GB&Gs: A Slight Expression of Displeasure

The gameballs and goats results last week mapped to a fan base that was not real, um, happy.

SUMMARY: Some absolute freaking dolt was so proud of his super-nifty roster-to-gameballs interface, he managed to leave off all the coaches and so forth from the poll. Idiot. When we find him, there will be beatings, but he vanished just after a large quantity of canned goods and beer disappeared from the OBR larder and fallout shelter. So it may take a while to track him down.

In any event, Browns fans coped - like we always do - by using the write-in votes to let the coaching staff and owner know how they felt. We've tabulated those votes separately.

You know it's a rough season, because people's Moms are getting goathorns again. Moms around the world are surprisingly united... let's just say someone may "forget" your favorite dish at Thanksgiving this year. Here are the results, which map pretty well to how nauseating the game turned out to be.

Gameball Voting
Player Gameballs
Jerome Harrison (RB/35) 82
Billy Cundiff (K/8) 57
Kamerion Wimbley (OLB/95) 49
Dave Zastudil (P/15) 47

Goathorn Voting
Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 172
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 153
Brandon McDonald (CB/22) 47
Eric Barton (ILB/50) 33

Write-in Goathorns
Person Goathorns
Eric Mangini 60
Entire Organization 27
Randy Lerner 24
Entire coaching staff 22
Brian Daboll 19
Rob Ryan 6
George Kokinis 2

Write-In Votes
Fan Gameball Write-in Goat Write-in
CBusBrownie The Browns Players for putting up with Mangini's garbage.
Any fan that watched more than 10 minutes of that debacle
eezer Weldon
The Cincinnati Bengals and Drafting in the top 3 Whoever didn't include the coaches as an option for Goathorns!! Please also add Mr. Lerner as an option for Goathorns.
Shrooney Browns and Ravens fans
tyrogyro None of the Above. All of the Above.
hoops Season Ticket Holders who still keep their seats!
TaipeiDawg Joe Flacco The TV Announcers
2012 coaches not in the goat list!
The Game's Fast Pace. The whole team.
jaydawg74 Me for watching.
dawg317 Those of us who watched/listened to the whole game Brian Daboll
Scott Player don strock
dennn all of the above
mtsames Art & his Baztard son
Naxos I can not even pick myself. DA's mom
bluezhound Fans!!!! Entire Franchise!!!
"Offensive" Line; "Offensive coordinator
youngcouple442 noone everyone
Bernie Kosar
64superfan Entire Offensive Unit
jackone everything with Cleveland Football
Fans The whole damn organization
DazeDawg Art Modell
houndfromhell Hard to do after a blow out like that. Ravens, player of the game. #50 Eric Barton.
All recievers and coaches
elracko Browns
Me (Brian Vargo)
PhotoCityDawg Cudlip
Phil Savage
topdawg29 Nobody Everyone from Lerner to the ball boys
A blowout 1st half
CLVROX We the Fans
suzi_q What's that? Gameball? GAMEBALL?! Don't talk to me about gameballs! I just hope we can win a frigging game!!! Me, on general principle. Piling on, QB sneak on first & 10. We don't need that kind of trickeration around here.
superfork2002 Fans The team's heart!
dp10451 No one
chowdogg No where to go but up We are a bad team
bill01 Brady Quinn, Anderson, all coaches
dawgonit0207 Fans that still support this team.
gilewicz You're kiddding, right?
drumslayer This whole crappy nonfooball playing Bush League Loosers!!
LiveDoctor Shaun Rogers
Me, for watching this crap.
jaw1dawg Me [discusted lifelong fan]
bobbyflats zkramp koesters
Ravedawg Water boy
all players and coaches
Phil Dawson
s146r23s13 Ravens for not running up the score any higher Lerner (Owner)
NJBrownsfan Mangini's mother
Fans who could put up with watching this sh** Fans who could put up watching this sh**
The Fans for putting up with this crap of a team
boobabydog ravens football team lions
FanofBrwns NT Shaun Rogers Derek Anderson should get traded to Seattle!
Entire Offense
NFL for letting this team on the field.
ruffin2000 jim donovan eas, da's back foot, the $1700 bottle of water
1995 Cleveland Browns 2009 Cleveland Browns
Mark Zickefoose Barry for not including coaches and Lerner in the list
special teams coach receivers coach
Cleveland Fans
Jerome Harrison Brady Quinn; Derek Anderson; ManKok for not sticking with a QB
DawgDplume Entire Offense.
SPICYDEIGO me for not wasting 3 hours to watch the game.
rbj40 The Fans who watch their crap Mangeneous & his entourage
swalidawg Joey Porter
joshuad555 the fans people responsible for browns last 10 drafts
bowens sucked the big one today !!
were jumping the gun to expect to win
Crunkadelic lenab Art Modell
Koesters Mods e0
Braylon Edwards Brady Quinn
Gringomojado Whole Freakin Offense!
floucka Seeing monkeys in the trees Sun shining on my face
FreddyBear19 Tim Couch--we just did not appreciate you NFL--for supporting Randy Lerner
commtech The Stick that I'm going to use to gouge my eyes out
Donte Stallworth for getting in a car wreck and avoiding this train wreck. Daboll, please fire this guy, worst offense in the NFL.
fans for bitching


Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
CBusBrownie BQ throwing 6-8 seems like an improvement to me even though he threw in INT and had a least it wasn't 3 INT's BQ gets a gameball for starting his career for two head coaches that can't make a firm decision.
eezer Now that we're oficially going for the number one pick in the draft, what position do we focus on? How about another Center? Maybe we can trade down again. Sanchez could have been throwing TDs in Cleveland.
The dedicated fans who still hang in there while their team is being pummeled Sunday after Sunday.
Gameballs also go to the Bengals and Lions for making me a believer that things can change with time. Their victories give me new hope. I believe it's time to look at who we can draft in 2010!!
Shrooney Browns fans deserve something after sitting through the last 9 weeks of this #$@#$# of an excuse for football. I was at the game SUnday, props to the Ravens fans for being respectful hosts. The atmosphere/buzz outside the stadium made me jealous of what football can be like.
hoops Harrison was probably the only bright spot the whole game.

Wimbley is getting to the QB this year.
TaipeiDawg At least Harrison is showing some promise. Play the guy more. Who would have thought the only marginal success the Browns would have offensively would be running it right up the middle.
Still believing in DA over Quinn, despite the horrific turnovers. He has a long ball, Quinn doesn't. End of story. Train him to stop the turnovers, and he'll lead the team to victory.
tdh48 None,zip, zero, nada and I don't even have to explain as the entire world knows the Browns suck and are on their way to an 0-16 season. What's Randy going to do when there are no fans in the stadium next week.
AudieMurphy LOL...why bother?
dennn Ratliff didn't throw an interception...
mtsames A repeat from last year
Naxos Yeh, right.
bluezhound The Players , Coaching Staff right on down to the Clueless Owner don't deserve It . Its Official .This Franchise is Clueless from top to bottom .
64superfan Only two guys who showed up all day were Joe Thomas and Shaun Rogers.
For actually watching the sh*t that is one the field
DazeDawg Gameball to Shaun Rogers, whose throw of Ben Grubbs, was probably the best toss of the game.
houndfromhell Not all players played bad, but the ones that did made it impossible to win.
Go and rewatch the game. Watch #50-Eric Barton. Go ahead and watch I dare you. It looks like he was a paid member of the Baltimore Ravens.
me because I spent about $250 between tickets, parking, beer, and food and actually stayed through the whole game.
thehollismaniac Harrison showed he can play with the big boys. Mangini needs to make him a focal point of the offense from here on out. Edwards needs more balls thrown his way.
At least I could enjoy the weather by the end of the 1st half.
dp10451 No one was worthy of a gameball after this horrible excuse for a professional football game. This is really starting to strain my patience.
chowdogg Elam can tackle
Harrison can run
bill01 all need goats no game ball
jaw1dawg this a pitafull. Way worse then last year. What a joke ,new coaches, new front office, new players,,,,,, same bullsh*t result. DO not know how much more I can take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Embarrassing - I have been watching the Browns for 35 years and this is the sorst team I have every seen - I will be playing golf in NC on Sunday's now - it is hard to watch - DONE!!!!!
BeerMan13 Brady for not throwing three INTs. Hope you are starting next week. Dave Zastudil for doiong your to pin the Ravens as far back as possible. Blake Costanzo for being the best Special Teams Linebacker in the NFL.
vick They need to let Brady play and learn.
My three get their gameballs for either being smart enough to retire, get hurt, or not learn enough to go to the game.
No one deserves a gameball on this Cleveland Browns team.
funniest movie i have seen since caddyshack a childs laughter is priceless keep it up browns.i love the brown pants bye the way.
jerome harrison and some offensive linemen, altho physically overmatched, did a decent job in spite of the predictable and unimaginative play calling.
The Cleveland Browns Fans For Watching That.Well it was so bad I Can't find a word for it.
rbj40 What???
harrison looked good. so did wimbley although wimbley got his ass whipped on the touchdown run. Thomas was his usual rock self.
how can you award a gameball to anyone?
One of the only players to stand up for one the other Browns.
He is contributing to the team this year in a more positive manner.
FreddyBear19 Sadly, Tim Couch is the best quarterback the Browns have had in fifteen years.
Zastudil gets ball because he was busy. Robiskie gets ball because he wasn't part of the embarrassment. Cundiff at least got us on the board.
no gameballs


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
CBusBrownie We may have the number one draft pick and we need to know that Brady Quinn can't Quarterback because of Brady Quinn, not becuase of some indecisive, strict, sneaky, attempt at an NFL head coaching career part 2.

I am more upset at Brady Quinn being completely confused because of his head coach's brainiac decisions in training camp and today, than losing 34-3 to the Ravens.

The decision he made today affects the future, not just one game.
Quarterback sneak on 1st down?
eezer I really doubt this team can win a game.
Eric Barton is a liability on Defense. Let's see what Veikune or Maivia can do.

We have heard nothing from the owner regarding his team. Most other owners would have a concern but Mr. Lerner is choosing a hands off approach. It could be that his other "Football" team is doing so well. I would love to see this team sold to someone who at least makes some comments regarding the performance of this team. I'd also like to hear from someone other than Mangini. Most other teams might consider this a one and done year. Let's hope for a decent draft in 2010 and improvements all around. Something's gotta change.
Shrooney They should be ashamed to put that sort of product on the field... flat out ashamed.... I PAID?!?!?! to watch that crap?!?!?!?!?
hoops Anderson and Quinn just stunk it up.

Poteat just on principle.
TaipeiDawg What can you say - Quinn flat out sucked. Anderson at least got thing moving and showed he can get the ball downfield - but not always to people on his own team. Why try to force it?????

The offensive play calling continues to be questionable. After a nice gain running up the middle and starting to actually establish a running game why call a QB sneak???? Was it supposed to catch them off balance and demoralize them or something? WTF???

The TV announcers had their info on the Browns all screwed up - you can tell they really put a lot of preparation time into this game. Nice to be on the radar.....
jaydawg74 What happened to the options for the coaches, tv announcers, etc ?
dawg317 This is the worse offense that I've ever seen. I'm fairly sure that this team would lose to the 1999 team.
tdh48 Horns to the entire team. I see no bright spot, no execution, no intelligent play calling, no apparent coaching. Can't think of one good thing to say. We are on our way to a perfect 0-16 season.
AudieMurphy Mangini, Mangini, Mangini, but who really gives a crap anymore?
dennn Where is the coaching staff? They deserve the goat...
mtsames The whole team sucks. Coaches, and players alike.
Naxos DA = worst QB ever!!!!! But it sdoesn't really matter. We have no offense, no coaching, and no heart.
bluezhound Clueless . Why did the Idiot Owner Hire the Equally Clueless Idiot Head Coach? We are Doomed as Browns fans.Just when you think that they cant get any worse ..They Manage to do just that . I Wish we could fire the owner on down to the "Expensive" Water Boy. Forty year fan here .

Frustrated In Ohio.
F**k this team. The whole organization deserves a set of horns, we are offically the laughing stock of the league. 3 games end in 3 blowouts, Lions are going to beat our asses. Not wasting another minute on this team this season, GO CAVS
youngcouple442 this hole tean stunk
64superfan This whole TEAM deserves to wear the goathorns.
This is absolutely pathetic
DazeDawg Goathorns to everyone and everything associated with this team. Including me for watching.
houndfromhell How to describe some players on the Browns. Heartless, Gutless cowards. And they know who they are. so will the coach after rewatching this trash. Did I mention, #50-Eric Barton and Brandon (cant tackle, sweet,sweet McDonald?).
Yeah, I thought I did. Seriously go rewatch in slow mo, frame by frame, you will see a Browns player or 2 do their best to sabatoge this game. Go watch it , PLEASE, Then write back and tell me if you agree or not.
Wow This team is a mess. It's hard to comprehend how they could be so terrible!
elracko Anybody who contributed to what happened on the field today should be ashamed and consider if football is really the correct occupation for them.
The whole team and organization are LOSERS! (Minus Cribbs)
thehollismaniac We all knew a beating was coming today- the only unknown was how bad. Well, this was another day where baltimore stomped a mud hole in cleveland's ass. Watching this team the last 11 years has been like watching the same car crash over and over and hoping the outcome to be different.
Us,for continuing to give a sh^t.
CLVROX We've given this team way more support than it deserves, and all they do is spit in our collective faces. When will we learn?
When will they figure out Poteat can't cover me???
dp10451 Offense looked bad, defense looked bad, special teams looked bad. Hell, I'd even throw ice cubes at the ball boy.
dawgonit0207 Jump Randy!
gilewicz Fan since '64. I am sick to death of this crap.
LiveDoctor Randy Lerner and the entire front office and coaching staff. This organization is officially a joke.
jaw1dawg 0 AND SIXTEEN HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Embarrassing - I have been watching the Browns for 35 years and this is the sorst team I have every seen - I will be playing golf in NC on Sunday's now - it is hard to watch - DONE!!!!!
this team is absolutely horrible. an embarrassment to the game and to the city.

there is no glimmer of hope and no one deserving of any positive attention.

the owner is clueless, the gm is just a puppet, the hc is a moronic egomaniac, most of the players don't care, and the one that do care just plain suck.
BeerMan13 Derek Anderson gets all my votes because no one sucks as bad as you. All I want for Christmas is your butt out of Cleveland. I hope you are black balled from every professional league in the world.
s146r23s13 The Browns need a cheerleading squad. Then there would be something worth watching on the field!
NJBrownsfan How did we win 4 games last year, particukarly when we gave away the last 6 with reject QB's? Could we please see a real touchdown drive (not a win, just a touchdown drive) every 3 games or so. Lerner isn't stupid--the value of the franchise is dropping, the fan base is eroding. SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!
I'm not sure how much more any fan can take.
As I mentioned last week I am done with paying to watch these clowns after this season. No more NFL Package for me from Direct TV. I will watch the Jets or Giants for free and just listen to the scores in 2010. If I had the chance to back out of my Direct TV contract this year for the NFL Package I would do so in a heartbeat. I will still be a Browns Fan but until they improve to where they are worth watching I just can't take anymore of this agony. I rather do something else on a Sunday like drive my Hot Rod.
FanofBrwns Mangini should be fired and replaced with DC Ryan immediatley!!!
The QB issue is all HC Mangini fault. We need someone in charge that has pair a balls!!
What a putrid performance. Living out of town I watched to see how bad this team could be. I wasn't disappointed.
DawgBoat Eric Barton is a joke as a LB. Even the announcers nailed him for being slow and not focused on what was really happening, especially when he ran right be the Ravens TE to miss intercepting the ball and even not tackling. I miss Andra Davis and that is sad to say. Send him back to NY.
well we could allways play least captain checkdown could go through all of his reads against them.
coordination on both sides of ball horrible, talent level not close, unfortunately no points awarded for intellect. need athletes and attitude badly.
If DA didn't throw a pic but didn't win he would have been annointed; Quinn is not NFL ready; DA is the worse decision maker; I wonder if Browns can compete with NCAA top 10...
SPICYDEIGO What an awful team. Start DA,he will throw picks but offense will move the ball and will score points.
rbj40 This team does not belong in the NFL
Give us a break!
maybe we don't have a capable starting qb at all!!! barton and bowens looked absolutely terrible. mcdonald got his ass handed to him again.
Can we get our pick back from the cowboy's and send them Quinn???
fang432 offence & defence
Koesters The coaches. All of them.
"what the h... is goin' on out there (RIP Vince)... grab, grab, grab... Browns can't even 'grab' worth a crap... how does one whiff on a 'grab'??
There is good reason to believe why he fell so badly in the draft, The Browns, hopefully, have learned why he was bypassed by other teams. This year's draft points our how badly the personnel of the Browns do not assess the talents of players they need through the draft
Hey 'Mangenius', look at what a REAL coach is doing with your former team!!!
I have never seen so much joggin' on defense... about the speed Shaun Rogers ran laps in practice!!! By the way, is Rogers still on the team because I haven't seen him do a thing so far
FreddyBear19 Perhaps we could petition the NFL to allow the Browns to wear actual goathorns once a year when we use an alternate jersey.
I hate to give "goathorns" to any player. I feel these loses are a direct result of bad leadership by the coaches. This team is clearly uninspired. If you take unispired and add in bad, excuse me terrible play calling (Qtr.back sneak on 1st and 10) you get the current 0-3 Browns.

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