Fan View: Mr. Flip-Flop

Is Jeff Biletnikoff impressed by Eric Mangini's handling of the quarterbacks? Not quite.

I'm officially no longer willing to give Eric Mangini the benefit of the doubt.  I was skeptical of him due to the fact that I didn't think Randy Lerner really exhausted the coaching search to jump on a guy that really was mediocre to bad in his last assignment.

However, I figured that it couldn't hurt to see what would happen with the Mangini era.

I now believe he is another in a long line of empty suits that have prowled the Browns sidelines.

I'm sorry, did I say "empty suit?"  I meant "empty sweatshirt" in deference to his Belichick ties.

You know, it strikes me that a LOT of coaches owe their jobs to a Mr. Tom Brady.  Remember Belichick in Cleveland and New England pre-Tom Brady?  Remember how they did last year without Tom Brady?  Yeah, yeah, you can point to an 11-5 record last year but they did not make the playoffs so that's all I have to say on the subject.

Back to the Tom Brady-Eric Mangini-Romeo Crennel-Charlie Weis (and others) connection.

The "Bill Belichick" tree has been much sought after with all the success New England has had but how would that tree have looked without Brady playing QB?

Not so hot.

My point is that it seems to me that there are a lot of sub-standard coaches running around that have gotten their jobs mainly on a reputation from a team that pretty much owes everything to finding a hall of fame caliber QB in round 6.

Exhibit A, your honor?  Mr. Eric Mangini's handling of the Browns QB situation.

Didn't he go over all of Anderson and Quinn's "reps" with a fine tooth comb?  Didn't this start last spring?  Hasn't he watched hours of film, observed them in practice, had them run different scenarios in preseason games to come to the conclusion that Quinn was the guy?

Now after 2.5 games it's "Whoops....let's just put Anderson in and see what happens."

He seemed to like the field goal drive that Anderson led on the road this weekend if you read Mangini's quotes on the subject.  Never mind the 3 picks, he led Cleveland to points.  On the road.  Against a great defense.  Ok, it was 3 points but points are points.

You would think if you're a team that is in "rebuilding mode" that has a young QB, you would give that young QB a chance for at least a season to see if he and the offense can gel. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I think Quinn has been awful but that's not the point.  Mangini and his staff had to have known they were in rebuilding mode with the amount of turnover they had on the roster, the lack of experienced receivers, an offensive line featuring 3 new starters and a RB that is really 2 years past "featured mode," so wouldn't logic dictate that everyone needs time to grow?  Shouldn't you have patience before you pull the trigger?  Didn't you spend 5 months evaluating the QB position?

This is more of the same.  This is why Cleveland never ends up as an elite team.  You have staffs that don't pick talent very well and then mismanage whatever talent they do have. 

I remember when they brought Jeff Garcia in (a different staff, I know) and refused to install a West Coast Offense for him even though that is the only system he can thrive in.

I put what Mangini just did with the quarterbacks right up there as a similar bad move because he went through the "process" of picking his young starter and then blew up his own "process" within 2.5 games when he got a little resistance.  You have to wonder if Mangini has a plan at all.

It's back to the future Cleveland fans.  More sub-standard leadership prevails in Berea and you will be the ones to pay for it.

I would hide from your Ravens and Steeler buddies for, oh, say, the next decade or so.

PS...I hope I'm wrong about this and it turns out to be a genius move and I have to write an apology article.  I would love nothing better than to see the Browns turn the corner but it does disturb me that there was a supposed "process" in place for 5 months and now its back to square 1.

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