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I, Art Bietz, have fended off what appears to have been a huge conspiracy on the part of mega-corporation Microsoft and my ISP to knock me off the Internet. Having foiled their plans and taught my children amazing new combinations of words they aren't supposed to know, I can now update the site again. Here's last night's chat transcript, no thanks to Bill Gates (mutter).

ramllov Dave and Art,
ramllov How many changes do you see for the Browns?
ramllov Major changes?
ramllov Especially on defense?
DavidCarducci Ram. There could be a ton of changes depending on how they decide to handle a number of situations in the next few weeks ... veterans, contracts, bonuses, qb controversy, fullback vs. h-back. The team has some difficult decisions ahead
BryanK I have this weird feeling that Robert Griffith will be gone; any thoughts??
ArtBtz We would have to worry about signing our other safeties first... both Little and Akins are free agents.
ericthebrown Any headway made with Miller or is he most likely gone?
ramllov I believe Miller and Rudd are gone
ramllov Hambrick will not be back
ramllov A cover corner and a safety, a defensive lineman. It sounds like major changes to me
ericthebrown Also whenever you get to it if you can, could you list the best ""bang for buck"" free agents?
Lane Hi guys, I only have a few minutes, I am pretendng to be in two places at one time
ramllov Lane what defensive free agents do you see the Browns being interested in?
Lane Any and all that can run, follow instructions, and play with passion
ramllov will the Browns have the cap money to get one or two that they need?
Lane Actually Ram, I haven't gotten that far into the process, but will soon
Lane Yes, the team will have sufficient cap space to acquire additional help.
ramllov I enjoy your articles and contributions on the forums Art, Lane and Dave
ArtBtz Thanks... I'm happy when people just tolerate them, Ram.
Lane Thanks Ram, we try.
ericthebrown any of the CFL guys have a shot at the roster or are they training camp fodder?
Lane Don't really enough about the CFL guys to make such a judgment call
ericthebrown I figured as much but took a shot anyways.. :)
Lane But, I may be talking with someone in the near future that knows the roster well and what we may see or expect
Lane I can add that we are talking about a few talented athletes, but will that prove to be a quality NFL player is the question
DavidCarducci From what I hear the CFL guys are just to take a look. There is no real way for us to know much more right now. Really, the team doesn't know much until going through a few mini-camps and training camp
ramllov I read that the Browns were looking at a DL man and offensive tackle from Canada
ramllov Boriuwx was a Miami guy, spelling is pretty bad
ramllov DL guy
ramllov Any Idea if they are any good?
ArtBtz Michael Boireau
ramllov That is the guy
ArtBtz He was originally a second-round pick by the Vikings in 2000
ArtBtz Gave up playing because of an eye problem and was released by the Vikes.
Lane WOW, another Miami guy, who would have thought
ArtBtz He played in the CFL last year and is trying to get back to the NFL.
ArtBtz If anyone cares, Boireau suffered from something called ""ocular myasthenia gravis"".
ericthebrown I had that once art, took some robitussin and made it all better... I think....
BryanK Any OL help out there in free agency?
DavidCarducci There are some pretty good OL free agents. I like Petigout a lot. I also like Mo Collins, but who knows woud could happen between now and the start of FA
Lane DAVE............what's up, man?
DavidCarducci Hi Lane, too much going on. We should chat soon
ericthebrown do they have any sort of mini camp schedule yet or is it way too early?
Lane Too early
ArtBtz Too early Eric
ramllov Has anyone heard any updates on C. Browns DL about his recovery?
Lane Petigout was a surprise for the Giants, moving to L-OT he was almost outstanding
DavidCarducci I've heard the Dolphins are hot on him
Lane They are and have worked him out
OklahomaDawg wheeeee..... did I miss much?
ramllov Is Couch really a trade option for the Browns?
ArtBtz Dolphins were interested in Gandy as well, weren't they?
OklahomaDawg Ram stole my question. lol
DavidCarducci Nothing would shock me more than to see Couch in another uniform next season.
Lane Doubtful, expect him to restructure and battle Holcomb for the starting job.
ramllov I read somewhere the Browns were willing to trade for a LT, if so who would it be McKinney or someone else?
Lane Ram, I have to stay away from that question right now
ramllov ok
ramllov sounds interesting
ericthebrown Lane you tease...
BryanK What if he loses the battle?
DavidCarducci He won't lose the battle. I'm very confident of that
ericthebrown If Couch restructures, doesn't that just make him easier to trade?
ramllov He could restructure with a clause not to trade
BryanK Is that because Butch won't let him lose?
Lane I like Couch, but I don't have as much faith in him as he does
DavidCarducci That's my gut feeling. I think this whole controversy is a lose-lose situation for this team.
ramllov I like Holcomb, but he has only started three games last year. If he had a good four or five this year, Couch could go away
Lane The mental things could be a difference maker between the two. Another off-season working at the system will only benefit Couch. We must remember that Holcomb has been in this system for many years
ericthebrown My feeling on the Couch/Holcomb argument is that Couch quite frankly seems to be a few years behind Holcomb at reading defense, but Couch also has the tools to be a very good if not great Qb. I'
ericthebrown I'd hate to see Couch leave and get good elsewhere
DavidCarducci I basically agree with you Eric. I think it is a mistake to give up on Couch.
ramllov Couch can only get better and he has looked pretty good many times
ramllov The offense can only improve
ArtBtz I have a question to bounce off of Lane and Dave....
ericthebrown shoot art, you have voice moderation. :)
ArtBtz What is the deal with Gandy?
ArtBtz Is he a locker room problem or something? LTs are like gold and the Steelers don't seem interested in re-signing him.
ramllov Gandy is 32 and I hear Pittsburgh wants him back
ramllov I guess we read different sources
DavidCarducci The Steelers have another plan that doesn't include Gandy. They aren't interested in spending the money, from what I've heard, and they like a number of their young linemen
BryanK I live in Pgh, and the buzz here is that Marvel Smith to LT and Oliver Ross to RT
DavidCarducci Gandy's a bit long in the tooth, but he is still a very serviceable guy.
ramllov Oliver sure bombed out at guard last year
Lane I heard that Gandy will leave and NO, I have not heard the Browns name included from any info that I have received from any source that I respect
DavidCarducci Lane, I haven't heard anything about the Browns being interested in Gandy either. I like Gandy, but I don't know if its a good match here. To me, the better option is to invest in a few first-day linemen in the draft.
OklahomaDawg Wayne Gandy : Left Tackle :: Earl Holmes : Middle Linebacker
ramllov I keep reading many things about this year's draft, it almost looks like most of the Tackles are RTs
ericthebrown Would Gandy be a good 1 or 2 year mentor to a rookie lineman? I am not much of a fan of having a rookie LT
ramllov Is Gandy much better than Verba?
ArtBtz I think they're looking at the upgrade from Stokes to Verba
BryanK Gandy with Verba beside him at LG would be
Lane I would say that your statement AB is solid
OklahomaDawg I hope we don't get so desperate for a left tackle that we sign someone just to sign him
Lane They want a L-OT, one that they can pencil in for a decade and forget about the QB's backside
BryanK I wonder where we can find one
OklahomaDawg I've read quotes from various players over the last year who say that Courtney is a better left end than right... if this is true, why do they continue to play him at RE?
Lane Brown plays the run extremely well and is matched against a seemingly slower lineman, but in many sets that places the TE there, which has been an effective way to stop Brown. The guy is doubled teamed an awful lot, but that is no excuse for his inability to unleash the talent
DavidCarducci OklahomaDawg, that's a great question. I think Butch was determined to finally tap Courtney's talent, and the fact that he has regressed and been such a non factor is a huge embarassment to this staff. With Lang being really only a LDE (or DT) it made sense to try to get Courtney to emerge playing at RDE. He did play some on the left side this year on passing downs, and probably played his best in those situations.
ramllov Do you rate Tucker as a solid RT?
Lane I believe that Tucker is a better than average R-OT
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Tucker is the best fit of any of this year's starters. I think you can win with Tucker as your starting RT. I'm not so sure about either of the G's, and I still think Verba would be better suited to another position.
ramllov Would you draft a RT and put Tucker to RG?
Lane Agree Dave, this team must improve the interior offensive line
OklahomaDawg Do you guys feel that the team would be willing to go after a guy that they want even if he's tagged, whether franchise or transition?
ericthebrown Which is more likely, Wolabaugh restructures or they just outright cut him?
Lane I think the RG s already on the roster, Quasim Mitchell
DavidCarducci OklahomaDawg, that's been the problem so far, in my opinion. I think team's often sign a player just to sign a player, then think they've addressed a problem. That's why this team has signed so many bargain-basement linemen, and why they haven't improved up front. They can't continue to expect to improve with second or third-tier free agent linemen
ramllov Is Miller considered gone? and if so, what is his cap hit for 2003?
Lane This team will not position itself to relinquish multiple #1's for any player, including Bryant McKinnie
newdawg why is there such faith in an undrafted FA that hasn't played in one regular season game?
Lane Don't consider Miller gone, yet............stay tuned!
OklahomaDawg That question wasn't as worded as well as I had hoped. lol
DavidCarducci Ram, no I think Tucker is just fine at RT. I'd rather go after a RG and LT in free agency or preferably the draft
DavidCarducci then move Verba to LG
ramllov Would they convert Miller to a DE?
Lane Many within the organization and I don't mean the waterboy believe that Mitchell has qualities that some of the good ones have
ramllov It sounds like the Browns want to have flexible LBS
ramllov I do not see Miller as a flexible LB
Lane Actually, the Browns want to get the young LB's experience and need some help at LB, neither Hambrick or Rudd have won the staff over with their play.
newdawg experience is not one of those qualites, I take it.
OklahomaDawg In the past, we had to overpay to get guys to come here, and recently I see lots of ""value"" FA's with ""quality starter"" stamped on their heads. Is the day of going out and getting a stud at the position over? Or is it just not a feasible option in the FA market?
DavidCarducci I've heard they like Mitchell, too. I've heard that he's still a year or more away, though.
Lane FA should only be viewed as a means of supplementing the roster, not building it
newdawg that would make more sense, David.
DavidCarducci I agree completely Lane
Lane In training camp, Mitchell will compete for the starting RG spot........guaranteed.
ramllov What is they saying about Fowler and Gonzales?
OklahomaDawg At the very least, he's got way, way better size then anyone we've played at RG this year
Lane Fowler is the center of the future, at least right now he is and Gonzalez is being primed at the LT spot
OklahomaDawg Besides... what's the hubbub about playing a UFA at RG? Wasn't Shaun O'Hara an undrafted rookie?
Lane Gonzalez = reserve
DavidCarducci I like the signing of guys like Stokes, but they've been short sighted in not developing a top young linemen to groom as the starter. Ideally, Stokes should have been brought in as a utility-type lineman and possibly a stopgap starter until a younger talent is developed
ramllov How has the new strength and conditioning coach worked out. I have not heard to much about him after last spring?
Lane Agree Dave, Stokes played well in that role with the packers and would a valuable asset in that position here
Lane Members of the organization have stated to us that year one was alright and they expect better results with the players being under this program in a second season
ramllov What is the story about Warren, has the new defensive coaches said anything about him? Is he going to stay in Cleveland to work out?
DavidCarducci Ram, almost every player I talked to this season loved the new strength program and, loved Buddy Morris, and said they've benefited from the changes
ramllov Thanks guys that is a team positive
BryanK Will we sign a real fullback this year?
Lane I have only heard that the team is going to make Warren workout, wearing the 50-pounds of gold that he totes quite proudly around his neck at all times :-)
DavidCarducci Ram, I would hope Warren stays and works with the rest of the team. He is a favorite of Butch's, and knowing how much Butch hates when his players don't stick around for the offseason work, it would be an easy way to lose the coach if he were to slack off.
OklahomaDawg lol...just read that the QB taken right before Tom Brady was Spergeon Wynn
ramllov What type of year can we expect from William Green? If Jamal White goes free agent and is not resigned, does James Jackson become the adequate backup?
Lane Hard to tell Bryan, they really like the H-back / TE scheme
ramllov Or will the Browns have to sign or draft a RB?
Lane Green has talent, the supporting cast will have a lot to do with his success
superfork How about Kliensasser, isn't he a UFA from Minn
ArtBtz Yes he is
ArtBtz Cream of the crop
ArtBtz Which ain't saying much this year
superfork He could be a great FB or TE
Lane He is going to command a very good deal and the Vikes will work extremely hard to retain him, he is a priority of theirs
ericthebrown Is Shea done as a Brown? I love the guys allout play when he is on the field, but he is fragile and can't block very well.
OklahomaDawg Is there anything special that the team is having Green do in the offseason to prepare for next year? e.g. having Couch watch film of other QB's
DavidCarducci I'm sure they are having Green watch films of guys like Emmitt Smith and other backs of similar styles. It's a staple of their offseason program.
ramllov Do the Browns see Word DE and McKinley DT as future starting Dl men?
Lane Sorry I can't stay longer tonight guys, I have to run. Have a good night and take care.
ramllov thanks Lane
DavidCarducci When I talked to Shea at the end of the year, he said he believed the Browns wanted to keep him around
OklahomaDawg Man, hopefully William Green = Emmitt Smith. :)
DavidCarducci Goodnight Lane
BryanK thanks, Lane
OklahomaDawg Nite Lane....thanks for chatting!
ericthebrown night lane
ArtBtz Bye Lane
DavidCarducci That would be nice, wouldn't it Oklahoma?
superfork nite Lane
ericthebrown I want William Green Emmitt Smith
OklahomaDawg We really need a guy to step up and become the identity of this team, like Bernie was for the old Browns
ramllov Dave how good can William Green become with the right offensive line?
ramllov 1500 yard runner?
ArtBtz Based on his performance during the second half of the year, it sure seems so.
DavidCarducci Ram, from what I saw in Green at the end of the year, I would say the sky is the limit. The guy is a real talent, and you can see his instincts are something special.
ramllov This offense looks like a playoff offense in 2003!
superfork How about Brzeznski OG for the Eagles I heard he is available he could help the O-line what chance do we have at getting him?
ArtBtz I think that we would have a decent chance of landing Brzezinski, but I don't think that he's that huge of an upgrade.
ArtBtz The Eagles don't think he's worth starter's money
newdawg who are the browns looking at in the draft?
superfork No but I don't think he would kill our cap like Pace. And he is more obtainable.
superfork wouldn't*
DavidCarducci Brzezinski is a nice player, and he's still pretty young. He's not very athletic, but he's got some power. He's an upgrade over O'Hara, but like AB said, he wouldn't be the answer
ramllov newdawg, what is scarry is that I keep reading about a DL man in the first round
newdawg it makes some sense, Ram. as long as it's not a dt.
newdawg CB may not be able to make it back.
ramllov The Rams will never let Pace get away from their team.
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I haven't talked to anyone in the last two weeks to get an idea. Right now, I would be the Browns have 10 to 15 names that they'd consider at 21
ArtBtz No, the top two OTs in free agency will get tagged. That leaves Petigout and Gandy.
superfork If not Brzezinski how about Nutten from the Rams?
superfork he can play OG or OT
ArtBtz Activity in free agency will have an impact on draft choices... that's why I'm a little more interested in tracking contracts and free agency now.
ArtBtz Nutten would be a real interesting choice if we can't get a top OT through free agency or the draft.
DieHardDawg00 Hi guys. You mean Mike Gandy, who we could have taken 3 years ago in about the 3rd or 4th round?
OklahomaDawg If the team is convinced that Mitchell is the starting RG, then getting a good LT solves both LT and LG. Line finished.
DavidCarducci Petigout would be a nice fit. I like what I saw of him in the few games I saw, and I've heard some very nice things from scouts who were impressed by his ability to play the right side. I think he'd be a better fit at LT if the Browns were to go after him. I've heard, however, that he is a priority of the Dolphins
ArtBtz Wayne Gandy, OT, nine years experience, I think.
DieHardDawg00 Gotcha AB
DavidCarducci No, Wayne Gandy of the Steelers
ramllov I read about a LG from the Ravens as a free agent, is he good enough to kelp this team?
DieHardDawg00 downside of his career
OklahomaDawg Mulitalo
ArtBtz Mulitalo?
OklahomaDawg BIG man
BryanK Any possible surprise cuts by other teams of guys who have big roster bonuses due?
superfork I notice that not many teams are talking about Nutten he might be a steal and cheaper than some
ArtBtz Haven't we had enough Ravens OGs, LOL?
OklahomaDawg hm
DieHardDawg00 Hell, are the Saints going to keep Victor Riley for that matter? Everyone was all hot and bothered, until he smacked his wife around
ArtBtz After Everett Lindsey, I thought we were quitting...
newdawg Victor did not earn a starting job in NO.
OklahomaDawg Is the Raiders cleanout going to be as bad as their preliminary salary cap numbers show?
ArtBtz They don't seem to be worried... the Raiders are usually about 20 mill over the cap around now and always seem to find a way to get back under.
newdawg the guy ahead of him was a journeyman at best.
dabesst hey Dave, did you get a chance to check with Pat Mac on the CB contract stuff??
DavidCarducci Right now all of these guys would just be stopgaps. I'm most interested in developing a young lineman in the draft.
DieHardDawg00 Can George Foster play LT if he gets in shape? Or do we pray that Kwame Harris falls to us at 21
DieHardDawg00 Grossi reported it last week Dave
DieHardDawg00 His salary was dramatically increased based on incentives he reached his rookie year
ArtBtz Everything on Brown's contract in the press has beenr regarding a large bonus due this year.
ramllov How good is George Foster RT Georgia?
superfork I figure we would try for an O-lineman in FA and defense 1st round and maybe OL in 2nd round
Guest130 If Policy leaves, who would take over his role? Sorry if you've already gone over this.
ramllov First time
DavidCarducci I didn't dabesst. He and everyone else was in San Diego for the Super Bowl, and since they've been back I've been working on college basketball stories. I will try again. Last week was just an impossible time to get any work done in the NFL if you were not in San Diego
DieHardDawg00 Ram, when he's in shape, I've seen him absolutely dominate...and good feet too
dabesst No Art, it's not a bonus at all..
ArtBtz You're right.
dabesst it's just a voiding of his seventh year and kicking in higher salaries
DieHardDawg00 It's an increase in salary based upon incentives reached in 2000
DieHardDawg00 much higher salaries....just beneath Couch's figures
ArtBtz I guess the concept of an $8 salary is beyond my comprehension
dabesst ahhh...those rats..hehe
superfork So could Brown be traded or not?
dabesst Art, Steve King actually wrongly reported a bonus on Brown just this weekend...
DieHardDawg00 What about a trade with Arizona for LJ he still playing LT over there?
ArtBtz There ya go... it's his fault.
newdawg is Sheldon on the block?
dabesst exactly....heheh
DieHardDawg00 Just wondering....I have heard Arizona needs a QB
DieHardDawg00 and some defense
ericthebrown I have to go, thanks dave for answering questions... And lane who isn't here anymore
dabesst AZ definitely needs a QB...
DavidCarducci That would be unusual, simply because trades like that in the NFL are so rare now. I know the Browns were interested in Shelton when he came out of EMU, if I remember right. He's had some ankle problems too, if I'm remembering right
DieHardDawg00 You know who I really like, and I think he'd be an RFA next year? Markus Steele SSLB
superfork I heard S Lassitier (cards) isn't happy he might be up to coming to Cleveland right?
newdawg it would be a mistake to trade couch right now unless you got a LOT for him.
dabesst K. Lassiter is gone from Phx for sure...
DieHardDawg00 I don't want our starting safeties to be 32 and 33 years old
DieHardDawg00 and with Lassiter and Griffith, that's what they would be
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. My editor is on the phone
DieHardDawg00 later David
BryanK thanks, Dave
dabesst Ok Dave....check on CB when you can will ya?
superfork bye david
ramllov bye dave

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