CLICK HERE for the muncher!"> CLICK HERE for the muncher!">

The Return of the Mock Draft Muncher!

The Muncher is back! Bernie's Insiders unique compilation of mock drafts has returned, once again munched and mangled by the one-and-only TBF. The first muncher this draft season contains 10 mock drafts, but the number will grow to 40 or more as we get closer to Draft Day. Obey the draftnik inside you and <A HREF="">CLICK HERE</A> for the muncher!

THE MOCK DRAFT MUNCHER RETURNS! The 'Muncher is not a mock draft in and of itself, however it is a "compilation & analysis of NFL mock drafts from various media sources." It provides fans with a summary overview of what the draft experts are predicting. A 'must-see' for the draftnik in all of us! Although currently there are only 10 mocks being munched, the number will soon grow to 40 as draft day approaches.

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