Browns-Bengals: Gameballs and Goats

The votes are in, and it was a good week to be Mo Mass...

SUMMARY: Well, the dolt in charge of this website fixed his roster thing, but training a new guy on how to post the Gameballs and Goats proved to be too much for him, so this is getting published later than we'd like once more.

Most disappointed would have to be Derek Anderson, who all got some level compensation from this week's results which has "Cleveland's second-most popular quarterback" doing very well in the results. Rookie Mohammed Massaquoi exploded to the top of the result pile this week, however, as his first game as a starter turned into a shining success.

The Browns lost last weekend, but the Gameball and Goats is a lot more positive this time out.

Player Gameballs
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR/11) 349
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 285
Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 221
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 178
Jerome Harrison (RB/35) 143

Goats Query
Player Goathorns
Braylon Edwards (WR/17) 304
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 105
Robert Royal (TE/84) 91
Brian Daboll (OC) 80
Eric Mangini (HC) 77
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 44

Write-in Votes (Only write-ins not on the voting list are displayed)
Fan Gameball Write-in Goat Write-In
NewDawgy   The Quinn homies

  Brady's cheerleaders
salemdog Harrison( outside of the fumble) defensive philosophy on 3rd and 4th downs.
CBusBrownie The Browns Defense and Rob Ryan TV announcer for not knowing a FG wins the game in OT.
Joey Porter
any body that still thinks Quinn is the better QB.
Fourth down defense
The Hateful New York Media
Crunkadelic lenab Gjerb
APVIC the oline & anderson & toughass harrison & furrey andersons dumbass pick & harrisons fumble !!

Good DA Robert Royal's Helmet

NEO Raven Fans (are there any???)

Bengal No. 85

***Rogers is AWESOME*** ***Since St. Clair played average, he gets only one goat***
Redzone Offense
Eric Wedge and two women sitting in my row.
Big4Bill2k8   Turnovers, 4th and 11.

Jerome Harrison, Offensive game plan, DA whose numbers should have been better (several dropped balls) Brady Quinn's good attitude, Shaun Rogers for bein the man Eric Wrights clean uniform, BE's well manicured but totally useless hands
Moral Victories
dapound the whole team play calling in 4rth qtr & OT

defense on final drive

the browns O-line Carson Palmers legs
Dawgpoundr   Whoever didn't have the balls to call for a field goal attempt at the end of regulation
iwillpierceyou The whole team except Braylon Edwards Brady Quinns MyoPlex
Browns of 1st Quarter.
The Cleveland and National sports Media.
DawgEDue Mike Furrey (S/87) Thanks Koesters

Browns time-out calling reminscient of mistakes made by high school coaches

Positive Lou Bruce Arians

Blake Costanzo The bum in the fifth row
BeerMan13 Brad St. Louis

Mike Furrey playing both ways entire defense on the last drive of the game, entire offense on not cashing in on 4+ opportunities to win the game
UKDAWG Mike '2 way' Furrey Mary Kay Cabot's botox
Griz13 James Harrison, Billy Cundiff, Alex Mack, Brodney Pool, Kamerion Wimbley, Derek Anderson, Mike Adams, Mike Furrey (for his defensive effort) Koesters


Fan Comments
PerrysburgGuy Slightly better performance, but they could not put it away. At the end, there was no guts and go glory.

Kudos to the big Mo! Sit Cribbs at receiver and let him worry about returns.
howldawg rough week to pick lots of deserving people.
thehollismaniac The QB debate is now over. Its blatantly obvious this team is better with Anderson. Rogers was a beast and MM was money. Harrison played great but the fumble was a killer.
CBusBrownie I think there was a monumental improvement on defense. The Bengals offense put up enough points to beat Green Bay and The Squealers, and the Browns D prevented them from beating us in regulation. How many defensive stands do we need before it's the offenses fault for losing the game?
houndfromhell EFFORT, EFFORT, EFFORT. The reporters say theres no moral victorys. (thats true), but none of the Browns reporters gave us a chance, and are still saying Manginni has lost the team.
I say all reporters can kiss my butt!!
bohns75 Start playing Robiskie with Massaquoi and bench that idiot Braylon Edwards. Let him leave after this season ... see who will sign him to a big contract. Ha! In his friggin' dreams.
ezmoover The name is spelled: M A S S A Q U U O I

Get used to it. You're gonna see it a lot.
SPICYDEIGO I saw alot of positive today. DA is the better QB. This team may not have the talent but they still have heart and they didnt quit on mangini. But I need to see this 2 weeks in a row.

DA is the man period...
DAWGDC Brodney played a great game on the ball today...I love the way he plays when he is focused. Ghost kept his head up and gave us a boost in the running game...I hope he gets more touches. Chris Jennings did a descent job when spelled the GHOST!! Corey Williams made plays I can't get mad at him with today's effort. The O-LINE kept DA clean pretty much the whole day..Mack Steinbach, Farley and Thomas all brought there A game today!! No one mention Furrey's play at safety today...great job Mike especially catching the ball today too!!! Are there any words to describe Joshua...Jesus the man is a beast and Randy needs to pay him his money!!! We all want 10 more Joshua's on our team!!!

DA can get the ball down field and BQ can't or won't, so let's end all QB talk on whose better now. Let's support DA...Daboll call a descent game more on him later. We have found our descent #2 Wide out and his name is Mo Mass great game by the let's get Robo and Cribbs more touches as well!!! THE MANSTER is the MANSTER...Shaun is a serious half man/half monster...let's continue to play 4 quarters and let's win some games now!!!
redright Despite 5 drops in the first half he moved the team enough to give us hope.
BrownsFanSC Over all the players gave a good effort but the ending was still the same. For the first time I feel sorry for the Players.
APVIC best game ever by pool ... I wonder if Robo is ready since edwards isn't.. furrey was excellent at safety..good to see heiden back ..costanzo = great pick up!! Cribbs for OBR WEB KING...

the kid is a stud...will be around a long time

alex mack
Shaun Rogers
Mo Mass
Josh Cribbs
Shrooney Cribbs... special teams as a whole were top notch today. MoMass and Harrison (given the fumble tough to give a ball) given an opportunity show they deserve more.

Gave gameballs to Rogers, Massaquoi, and Cribbs - but Harrison and Pool deserve some credit.

We have a few more...Rodgers, Jackson, Pool, Wimbley, Harrison..... Good to see there is still life in Cleveland

I'm not sure whether it was as much Anderson putting a bit of a charge into the O as it was Cribbs giving them short fields. But at least now he has a target to throw to that won't drop the ball. Rogers gets one for his blocks alone, but he still needs to be better on the regular D line.
dirtydave98 There were some players who played well enough to earn a gameball, but unless you win no one gets a gameball! Better luck next week.
ccbutz Cribbs is a STUD!!!!!!!!!!

Now, it's time to roll

awesome game Josh, Mohammed and Brodney

Best special teams player in the NFL

awesome game Josh, Mohammed and Brodney
164266 Josh Cribbs is the F'n Man!!
rutger Cribbs - great effort guy, you deserve the money.

1 offense, 1 defense, 1 special teams - a lot of great play from many, but these three stood out.

Why does everyone overlook the defensive efforts of D. Jackson and Shaun Rogers?
chuckwildcat I thought anderson had a good effort in the game as a starter but again not a enough to get the win .And massaquio had a great coming out party as his first start at wr ,of a hopfully a great and long career
brownsclown Shaun Rogers is the best thing Phil Savage ever did. Lets give Romeo the credit for that. Cribbs is the best returner in the league, and Massaquoi will keep Josh off the offense more and on special teams. This game gives us hope.
SlamBar Anderson gets a Gameball and a Goat, if that's allowed. A gameball for elevating the QB play and sparking the offense in general. A Goat because of the picks on the goal line costing us points.

Cribbs, Shaun Rogers are self explanatory and MoMass gets an honorable mention because of the breakout game as a rookie.
SirPaul I usually have 4 bout that 4 guys have outstanding games. Thomas(who could get one everygame), Rogers(who could get one everygame) and Josh Cribbs and Eric Wright (who should get one everygame)

But today was a first I had to go outside the box and give it to MM, the Ghost and Pontibrand.(really did you see what there guy did?) Ryan is a godsend to Cleveland. One spot in the abyss that we don't have to worry about.

Wow we acually had players deserving of a gameball this week.
Aqib Shaun Rogers - a blocked FG and blocked extra point! Talk about finding a way to impact that game.

Memo to Randy Lerner: PAY CRIBBS NOW! Take some of that TARP money that bailed out the finance comapnies you own stock in and pay him.

I am going with Massaquoi over DA for my last gameball because he played the perfect game. Hopefully defenses will account for him and free up others.
Big4Bill2k8 Finally a game worth watching. Big step forward. Lets see if they can do it next week at Buffalo. Hey OBR, look into the comments made by Edwards to the Plaindealer about a "different approach" by Coach Mangini. What do you think couch Mangini did different this week?
tdh48 okay, not convinced DA is the future but he earned a game ball; Massaquoi was just fun to watch and Shaun Rogers is a monster. I said no game balls for a loss but this was a good game and hopefully we can turn the corner with this one.
ngbrownie Anderson gets a gameball and goathorns this week from me. It was nice to see the offense move again but without that pick at the goal line there is no OT. Same with Harrison two mistakes that were a big reason for overtime and the loss. Hopefully they can be corrected.
segrams Dear Mr. Kokinis:

Please pay Cribbs.
DawgHowl Josh Cribbs is simply a beast, time and time again he set the browns up with great field position.

Mohamed Massaquoi: This kid really excites me, at times he looked unstopable. He runs textbook routes and catches everything.

Shaun Rogers: Blocked a fg and extra point, he always seems to make big plays.

Entire Defense: I have to give major props to the Defense, they played their hearts out today. That is the best I have seen the defense play in a loong time.
Willy15 Shaun Rogers is great. I'm glad he's on our Team. Massaquoi should be moved to #1 Receiver and Braylon moved to #2, that is if he can ever learn to catch the ball again. And,....Jerome Harrison should be #1 at Running Back. I hope the Coach's were really watching. Add Derek Anderson.
mtsames Losers get nothing.Nada friggin thing
dapound There was marked improvement in evry faze of the game. The offense stepped up the defense held Cincy to many # & outs. Special teams was awesome.
Only downside was the conservative play calling in the red zone & in the 4rth qtr & ot.

did anyone else see braylon hustling to block on runs and dump offs, respect.there was kam wimbly making some plays too, he gets an honorable mention too, brodney pool was a hawk out there today, jerome harrison finally being featured, love what i saw from the ghost, and mo mass just oozes athleticism,he's explosive, quick as a cat, corey williams caught my eye as well, easier to 2 gap having that other arm
sargent3 we need a win but I was glad to see the team compete

MoMass...can he be our new #1? He was VERY good.

Cribbs and Rogers kept us in the game. Massaquoi--why has he been on the bench?

Another loss but at least we were able to see some improvement. Very impressed with Mohamed Massaquoi.He is the go to man now. Harrison did well except for getting the ball stripped out of his hands which led to a touchdown that hurt us.
browndawgsteve Jerome Harrison - Hit the hole with authority and ran hard all day long.
Derek Anderson - Some good and some bad but for the first start this year and after what we have delt with so far. Congrats!!
Mohammed Massaquoi - Hope this isn't one and done but the start of a true threat at the #2 position.
Joshua Cribbs - How much more can be said about what this man brings to the team. Puts us in position to winn constantly.

The difference between Quinn and Anderson; even though there is still a loss, it was more exciting and the game kept you on the edge of your seat. Good game! Massaquoi, Harrison, and Cribbs were outstanding!
mrgrinch damn... first time in a long time that there isn't enough room for gameballs!

DA earned the job let Quinn eat cake.
Dawgpoundr Despite the loss, I've got to give props to the defense. They looked like a sieve for the first quarter and somehow manned up and shut down the Bengals until the last drive a full 4 more quarters. That looked like a team I could give a s&%! about.

Lots of players played well. How about Furrey playing both sides of the ball?! Good teams find a way to win, bad teams find a way to lose. DA is as wild as ever and this won't be the first time we will be teased.
iwillpierceyou Great hard fought game. I almost had celebratory beers, but alas, they were only to drown my sorrows. Again.
DancingHomer MoMass coming up very large!
Naxos Mike Furrey - helping out on D.
M. Massaquoi - break out game.
Jerome Harrison - proving he can carry the load.
Josh Cribbs - doing what he does best.

Offense & Defense for having a heartbeat; our underrated special teams; Mangini for not drafted Crabtree; Offense & Defense for keeping penalties down
TpostDawg Everyone gets a gameball.
Harpster This was the loudest CBS has been in a long time.
BrownsFanMN13 we might have lost the game, but at least we finally looked like an NFL team. I can take a loss when we are competitive.

Harrison looked really good. Should be a good game to build on for him

Browns finally resembled an NFL football team. Great job both on Offense & Defense. Great to see Furrey playing in the dime package as an extra safetey!! D-Line did a great job for the most part. Corey Williams finally starting to show what he's capable of doing

Cribbs, MoMass, Rogers kept the Browns in the game...
bluezhound Signs of Life on the Lakefront . Mike Furrey Gets mine for playing both sides of the Ball well . There is Hope for the Future .Never has A Loss felt so good ..
BeerMan13 Billy for being able to come in and get the job done. Mohamed for making us all forget about Braylon who? Brad thanks for being the worse longsnapper in the NFL and letting Rogers get those two blocks.
vick They played better and hopefully they will keep moving foward
egillen You gotta love Mike Furrey going all out on both sides of the ball to make a difference for the team - evidence Mangini has not lost this team.





I hate moral victories but after the last year and the first 3 games I will take it. That is how I expect us to play the rest of the year. Thank God we didnt get rid of DA. We need to stick with him and build around him. A big arm QB opens up the running game. Next year focus on the defense early in the draft. Hopely the loose and emotional Mangini will stick around for a while. Im tired of rebuilding this one has to work.
Also Edwards had a good game, he took on a double team all game that helped open up Massaquoi. Defenses will have to perpare for that double threat, if he starts to catch we can have a powerful offense like 07.
VEGASDAN Cribbs and Rogers are studs! Pro-Bowlers. Massaquoi will be.
madman57 Although the defense played really well this week, it was more of a stretch that the offense would. I therefore issue my gameball to Sunday's playmakers on offense.
WestonBuck Harrison is a number 1 back.
DazeDawg Lots of gameballs to go around - much more than usual in a loss. Rob Ryan, the whole defense, Cribbs, Joe Thomas, Harrison, Big Baby, Furrey, MoMass... This was all a step in the right direction. Now it just needs to continue (and spread to the rest of the team).
xdawg After three dismal showings, signs of life in the offense and the emergence of Massaquoi. Anderson played well, and Josh Cribbs was, well, Josh Cribbs.
There's no such thing as a good loss, but after the first three games, losses don't come much better than this.
UKDAWG A MASSive star is born

Defense play well keep it up!!!
djw333 Cribbs, the best football player on the team. Massaquoi, our new #1 receiver. DA, starting QB. Even with the inevitable picks, it sure is nice to have a QB with enough arm to get the ball past the line of scrimmage.

These guys were legitimate stars. Others played well but these guys played great!

Nice game rook

maybe we are on the right path. A few more games played like this will change my view on Mangini. He might not be as bad as the media makes him out. His team had alot of fight yesterday and played hard till the very end. They seem to be buying into his system. But like I said need to see more play like yesterday.
dp10451 Massaquoi had a breakout game catching everything in sight. Rogers is just a beast. Don't let this guy ever leave town! Adams had what is probably his best game ever as a Brown.

Shaun Rogers - the beast is back
Cribbs - pay that man!
Furrey - making the most of what he's got

Eatra game ball for Mike Furrey for playing both ways!
gdaniels Cribbs and Rogers are MVPs

Goat Comments
Fan Comments
BitchesWaveYellowTowels passes that are hitting receivers in the head, chest, arms, and other body parts and aren't caught.
gelsingerj How does the fumble by Benson get called forward progress stopped, but from JH it was just a fumble?
PerrysburgGuy They are still terrible, playing not to lose instead of to win. Some may say that we should be happier, but I think 0-16 fairly likely.
NewDawgy The Quinn lovers need to give it a rest. Ripping on Anderson after today's game is pathetic. The kid played well today.
thehollismaniac The fumble killed the game and so did DA's pick. This team will drive everyone crazy by making great plays and then following them with mistakes.
salemdog Final drive in regulation give up a 3rd and 14 and a 4th down play that probably would have won the game. Numerous 3rd and longs and a 4th down conversion in OT. There is some kind of disconnect. Also, I know it is difficult, but how about actually catching a ball now and then.
CBusBrownie Harrison gets a goathorn for stutter stepping in the backfield instead of hitting holes.
Robert Royal needs to be able to catch the ball or he needs replaced by Heiden. Dropping two first down passes is inexcusable.
Daboll calling a run on 3rd and long in the red zone is mind numbing. Go for the KILL! What did we have to lose?
bohns75 Anderson was mediocre. Interception in the end zone and not moving the team in OT. And ... just another loss for him against a winning football team.
bohns75 Anderson was mediocre. Interception in the end zone and not moving the team in OT. And ... just another loss for him against a winning football team.
ezmoover Braylon Edwards is a FOOL'S GOLD BUST
SPICYDEIGO I hate moral victories but this team needs to start someplace.
DAWGDC Braylon is a bum plain and simple anytime your waiting for a ball and it hits you between the 1 and the 7 and you still drop it. Bum is your name...has nothing to do with you going to Michigan it has to do with your concentration level. Your paid to catch balls not drop them!!! David Bowens is not the Linebacker you want out in this defense...He let's anyone and everyone block him!!! Get rid of your blocks and fine the ball carrier not dance with your blocks like your on Dancing with the Stars!!! Daboll call a descent game, but the Flea Flicker call was the worst of the day my friend..Zimmer blitz 97% of the time on first down...bad call or DA should have audible one or the other. My one problem with coach Mangini today was the 2 challenge calls..we wasted 2 timeouts that we didn't have to waste!!

BrownsFanSC Some of the Red Zone play calling and final drive "prevent the win" defensive calls.
APVIC edwards sucks, cant catch, cant block !
edwards sucks, cant catch, cant block !
edwards sucks, cant catch, cant block !
edwards sucks, cant catch, cant block !
edwards sucks, cant catch, cant block !
edwards sucks, cant catch, cant block !

rob, go to the defensive playbook...see the page titled "prevent defense" it out and throw it as far as you can, better yet just eat it and let nature take its course!

Shrooney Given how poorly we looked previously today looked like a massive upgrade. BE?? Paging BE?!? no catches and a personal foul? C'mon Man!!!


Mangini's timeout at 2:02 was very RAC'esque

Robert Royal's Helmet got my write in, but I bet he catches that ball if DA had been throwing to him for more than a week. So consider that a fat goat for Mangini as well. Offense finally showed up, but folded when it mattered.

His name is STEVE Heiden....not Eric

Edwards has become a joke. You get paid to catch the damned ball, not shove guys after the play.

Edwards and Royal get the goats for their hands of solid granite, and Jim Donovan gets one for not knowing that the game ends after a score in overtime. What is it with the name Donovan and overtime that makes one so forgetful?

Zero and Four
knock at the door
Eric's not here anymore
dirtydave98 What the hell is Poteat still doing on the team??? Anderson, can't throw a INT in the end zone. that cost the game...we could of had 3 pts out of that.
ccbutz He is not a francise quarterback, why do they keep playing this loser????
RavidDawg While Edwards still has the dropsies, there is no excuse for Mangini's call to punt at 4 and 10 with 11 seconds left. He should have either attempted the 58 yard field goal or thrown a bomb from the shotgun. With 11 seconds, even if DA through a pick, it was low risk that the Bungholes could have done anything. But the biggest Goathorn goes to Lerner, the absent owner for picking Mangini and continues to not be engaged with fielding a winning team!

Ok coach nice wirn, but please...Brady cannot get his confience level if you constantly pull hime and insert Derek..
I would think the players are CONFUSED about who their leader is from week to wwek. Fish or cut bait!

Edwards should be traded for a used football

Ok coach nice wirn, but please...Brady cannot get his confience level if you constantly pull hime and insert Derek..
I would think the players are CONFUSED about who their leader is from week to wwek. Fish or cut bait!
164266 Daboll a worse OC than Carthon I didn't think the Browns could find one, but they did
rutger Officiating crew - Either it's the haulting of forward progress that stops the play or it's the whistle, but it can't be both. The first quarter fumble recovery by the Browns is ruled no good due to forward progress being stopped before any whistle and then the Bengals get a TD on the very same type of play in the 2nd quarter. It's one or the other but you can't rule it both ways in the same game by the same crew.

Edwards - Catch the damn ball or get the hell out of Cleveland and the sooner the better.

Corey Williams - guy makes his first tackle, and it's a QB running into a sack for him and he dances. Get on the same plane heading out of town with Edwards will ya.

This was a team loss, but they showed life for the final three quarters (if the first quarter had followed suit - or lead suit, in this case), there would not have been an OT. Can not fault the team this week.
kshkolnik Mangini for not going for it on 4th at the end of the 4th qt. DA for not checking out of the flea flicker, and Daboll for calling a flea flicker when we cant even run a normal regular play.

Why isn't Robiskie playing too?
chowdogg ROYAL for trying to catch the ball with his head

Maybe Edwards show become a cb since he can't catch
brownsclown I know we lost but no one player had a bad game. I am constantly amazed at Dave Zatudil not being able to lay a ball up or coffin corner a punt. He never even seems to get a lucky bounce. Every punt goes into the endzone and starts the other team on the 20.
SlamBar Daboll gets it for going all conservative in the fourth quarter and OT. BE gets it because he stinks and can't catch a cold.
SirPaul Anderson played better this week than he and Quinn played the past 10 games. But he did throw the interception on a typical Derek pass that cost us the game. We will never win consistently with him at QB.
Aqib While Massaquoi made a huge impact today we still had two second rounders that did nothing and the overall lack of talent is what cost us this game the blame for that goes to Mangini and Kokinis. Lerner gets one.

I can't let Eric Wedge leave town without assuring the door hits him in a$$ on the way out.

There were two women who sat in my row who were in the bar of each of the Browns 20 points, they were in their seats for each of the Bengals 23 points. I begged them to leave in OT but they didn't budge.
Big4Bill2k8 Turnovers killed us. As good as Jerome Harrisona and Derek Anderson were, those two turnovers were the difference in the game.

bench edwards.let's see robiskie and massaquoi start next weeek.....

bench edwards.let's see robiskie and massaquoi start next weeek.....
tdh48 Easy, Braylon Edwards. Claims to be an elite receiver but just doesn't show it. Goat horns until he can catch a pass that hits him on the numbers. I did, however, like how he stood up for Harrison especially since the penalty was offset. One to the announcers he didn't understand sudden death and one to Art Modell because he is primarily responsible for the last 10 years of hell we've been placed in.
braddawg99 Really, why does Royal still get the nod, everyone is up arms about Braylon's drops, but Royals killed at least three drives with 3rd down drops and wasn't very good blocking either. Put in Heiden.

DA stinks, why hasn't #11 been playing all year
fillyasc I'm clinging to a glimmer of hope. What the hell is wrong with me.
segrams I'm actually more angry with royal's facemask for protecting him from the ball.

Memo to Mr. Daboll. Next time, try to score touchdowns in the red zone. They are worth more points, big guy.
DawgHowl Braylon Edwards: 1 drop, no catches, and almost cost us 15 yards. I donno where his head is at these days.

Robert Royal: dropped a pass and had another 1 or 2 passes hit him in the face mask. He needs to get his head turned and look for the freakin ball

Officiating Crew: Not to make excuses or complain, but they were very inconsistant with some of their calls. I thought there were alot of questionable calls in the game and felt like the bengals player did fumble before forward progress was stopped.
Willy15 It's time to send Braylon to a shrink and a thorough medical exam to see if there either a psychologicalor physical problem causing him to drop every ball thrown to him. Something is amiss.
mtsames The pick in the end zone is what DA does best other than running into the pass rush.
dapound Way too conservative. I would like for them to play to win the game

St. Clair--looked good since we gave him help all day. Edwards--same old, same old--drop, drop, drop.
Mangini--the team looked better, but why did it take four games?
evett427 eric mamgini for not going for it on forth down!!

Mangina gets a goathorn. He should of let Bill Cundiff try for that long field goal as the announcers said Cundiff had made a 62 yarder in college. Heck the Browns may of even won the game. I would of taken the chance rather then punt the ball back to the Bangels. Braylon Sizzor hands Edwards couldn't catch a cold so he gets a goathorn. Massaquoi is the go to man now. He knows how to catch a football. Anderson for as well as he played still gets a Goathorn for throwing that interception when we should of had a touchdown in the Redzone. Heck even a field goal I would of taken at that point. It would of won us the game and there wouldn't of had to be any overtime. Lastly the fans at Cleveland Browns Stadium get a goathorn for not being loud enough to disrupt the Bengals. Heck last week the Ravens Fans were so very loud disrupting both Quinn and Anderson that they needed to cup their hands to their helmets to try to hear the play call. I didn't see Palmer once have to do that this past Sunday.
browndawgsteve B. Edwards - #1 should be open more and catch the ball when he is given a chance.
Brian Robiskie - Shame on you for not stepping up when the cubbard was almost empty.

As the entire team seemed to get focused and pull together in the second half, really trying to win the game Edwards had only drops and a fight to contribute. It's time to pull your head out of your behind before you end up like Freddie Mitchell of the Eagles.
mrgrinch still think they should have gone for the long field goal near the end of regulation... gotta change the culture by going for a win even if there are long odds... that's what gets Mangini a goathorn

No Goats today. We fell short but looked like a team.

Both Daboll and Ryan got too conservative whenn they had a chance to step on the Bengals throat.
Dawgpoundr I'm hanging a goathorn on the OT offense. The defense played all out, and gave you several chances to get into field goal range for an attempt to win. However, it was Zastudil's foot and not Cundiff's that saw the ball.

Why is this loser,Braylon F. Edwards, with hands of cement, and head of the same, still on the team? He can't catch!!!! And he is penalized, way too much!! He makes one fantastic catch and everyone is in love with him again. Why would anyone even throw to him, knowing that if your pass is one the money, he'll drop it. Your only chance is if you throw it where he has to make super human effort to catch it, then, he has a chance. Of course then he will taunt the coverage man and get a 15 yard penalty. Give him the keys to a car and let him and Mangini drive out of town, quickly as I understand he drives.

Will our owner please SELL the team? He is a loser. He is a rich daddy's boy. He listens to the media to make his coaching and GM decisions. Bad organizations find a way to lose. Lerner is a LOSER.
g2edawg I would nominate all of the LBs if I could.
iwillpierceyou QB controversy should be over.
DancingHomer Anderson is a catch-22... he was the reason they were in the game, and his costly pick is one of the reasons why they couldn't put it away.
Naxos A couple of better decisions by the coaching staff and I think we would have pulled this one out.

OC for red zone play calling; Offense for not closing game out; Offense for choosing FG over TD!
TpostDawg All who said that this team has quit on Mangini and coaching staff. I saw NO QUIT SUNDAY in anyone contected to the
Cleveland Browns.
WestonBuck Derek same old same old loser. No hope in Cleveland.
Harpster Thanks a lot Braylon.
jfcakron11 Art Modell has to be mentioned EVERY time. Period.
BrownsFanMN13 Edwards needs to be benched. He can't catch, gets in a stupid pushing match (he was lucky that it was offsetting penalties). I think he just needs to take a seat for a while and watch everyone else play. With Massaquoi's game, I think that should give way for less time for Edwards and maybe some time for Robiskie

Defense played solid for most of the game. Just a few minor slip ups which caused the overtime(DB's got lax after chasing WR's for several seconds). Stupid to blow your last timeout with five seconds until the two minute warning.

What a shame that our no-nad coach ruined the best game these guys have play in a long time.

Why not try a 58 yard field goal with less than a minute to play in regulation? What do you have to lose Mangenius other than the game?

Someone needs to tell Eric Wright that he is NOT playing in a touch football league.
egillen This offense must learn to score TDs inside the red zone. A 50% TD conversion ratio simply will not produce sufficient points to be competitive, or to garner a 4 - 12 record. What a waste of Cribb's effort!




To all Browns fans that continue to rip DA. Get over it! He is better than the pretty boy GQ model. and please dont say it was the play calling, b/c we ran the same plays all year just like 90% of the league runs the same plays. DA is just better, he is not an elite QB but is good enough to build around him. Improve the defense and we can be a palyoff contender next year.
VEGASDAN Edwards has GOT to catch balls. What--is he, A.D.D.? He loses concentration like a third grader. Barton should have stayed home on Palmer's run. Daboll makes Maurice Carthon look like an offensive GURU!

We would have won that game if Dawson was available.
madman57 Royal can't catch when you hit him between the eyes...the other two are Jets rejects...what is it that gave them an "edge" again? Frankly, the only "edge" I see is the fact that Mangini knew their names.
WestonBuck Derek another interception which cost us another game. Not the future or present.
DazeDawg The guys who picked Cincy in the Last Man Standing pool.
UKDAWG WTF is Ashton Villa?? Never heard of it.....
djw333 Hey, Braylon...Get out of Cleveland you gutless Michigan loser.
BrownsFan1968 Quinn looked like he did not care about the team on the sideline.

At least we scored tds

Sloppy routes, dropped balls, sloppy routes, dropped balls, etc., etc.

What QB were you supposed to be keeping an eye on in OT?
lsluggers DA is DA I have seen all I need to see, he is not a winner
dp10451 Braylon needs to take a look at Massaquoi. Daboll needs to be more agressive with the offense. Eric, Ive never seen a prevent offense before. Ask Marty about what the prevent did for him.
hoops Edwards and Royal need to catch the damned ball.

Daboll needs to open it up a little more, and disguise the runs better. I was calling the play from the west end zone.


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