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Lane Adkins:

- Newly-acquired WR Chansi Stuckey will play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Stuckey will be utilized as a wide--out, as well as in the slot for the Browns.

- While the Browns offense is expected to face some growing pains due to the lack of an established threat at WR, the belief is the execution at the position, along with the desire and dedication, will improve.

- The belief coming from the Browns inner-workings is interesting in regards to losing Edwards' potential on game day. This belief is, the team has improved its speed, quickness and reliability and the game plan will not be changed to accommodate the loss.

- Mike Furrey will again work in the slot and is slated to gain additional playing time in the defensive backfield.

- Josh Cribbs is expected to play more of a role offensively on Sunday with the trade of Edwards.

- Rookie Brian Robiskie is being prepared to be active on game day and have a minimal role offensively. Robiskie's role could increase later in the week if there is any reservation about Stuckey being on the same page with the offensive terminology and timing.

- Fellow rookie Mohamed Massaquoi has quickly stepped into a role of potential prominence for the Browns. While the coaching staff is not expecting Massaquoi to step into the role vacated with the Edwards trade, the organization would not be surprised to see the rookie develop and become a reliable presence the former No. 3 overall pick in the '05 draft failed to be over the past two seasons.


John Taylor: In talking to someone with "knowledge of the situation" (wink wink, nudge nudge)...

-- The Browns did not trade Braylon because of the incident very early Monday morning.  Suffice to say, though, it helped grease the trade skids.

-- There had been talks off and on for "quite awhile" regarding Braylon.  Those talks "began to heat up in recent weeks" and went to another level the past few days.

-- Braylon's contract status, the uncertainty around the CBA and his play on the field and in practice settings were the driving force behind the willingness to trade the receiver.

-- As far as on the field goes, the Browns could live -- to some extent -- with his drops, provided that he "made up for it" with precision in his routes and being where he was supposed to be.  In  other words, paying attention to detail.  That simply didn't happen to any degree.  The sloppiness -- on the field and off -- is what gave the Browns more than an open ear when it came to dealing Braylon.

-- A separate league source tells me that the Browns talked to no less than four teams in addition to the Jets.  One of these teams, he/she said, was the 49ers.  The one with "knowledge of the situation" refused to confirm or deny that was the case. – JT


SpexZZ: Mo Mass - are we putting too much pressure on this kid to be our # 1 this early in his rookie year?

Lane Adkins: The pressure is going to be on the coaching staff to scheme to make the transition an effective one with the threat and respect of the defense BE provided. Massaquoi is not going to be simply thrust into the #1 role, despite the notion due to his ability and productivity when utilized.

This is a very athletic young man, he is mentally tough and will compete. This is a team package and the coaching staff must rise to the occasion.


Barry McBride: Greg "Pigskin" DePalma, who hosts the Jets Confidential show on Prime Sports Network, tells me the following: "Stuckey is an underrrated receiver. He runs great routes & has great hands; Trusnik is an excellent special teams performer; both are team first players. So you rid yourself of another 'me' guy for 2 more team players. Good move for both teams."

From our friend Dave-Te Thomas of "Stuckey has blazing speed, but does not always play with great concentration and Trusnik is a classic lunch-pail type, sort of a bigger version of Larry Izzo, as he will knock your socks off on special teams coverage"

Look for Greg on next week's OBR Radio Program as we talk to him about the players obtained from New York.


Grover71: Adam Schefter was on WEEI this morning and said there will probably be more stuff coming out of the Browns locker Room like the bottle story, possibly this weekend. Any idea what this may be? And could it be BE with loose lips now that he is not in Cleveland?

Lane Adkins: I have been told BE is/was involved in no less than two incidents relating to violations of the team's policy and had not filed a grievance prior to the trade. Also hearing there could be as many as 4 to 6 additional fining episodes within the ranks in Berea.


Fozzy5259: I am of the belief that Mangini and Kokinis had a good idea that Edwards wasn't going to work hard and be a team player. That it was a big consern going into the draft. That's what I read into the drafting of 2 WR's in the second round. I know they were thin at WR and that was also a reason. Agree or disagree? Do you think Mangini saw this coming? Any chance they bring back David Patton as insurance?

Lane Adkins: I do believe this was something Mangini contemplated for some time. Have heard nothing regarding David Patten, but could be an option if something goes amiss.


Barry McBride: On Friday, we learned of the following workouts at the team facility. The Browns continue to look at defensive backs and receivers:

WR Armstrong, Anthony (West Texas A&M)
WR Heckendorf, Kole (North Dakota State)
DB  Jones, Herana-Daze (Indiana)
WR Swift, Nate (Nebraska)


Brownsfan91171: Rich, In a recent response you explained -- rightfully so -- that Massaquoi was the beneficiary of double coverage on Edwards.  Wasn't it worth keeping Edwards here through the year to help the young receivers develop under better conditions?  Or, was Edwards such a cancer that the Front Office had to act now? Thanks for your insight.

Rich Passan: Mangini tried to trade Edwards earlier, but wasn't offered enough in return. My guess is that Mangini never stopped trying to deal Edwards. And when his off-the-field issues did not stop, the coach ratcheted up the effort to move him. The LeBron James incident, it would appear, pushed Mangini over the edge.

Edwards is a less talented version of Terrell Owens, a man who couldn't resist opening his mouth and offending people. He hasn't done that yet in Buffalo, but that day is coming. Edwards, like Owens, is a me-first player, but does not come even close to him in the talent department.

Keeping him in Cleveland would have been counterproductive to what Mangini is trying to do with the Browns. Chances are Edwards will be the same type of player with the Jets. Rarely do leopards change their spots.

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