Adkins: A Win Is A Win Is A...

It wasn't pretty, and the offense certainly was offensive, but all that matters is the 'W'. Or does it? Lane explains...

The Browns win................the Browns win!

Cleveland 6, Buffalo 3, head coach Eric Mangini's first win leading the Cleveland Browns.

Tough defense, exceptional special teams play and an offense not turning over the football were the ingredients for victory head coach Eric Mangini will take week-in and week-out.

For a head coach who preaches minimizing mistakes, the irony of this victory is stunning.

This Browns team won the battle due to the play of special teams, as a muffed punt by the Buffalo Bills with 3:03 remaining put the Browns in position to kick a game-winning field goal.

Getting to that point was difficult to watch, however.

The forward pass, a revolutionary change to the game of professional football some 76 years ago, was a challenge on Sunday in Buffalo for the Cleveland Browns.

2 of 17 for 23 yards with one interception is the stat line many will expound upon in the days to come.

Weather conditions were a factor on this day; the swirling winds enabled the ball-control offense Mangini wanted to see. The Browns ran the ball extensively and effectively, a facet of the game Mangini discussed at length upon his hire.

That being said, many an observer would doubt the head coach planned on the passing offense of this team being so prehistoric at this stage.

This Browns offense looked as bad as the stat line indicates. If not for tasting some success in the run game against an embattled Buffalo defensive front seven, the outcome would have been much more disturbing.

A win is a win, no matter how achieved, and this win was a challenge, not the efficient victory many would like to see on a consistent basis.

Five weeks into the 2009 season and the Browns' offense continues to be frighteningly offensive. From the early pass protection woes of the offensive line to execution deficiencies between the QBs and receivers, this Browns' offense is as stale as a two-month-old loaf of bread.

Sure, trading the No. 1 receiver on the roster had an impact. The relative youth and inexperience at the position factored into the lack of the forward pass on this day. The numerous dropped passes were astounding; the ball may have never hit the turf on only 17 pass attempts, as it did in Buffalo on Sunday.

Let's make no mistake: there is plenty for this team to work on this coming week. The offense passing game was inefficient and unimaginative, and the play-calling factors into the equation.

It's either the offensive coordinator or head coach who lacks confidence in this unit, and these players, to make plays. The winds in Buffalo provide the argument that this offense, this passing game and the play-calling are not nearly as questionable as the sight seen in Buffalo.

The game has evolved, the forward pass is acceptable everywhere, including Cleveland.

But again, a win is a win.

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