Browns-Bills: Gameballs and Goats Results

If you ran the ball, you could survive unscathed. If you caught it.... oh my....

SUMMARY: So, exactly how would fans respond to the Browns first win of 2009, when the quality of play was somewhat, er, lacking?

Exactly like you would expect Browns fans to react. If you made plays, you got the gameballs. If not, you got horns to wear all week. I suspect that the outcome would have been different if we had a readily-available voting option of "All the Freakin' Receivers". But we didn't.

And, poor Mohamed Massaquoi gets to learn exactly how much of a "what have you done for me lately" league the NFL happens to be. Break-out games don't mean you have the next week off, rookie.  

Player Gameballs
Jamal Lewis (RB/31) 201
Dave Zastudil (P/15) 196
Mike Adams (S/20) 124
Blake Costanzo (LB/54) 83
Entire Defense 69
Billy Cundiff (K/8) 66
Alex Mack (C/55) 43

Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 309
Robert Royal (TE/84) 212
Brian Daboll (OC) 139
Mohamed Massaquoi (WR/11) 91

Fan Gameballs To... Goat Horns to...
Pathetic playing! idiots!
Willy15 Special Teams The Receivers
PerrysburgGuy Mangina still sucks
Aeropuck1 Buffalo Bills
GlennChannell Entire Special Teams Unit & Bills Penalties Receiving Corps...
Browns fans that had to migrate to their local "NFL Sunday Ticket" bar to finally catch the first win. Runs up the middle on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down. Predictable much?
Offensive line. Defensive line. Ryan Pontbriand Officials were our best players this week.
bill01 none
The wind The wind
coldspider41 The entire offensive line Everyone who dropped a pass
BuckeyeInDenver Defensive Line, Dick Jauron
Jamal Lewis and Cribbs Dereck Anderson Sucks
Ottocorp Eddie Cochems The game of football
turkeyjonez The Bills - Thanks Not having enough fields to give Robert Royal a goat for every play he #@#&s up.
ernielogo Brad Seely and every member of the Special Teams
rambodawg the announcers
DAWGDC Billy Cundiff, Jamal Lewis Mangini and Officiating
Field Position Win! Derek, the 2-17 wonder, Anderson
D'Qwell Jackson plays great every week, Offensive Line Played great, Mike Adams, JCribbs Zastudil and Constanzo Browns Receiving Corps, Eric Wright and his clean uni (despite the one big play)
rutger DLine, Rob Ryan Every Receiver!
Anyone associated with Passing Offense
64superfan Entire Special Teams punt unit Entire Offensive Unit
braddawg99 Another 5 million for Robert Royal
O-line Stone hands WR's, TE's, RB's
SPICYDEIGO 8 drops!!!! can we get someone to catch the ball!!!!!
rainesghost Buffalo's happy feet.
Defense Brian Daboll
PorchPooch Roscoe Parrish
Bills' Offense
Roscoe Parrish
Referee #23 (who flagged BUF continuously) Braylon's Ghost Is Still Alive!
Crunkadelic Special teams aces Dropped balls
Walldog All receivers who dropped balls
ruffin2000 entire special teams the sad city of buffalo, braylon edwards' ghost causing wr's to drop passes
idrthrbncleve Special Teams Wide Receivers
footballwave To the drunk in the third row The bum in the fifth row
TpostDawg braylon edwards
LosAngelesDawg the wind
Yeti83 false start Bills
Brownsphenom Brain Daboll
special teams
rogern Blake Constanzo
dirtydave98 Buffalo's O-line derek anderson
Shrooney Receivers
The fans for having to wait this long for a W. What happened to the wildcat? Game 1 use it in a crucial situation in the red zone, and then give up on it for the next 4 games? This coaching staff is terrible.
rottnmoore special teams the recievers
IPWinsor All Special teams
trickdawg81 Entire Receiving Corp
chowdogg OL The Ghost of Edwards Scissor hands
Offensive line Offensive coordinator
The hold that wasn't called when Lewis got the first down to the five yard line.
DA lovers
networkned Dick Jauron Royal Roberts
christlike special teams all the wide receivers
kevinmrohr Entire ST Unit Anyone who gives DA a goathorn.
Roscoe Parrish
GregTNG Jessica Alba
Offensive Line/Special Teams Wide Receivers
PinkFloydFM4 Tresselball
segrams roscoe parrish
Mike Adams
sargent3 the O-line
the football gods the guy who stole the stickem
slemdog Brian Daboll
Running game The Passing game (Everyone)
eezer Mike Weldon
Roscoe Parrish
Jamal Lewis The entire WR core
APVIC mike adams
tlinc75 The Bills' total ineptness
mtsames The defense & Special Teams No goats for winners
Browns Receivers
OutlawJesseJ DQ Jackson for playing thru the pain Entire WR (-dropping)core
Entire Special Teams Unit!! Entire Receiving Corp
Harpster Rosco Parrish
FanofBrwns Ryan DC Derek Anderson
Special Teams Braylon's left behind dropped passes
lousy play calling, lousy head coaching
tussin Nike Anti-Ball MAX Gloves
KenInToronto Entire Special Teams
deathbyeagle OSU -- even in a down year they play tough-nosed football. "The Ghost of Braylon Edwards Hands"
swalidawg Roscoe Parrish Joey Porter
Team, staff, organization
Keith322 Josh Cribbs
Fog Dawg Roughing the Passer official
dulam3 Rob Ryan
Hank Fraley Entire Reciving Crew (WR/TE)
DixieDawg Chips & Salsa Cantina Bruce Arians
Punt Team
TaipeiDawg Special Teams, Shaun Rogers Anyone else who dropped passes
Roscoe Parrish Receiver's Hands
hegemonic Phil "The Mayor" Dawson
froggy60 offense play calling
Bills Fans Mohamed Massaquoi
WestonBuck Derek Anderson
Derek Anderson Buffalo's O-line
BKinz9 Braylon Edwards & Kellen Winslow
redright Mike Adams Recievers Coach
T.O. & T. Edwards cockyness which motivated our Defense Daboll's pop-warner play-calling book. The entire WR corps both the Browns & the Bills
salemdog special teams hands
mrgrinch Special Teams (especially punt coverage) passing offence, Barry for including "Refreshing Beer" as a choice for "GOATS"...;-)
pghjb Braylon Edwards
roscoe parrish
djw333 Anyone Who Tried Unsuccessfully to Catch a Pass
Key Tower Pamala Anderson
bleedbrown Offensive Line Receiving Core
dwatkins Zastadil Braylon Edwards


Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
a win is a win, no matter how ugly, even in spite of a coaching staff seemingly intent on losing games for the ulterior motives of the shadowy owner.
Willy15 Special Teams were fantastic and Jamal came back with a good performance. Blake
Costanzo recovered the fumble and made other good plays on Special Teams. The Defense held Buffalo to 3 points.
PerrysburgGuy Cundiff would have got one if he didn't kick the kick off out of bounds
GlennChannell No individual unit options this year? You have "Entire Offense" and "Entire Defense", but not "Entire Special Teams", and no breakdown by unit ("WR Corps" or "RB's")
Gameball for the defense! Last week I argued that the defense kept us in the game when the offense couldn't take the win. There should be no doubt this week that the Defense won the game.

Shaun Rogers had his weekly beast of a game as well.
Ugly victory, beats out no victory every time in my book. D.A. had problems with the pass, but we won with him in there. He must pick up the passing, next week he will have been with the receivers long enough, and without Butterfingers on the team so he must get to jelling fast.
bill01 NO ONE DESERVES A GAME BALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brbbva Mack is really coming around.
BuckeyeInDenver Mike Adams played out of his mind, and the whole defensive line put together its best game in recent memory. I was going to give my 3rd gameball to the special teams, but then I realized that Dick Jauron was much more important to our win. He's one horrible coach who apparently never taught his guys to stop committing penalties. Way to contribute to a Browns' victory, Dick! Now go get that resume ready--I think you're gonna need it.
Special Teams won this game for the Browns today. Although Jamal Lewis ran well today Anderson didn't capitalize on it as he looked terrible but most of us weren't surprised to see this. Anderson surely isn't the answer to the Cleveland Browns problems. Defense played well today but needs to figure a way to sure up the middle of the field and stop quarterbacks from running up that middle as Palmer did last week and Edwards did today.
LEOTRUCKER mangini for getting rid of braylon
turkeyjonez 1. This D looks really good when T.O.P. is split fairly evenly. 2. OL and Jamal did a good job today and made that T.O.P. split possible. 3. Fewer people were probably tempted to root for Buffalo this year. 4. We're only a starting QB, RT, (PC)TE, (3D)OLB, SS, and ILB away from competing!
DAWGDC Mike Adams played great Special teams and Defense as well!! Rob Ryan great defensive game. Josh Cribbs the only positive offensive threat all day along with Jamal Lewis, and Cundiff for kicking winning field goal. Ugly arse win but beggars can't choosey
rutger The entire DL.

Mike Adams played very well today as did D'Qwell Jackson, especially for a guy with a bad leg.

Rob Ryan for only using a prevent style "D" on two plays that I saw all game long.
64superfan Wow! Good effort on ST and D. Now, if we just had a real offense!
rainesghost A good smash mouth defensive battle victory.
...whose muffed punt reception set up our go ahead score.
It is SHAMEFUL to "not lose" a game like that. BUF self-destructed. Zastudil was amazing. I'm sick and tired of special teamers carrying this team.
footballwave Good job Defense!!! Bring back Quinn!!!
LocoMoco61 Another sack for Wimbley and a great game for the defense.
dirtydave98 An ugly win, but a win is a win.
Shrooney SPecial teams (save the kickoff after the second field goal) was spectacular. It was some painful watching, but I'll take a win. Defense played well too.
brownsclown Last week I complained about Zastudil not being able to pin a team deep. He must have read it, I cant lob a golfball like he did the football. I am not sure if our defense was that good or Buffalo is bad, but we shut them down. Billy Cundiff walked in off thestreet and been perfect. That can't be easy.
Without good offensive line push, anywhere except inside the 5 yd line, Jamal Lewis little stutter steps go nowhere. Ball goes to the O-line!
BeerMan13 Blake Costanzo with coming up with another fumble on special teams. Jason Trusnik for being the steal of the Braylon Edwards trade. Bill Cundiff for coming in and winning us our first game.
kevinmrohr Ridiculously good special teams, and very good defense. Wimbley with another sack, that's awesome. The Bills offense stinks, but anytime you hold a team to 3 points, that's a good effort.
I am starting to think Mangini knows what he is doing. Picking up key depth players for special teams looked like a pretty good move today!
I am starting to think Mangini knows what he is doing. Picking up key depth players for special teams looked like a pretty good move today!
I am starting to think Mangini knows what he is doing. Picking up key depth players for special teams looked like a pretty good move today!
segrams Super job by the Oline and the defensive effort was outstanding throughout the game.

SlamBar When your punter gets a gameball, you know it wasn't pretty.
roscoe2009 great job defense !
Nice game for Jamal and Jerome.
eezer A win is a win when you are 0-4.
Congrats on the first win, it was ugly, but it's a win
22 yards passing? a win? I'll take it every week.
APVIC great pressure by the "D" today.
absolutely the best special teams in the league. Jamal ran great and the O-line hustled their asses off!!!
Naxos Great game by the defense.
mtsames THE Billz, and finally Zastashank plays well.
good job Defense keep it up
Harpster Haha! Our special teams are better than their special teams.
KenInToronto SPECIAL TEAMS - Continually starting Buffalo on their own 1, actually tacklig Parrish after reversing field for a 15 yard loss, coming up with the fumble at the end, scoring all our points. This against supposably one of the best special teams units in the league.
The webdork will not let us down!
deathbyeagle Defense was good
Speacial teams were special
Oline was real good -- Especially Alex Mack and Joe Thomas
WRs were dreadful
For beating a team that they should beat.
Roadpiechef NINE DROPS=NINE DROPS. Quit rationalizing.
Are you kidding was the Bills!!!
Keith322 Cundiff made the field goals, Lewis ran hard and still has it, the defense played well.
Anderson's rocket arm; Ryan's game plan; Buffalo O-line; Corey Williams for playing real football; Defense's improved tackling; Offense for establishing the running game; Mangini for not drafting Crabtree; D-Line for being all over the place; Costanzo - not that there's anything wrong with it
K2 had 2 touchdowns...
DixieDawg I'll have 10 more like that please...
markbucki This defense is delivering a statement. Solid play, constant pressure and can-do attitude... now if they just transfer that intensity to the receiver corps.. we just might have a chance.
markbucki This defense is delivering a statement. Solid play, constant pressure and can-do attitude... now if they just transfer that intensity to the receiver corps.. we just might have a chance.
TaipeiDawg Mike Adams was all over the field. Alex Mack is playing very well for a rookie - seems to have been a very good pick paying dividends early. Good hard nose running by Jamal, awesome Special Teams play, and Shaun Rogers wreaking havoc on the line.
hegemonic Dawson gets my gameball for being awesome in the Buffalo game two years ago. The awesomeness carries over.
froggy60 congrats on a nice game Jamal

us fans for watching the game. it was ugly

on the 1st win under the coach.
Anyone who paid to see that trainwreck deserves a game ball.
DA deserves a gameball for not strangling Massaquoi, Royal, Harrison and the rest of the offensive "skill" players after they dropped everything.
redright Mike Adams came up big and stopped the Bills from getting any momentum....made key stops.
redright DEREK ANDERSON gets a game ball for NOT chocking his receivers,,,,,9 drops?
Defense gave forth a solid effort. They're starting to look like a legitimate NFL Defense. Special teams also kept them in the game. Good to see Jamal Lewis back and making some plays.
mrgrinch was considering giving Jamal one for going over 100 yards, but you gotta have at least a 4.0 average or a bunch of 1-2 yard TDs in my book
pghjb For NOT dropping a pass for the first time
The Greatest building in the history of Key Towers!
mddawg28 Woody Hayes is somewhere laughing, "I told you when you pass 3 of the 4 things that can happen are bad!"

Goathorn Comments
Fan Comments
Get rid of this fat-ass Mangia-mangia Mangini. He turned BQ into a frightened puppy with absolutely no confidence, and now he has Cleveland hating DA, and the calls for BQ will surely increase. He'll destroy the Browns organization before he's done and that will make moving this football team to London a little easier to take. Welcome the era of the London Browns, exactly what Randy-the-dandy Lerner hired his fat-ass HC to do.
Willy15 I guess we still don't have a QB. Please draft one in 2010. The receivers still can't catch. I always blame Art Modell for any negatives.
donreich DA was 0 for 9 passing on third down

3- low throws
3- behind the receiver
1- leading the receiver
1- blocked by Defensive lineman
1- catchable and dropped
And an HM to Massaquoi, who caught Braylon's bug.
PerrysburgGuy No offense is offensive. Good thing the Bills are actually worse.
GlennChannell The receivers and tight ends finally came together in solidarity to commemorate Braylon Edwards by dropping the ball en masse.
Does Daboll only have 3 plays in his playbook....2 of them runs up the middle?

Why is Robert Royal still being thrown the ball instead of Heiden?

DA...2 for 17 is not gonna cut it.
Billy Cundiff has been real solid. I like all the kickoffs going into the endzone. But, his last kick went out of bounds at the 15, which gave the Bills the ball at the 40. And he was kicking with the wind too. So, Why not kick into the endzone once more? That could of gave them to much field position to put it into overtime. Or anyother team would have.
bohns75 D.A. is nothing better than a backup NFL QB. Quinn is pulled because he couldn't move the ball and his 3rd down conversion was atrocious. Well, ManStupid, what about Anderson's performance?
brbbva Wright is a constant liability and a whiner. Look for him to get the axe soon. Stupid mistakes.
BuckeyeInDenver I'll give Anderson & Daboll a pass this time around due to the windy conditions and playing their first game without Braylon, but our offense is simply horrible. Some of the drops were on the receivers, but Anderson just doesn't have the touch or accuracy to complete anything in the short to intermediate areas, which apparently is the focus of this offense. No need to throw the ball 8000 miles an hour at a guy standing 10 feet away, DA. And the announcers were painfully bad--I used to like Don Criqui, but he's over the hill and Randy Cross is both awful and clueless.
Bad Dereck showed up today. He really sucked as a quarter back. Did you listen during half time on TV as the announcers Cowher,Shannon Sharp,Moreno and Boomer made fun of Anderson's quarterbacking? Someone said something to the affect that this kind of quarterbacking isn't NFL Caliber Quarterbacking. Although the Browns won this game it has to be the most pathetic win I ever witnessed. I have seen teams lose better then this Browns team won today. Now Magina and Kikconanut got to see Bad Dereck at his best. You have to wonder why Magina didn't pull Anderson in favor of trying Quinn again. Anderson big arm meant nothing today as he was Intercepted as usual. Anderson still hasn't learned how to throw a short pass. At least Quinn knows how to do that. Heck Magina could of also brought Ratcliff in. Both Quinn and Ratcliff couldn't of been as bad as Anderson was today. I have to laugh because next in line is Pitts Puke and you know if the Browns play the way they did today next week will be a blowout for Pittsburg and another lost for Cleveland.
LEOTRUCKER why di we keep throwing to royal
turkeyjonez 1. Robert Royal is a joke. 2. We haven't got a starting QB on this roster. 3. My dog could call defensive plays against Brian Daboll. 4. See 1 through 3.
Really == do we need to see anymore of Anderson
DAWGDC I have NO CLUE what Daboll and DA were doing....we ran the ball okay, but when you have 8 in the box all day you have to take a shot down field no matter what the wind conditions are!! We NOW know Robert Royal can't catch QUIT THROWING TO HIM PLEASE!!! Mangini for not telling Daboll to do more offensively!!! The officials calling the roughing call was crazy....Why doesn't the NFL just have the QB touched!!
rutger Every reciever out there, are you kidding me? Edwards is gone, throw his damn gloves out too.

Anderson for not once in the game checking out of a running play that was headed directly into the teeth of an 8 and on some occasions a 9 man front.

Ok, I'm a member of the Brian Daboll as an OC sucks fan club now.
Our OC is predictable as he**!
Buffalo Bills should be on suicide watch
64superfan The offense stunk almost as much as the ref's "roughing the passer" call. Where does the NFL get these dudes?!!
IkoIko That stiff Royal needs to be fired
rainesghost Every Quinn fan in the house is going to vote Anderson a goat, as they do each game he plays in. Sorry, Quinn still isn't starting, folks.
The offense sucks!
"It's a great win" says the coach after a dismal performance against a bad opponent.
Browndawgs32 Otto Graham musy be rolling over ib his grave. Why wasn't Anderson pulled in the fourth quarter?
Raiders wouldn't trade Jamarcus Russell for Anderson and Quinn combined. GIVE CRIBBS A CHANCE TO QB. The only plays that work come out of the WILDCAT. Why don't we run them any more? Are we trying to lose? This team is a joke.
ruffin2000 te royal is the worst piece of garbage i've ever seen, get his sorry carcass off the team, i give da a half of a goathorn for low completions but we won, cb wright missed badly on a few tackles...
footballwave Brady Quinn gets benched for going 6 for 8 passing and Dereck Avergeson goes 2 for 17 with just 23 yards....and thats not stats worth being benched for? gimme a break!!!
LocoMoco61 The play calling has been terrible.
Brownsphenom I vote for Brain Daboll..again
dirtydave98 What a game by our QB 2 for 17, yea he's our guy!
The receivers...what were they all honoring BE with all of the dropped passes??? WTF
Piss poor clock mgmt at the end of the 1st half.
Shrooney Sooo many drops...
trickdawg81 The Receiving Corp dropped everything thrown in their direction. DA is not the culprit this game on offense. Braylon's curse continues.
chowdogg Quinn for being so bad that DA was starting today
brownsclown Massaquoi proved he is a rookie. Dropped a couple he should have caught. Derek Anderson is inconsistent, boy thats an understatement. Today was not good. Robert Royal had a chance at a huge play against his former team and blew it. No one caught the ball today, his really stood out.
The offinsive play calling was once again "offensive" inside the 5'! You run the ball all over the field then when it counts you let a guy with a passer rating of 4.9 try to throw for touchdowns?!
Do what you do best for that game! Run, and get us a touchdown!
BeerMan13 DA for going 2-17, you suck. Eric Mangini for leaving is boyfriend DA in for the whole game. Refreshing Beer for not being able to make me forget how bad DA really is.
networkned Two for Robert Royal and one for Royal Roberts. One more for Brady Quinn for good measure.
kevinmrohr Despite the worst QB statistics I can ever remember seeing, I didn't think DA actually played that bad. So, the entire receiving corps needs to get a huge goathorn.

Robert Royal, how did you manage to make it to the NFL, let alone start for our team? You can't tell me this guy would even be good at the college level. Maybe as an offensive lineman, but dude drops EVERYTHING. He's unusable as a receiver, and thus unusable as a TE.
Lynxis Please Derek, just leave us alone.
GregTNG As bad a football game as you'll ever see...
segrams Brian Daboll, please teach DA to audible at the line out of your terribly obvious gut runs. Those guys were just begging to get burned on a screen.

For the umpteenth time, stop playing around with the FB. Move Cribbs around, or Harrison, or whoever is in the slot.
vadawglb Daboll has to be the worst offensive coorsinator in the history of the NFL.

Managini is a joke.

Lerner sell the team and concentrate on soccer.
SlamBar Derek needs to learn touch, but his receivers need to learn to expect a rocket to come at anytime. Maybe spend some time in Iraq or Lebanon.
jmazzulo920 Robert Royal is quickly replacing Braylon Edwards as the next "Hands of Stone".
roscoe2009 our play calling is terrible, why do we allway's hire a first year offense cod.
Maineac Daboll is the worst OC we have had EVER! Yes even worse than Mo.
slemdog Daboll is not qualified to be a OC in the NFL, this much is apparent
With 8 defenders in the box on 1st down, Daboll has to call a few pass plays.
Wow, just wow. Anderson needs to ease up on the short passes, and enough with the picks.....
eezer Could we not have just ran the Wildcat the entire second half? Why didn't we draft Ray Maleluga?
Looked like the receivers were doing their best job to imitate the jettisoned Braylon. You gotta help DA out in that wind!
APVIC anderson gets two goat horns... i mean c'mon man show some frickin TOUCH !!! having to catch howitzers for every pass is "F'IN" stupid.. Now you pussyass recievers catch the dam missles...
Naxos DA - the worst performance by a QB in a win ever. Wow that is bad.
mtsames Art Modell & his baztard.
Toad I was gonna give Cundiff a gameball until he committed the cardinal sin of kicking the ball out of bounds at the end of the game....idiot.
Catch the damn ball!!! PLEASE!!!!
All the goat horns go to the WRs. Everyone can be on the Anderson hating band wagon, but I would recommend getting new glasses so you can see the game. If all the catchable balls were caught they'd be looking like the 2007 Browns. Farve had the same problem in Green Bay in the beginning, he had so much heat on the ball WRs had a hard time catching them. It's time for the WRs to get used to catching the fast ball instead of looking for a QB with an easier touch.
Coach Mangini is right Derik Anderson is a much better QB then Brady Quinn. 2 completions WOW that's talent!
FanofBrwns He lacks finesse or touch. He puts his recievers in "kill zones". At 6'-6" he shpuldn't have so many balls batted down. Trade the SOB for draft picks!
we need a professional football team in cleveland
KenInToronto These drops have got to stop...
deathbyeagle WRs were real bad. Did they use Braylon's old gloves? Perhaps they were honoring him.
Goats to Jamal for getting healthy and playing. The Browns would have run for 300 yards with a back who hits th hole quickly and doesn't take 400 stutter steps to cover 10 yards. He is terrible. Just completely terrible.
I say we officially change the name from Browns "receivers" to Browns "DROPPERS".
I say we officially change the name from Browns "receivers" to Browns "DROPPERS".
This team is pathetic top to bottom less Josh Cribbs.
Keith322 Anderson couldn't hit the broad side of a barn (ok, some passes were catchable) Massaquoi's drops hurt the offense, Daboll's offensive play calling was poor (when you're running well and you're not passing well you run the ball). This was the worst we've seen Cribbs play.
OC for not using the hurry-up which has destroyed Buffalo all season; Eric Wright for leaving his jock on the field in Buffalo; Anderson 1) 6-6 and gets passed batted down & 2) poor short passes; Offense 1) not moving the chains enough 2) not putting the game away again;
DixieDawg Bruce Arians still sucks.
markbucki Can we bring stickem back? Or at least buy a can of focus? If ya hit em in the hands you're supposed to catch it at least once... law of averages is supposed to work.
markbucki Can we bring stickem back? Or at least buy a can of focus? If ya hit em in the hands you're supposed to catch it at least once... law of averages is supposed to work.
TaipeiDawg People will look at the stats and say that Anderson sucked. He throws a hard, flat pass that might not be easy to catch and was off target on some. However, so many of those dropped balls just flat out should have been caught - no excuses!!
froggy60 wide open dropped pass

no hands

no touch on short passes...still

you ran the same play how many times. mostly for not very much successs.
Massaquoi aka Braylon Jr. Not only does he drop almost everything thrown his way, but in true Braylon spirit, he lets the defender intercept the ball and complains to the official instead of making the tackle.
WestonBuck Flush this DA turd out of Cleveland
9 false starts at home? Wow. Well done Buffalo's O-line.
redright Receiver's Coach...whoever that may be...NINE drops....Teach them to catch the ball....NINE DROPS.....
redright DEREK ANDERSON gets a goat horn for NOT chocking his receivers,,,,,9 drops?
Robert(Stone Hands)Royal. Maybe they should have kept Martin Rucker around a little longer before releasing him. I recorded this game after watching some of the first half. Once I found out the score I couldn't bring myself to watching it. I'd rather sit & watch 9 inning of an Indians game.
Daboll, so poor in play selection that I voted for him twice
salemdog Can Ivy also play WR. He would fit right in
mrgrinch by the way Barry, I hope you've nuked any Goathorns for "refreshing beer" from the totals... obviously any votes that way were either the result of yinzers voting to try to establish Iron City as an acceptable drink, or along the lines of a "Palm Beach" like presidential ballot
Pamela went 2 for 10867! has to be the worst QB in the history of week 5 2009!
mddawg28 Okay, so Cribbs you muff one punt. Does that mean for the rest of the game you are not going to field any and give Buffalo field position?!! And Royal, where to begin with you?! How about this - the football is your friend, CATCH THE FREAKING THING!!!!!

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