentals, Fundamentals: Mangini said the Browns have to go back to the basics to be successful.

"There's nothing secretive about what we have to do," he said. "We have to focus on the fundamentals and get better at them.

"There are things we have done well, but it's a product of fixing the things we haven't done well. We will get it fixed and do something about it."

The first fundamental would be tackling, at least on defense.

"As a team, we have to do a better job tackling people," Mike Adams said. "Everyone on the defense has to do better and work on tackling. It seems like a lot of little things are keeping us from winning."

Mangini said he is committed to correcting the problems.

"Nobody is happy about where we're at," he said. "We're working at it day in and day out and will do say until we get it fixed.

"Anytime you come into a new situation, it will continue to take time to build and grow," he said. "I've been in these situations before. You have to be consistent and deliberate and you have to build for the short term and you have to also build for the long term."

Mangini said he evaluates his own decisions, as well.

"I ask the same thing of myself and coaches that I do of the players," he said. "We analyze the preparation and the game plan. We're going to have to emphasize fundamentals and adjust to the opponents."

Personnel Switches: Mangini was asked if he was contemplating any changes other than at quarterback.

"I really look at that every week," he said. "Who's practicing the best and who's making the best case to help us this week."

It Can't Get Worse… or Can It?: The good news is the Browns can't get any worse, can they?

Just last year the Browns lost their first three games before beating the Bengals in Cincinnati. This year, the Browns will host the Bengals this Sunday. Besides last year, when the Browns went on to finish 4-12, they also started 0-3 in 2006 and went on to a 4-12 season. In the Browns first season back in 1999, they lost their first seven games on their way to a 2-14 finish.

The Browns are ranked dead last in the NFL in offense and are 29th in the NFL on defense.

Offensively, the Browns haven't scored a meaningful offensive touchdown this season and have only scored one touchdown in their last nine games.

Defensively, the Browns have given up 34-, 27- and 34 points. Tackling continues to be a problem for the Browns and Mangini acknowledged that.

"Defensively, first you have to stop the run and eliminate big plays," Mangini said. "We haven't done any of those things.

"When you have four turnovers, it is going to be nearly impossible to win the game."

What happens now?: LB Kamerion Wimbley said the Browns can turn the ship around.

"All we have to do is go back in and keep working," Wimbley said. "Go back and see what we need to correct on film. That's all we can do as professionals. Keep our min on our task and keep focusing and try to win games."

"One of the things about being consistent is to play the best players at all times. Everybody needs to keep improving."

Grievances: It has been reported that as many as four to five players on the Browns have filed grievances regarding fines they were given by Mangini. He didn't want to get into it other than to say that grievances were commonplace in the NFL.

"Grievances are common," he said. "It's not unique at all with all teams."

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