Fan View: No Moral Victories

We can be happy with the team's improved play, but a loss is still a loss...

Your 2009 Cleveland Browns Ladies and Gentlemen.  They may be short on talent.  They may be short on wins.  They may short arm every other ball thrown their way.


They own their first of many moral victories this year.

The mighty Cincinnati Bengals came to town today and they huffed and they puffed but they couldn't blow the Browns down until there was only a few ticks left in the 5th quarter.

The 5th quarter.  That's overtime.

Yes, the Browns took a quality (so far) team to overtime.  They lost and dropped to 0 for 2009 and still haven't won since.....since.......since.  It's been so long I don't remember and I don't even care enough to look it up.

Yes, I have hit rock bottom on the care meter and its still nearly 4 weeks until Halloween.

When you are a losing football team, you do exactly what the Browns did today.  The defense really did play ok and mainly stuffed Cincinnati (until the final drive in regulation---more on that in a minute) but when you have an offense that is as offensive as the Cleveland offense is, then there really isn't much you can do about controlling your own fate in games.

The Browns had the crowd.  They had the momentum.  The game was within their grasp but 2 red zone trips that resulted in field goals late, doomed them.

Couldn't you just see the script playing out as it has for the past decade?  I didn't get excited at all through the 4th quarter and into OT because I knew the outcome already.  In fact, I ordered a drink and the woman next to me asked if that was to calm myself and I just laughed.  I was as calm as could be because I could see that they were going to blow it at the end.


Offense fails to deliver the knockout blow 2x inside the red zone with the crowd behind them?


Defense plays well all day but is so tired at the end of the game they give up a TD to send it into OT?


The Browns fight and fight all through OT but just come up a teeny tiny bit short.


Oh and memo to Robert Royal and Braylon EdwardsDerek Anderson, contrary to what you must believe, is NOT throwing a live grenade at you.  It is a football.  If you catch it, it will not blow up in your face.

Had to get that one out there.  Wow, they get paid to do what?  I'm pretty sure "catch the ball" is written somewhere in there contracts but I'm not sure.

And isn't it just special how Eric Mangini now has that confused look we've seen from so many Browns coaches over the last decade?  It's the "what just happened?" face.  I don't remember a Cleveland coach developing it so early in his tenure but once it appears, it should be there for a long time.

Want to know the look on my face right now?


Why mirth? 

Because I have to keep laughing otherwise I'll be crying. 

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